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I guess the next time I leave home, I’ll be sure to check and see what the day’s weather is supposed to be like because I casually walked out without my winter coat and only because of how warm it was, but later regretting it due how quickly the temps dropped. Fortunately, I have a tattered old wool dress coat I keep at my office in case I’d be showing an acreage or a very dirty home. I dare not imagine what those two sets of buyers must’ve thought of me when seeing me in a visibly worn winter coat. Oh well, that was just one more reminder that our weather here in North Iowa changes quickly.

My phone calls started much earlier than normal this morning which had me engaged from nearly the time I arrived at my office. I wasn’t the happiest when getting one so early, but as we seasoned Realtors know, we have to be on call nearly 24/7. By the time that long conversation ended, I believed we had everything resolved.

Another little duty I had, was to meet a contractor over at a property to look at some things a seller is wanting done, and wouldn’t you know it, he was late due to having gone to the wrong address. I have no idea how he got it mixed up, but we did manage to connect so he could get a good look at the job. That wind and rain sure managed to get me good and chilled by the time he finished, which gave me more reason to get back to my office and warm up.

For the strangest reason, I sure had my share of “bot” calls today which I thought would quit now that are elections are nearly over. Unfortunately, I’m getting to the point where I don’t even want to look at the news because of how upset I get over these trumped-up allegations of voter fraud. I’m not a political rocket scientist, but it sure appears to me that all of this one-sided rhetoric would be totally different if Trump had won.

As I’ve told many, it makes no difference who wins or loses in any sort of elections because that’s all that matters is the following of protocols and accepting defeat without creating firestorms. All my life I’ve very much disliked gloating winners and sore losers which goes right back to our noticeable lack of decorum in the highest levels of our government. Can you imagine what our forefathers would be thinking right now?

One of my showings today was at type of home which I not so endearingly referred to appearing as if it had been ridden hard and put away wet. You can be sure I had my face mask on the entire time I was there because it was quite disheveled. Perhaps this rainy and cold day just made it less appealing to me.

The funniest think happened when I walked into the kitchen because there I saw a cat jumping down from the kitchen counter which caused me to remember what my dear mother used to say about having cats in the house. I can still hear her strong words being, “We’re not having a cat in this house because as soon as you’d turn your back on it, it’d be up on the kitchen counter with its face in the butter dish.” Ouch! Now you can imagine what sort of permanent visual her statement created in my mind. Even though I do like cats, I personally can’t have them in the house because I’m allergic to them.

For over 20 years I had a stray cat that arrived at my back door one stormy night, and after opening the door, it ran into my back entry, and from that night forward, she was my one-person cat. For whatever reason, she was named “Echo” which may not have been appropriate due to her having absolutely no fear of dogs, possessing a great hatred of other cats, while not allowing anyone but me to pick her up, and if another did, more sooner than later, her claws would come out while struggling to get free. Yes, she was quite the cat, and the day she died, I cried.

Even though she was exceptionally affectionate with me, every time she’d lick my hand or arm, I’d have to quickly go and wash because red spots would soon develop every place she’d licked. If I would pet her, I would make sure to get my hands washed more sooner than later. I wonder to this day, where from, and why at that point in time, she decided to make her permanent home with me. If I were a Hindi, I would’ve discerned.

My late afternoon showing took me over to 115 S. Connecticut to a young couple I believe may be our perfect match-up for that home. The more they talked about their likes and dis-likes, I felt all the more confident them being the ones. I answered all their questions, along with pointing out all the high-end features that home offers. I even went to the trouble of showing them how to clean its exceptionally expensive Marvin windows, and after now seeing how well-built they are, you can be sure I would’ve had them installed in my home instead of Anderson’s. Yes, they’ve been good windows, but I know the Marvin brand would’ve been more to my liking. It’s no wonder they’re considered the Cadillac of thermal windows; and yes, they’re made in America.

While on the phone today with a dear one, I ended up speaking about how much I’m growing all the more annoyed by the over-use of superlatives in general conversation, which I’ve even heard out of the mouths of some very prominent people who should’ve known better due to their having script writers.

How believable can it be when hearing someone say, “That was the most delicious meal I’ve ever eaten?” Really? How about someone saying to you, “She was the kindest person I’ve ever met.” Sounds like the speaker lived the life of a hermit. With just two annoying examples brought to light, start making mental notes each time you hear such chatter, and then you’ll see my point. Yes, our spoken English lingua is fast evolving.

Tonight’s one-liner is: One can acquire everything in solitude except character.

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