Litter of Feral Cats

I was glad to see our million dollar rain finally arrive just to continue adding much-needed moisture to our soil so our trees and shrubs will be able to make it thru the winter. Most don’t realize that a “winter kill” of trees and shrubs is not because of being frozen to death, but rather having died of thirst, so if you’re concerned about some of your smaller trees and shrubs, start giving them a good soaking every other day until the freezing temps arrive. Come next Spring, when finding they’ve all alive and well, you’ll be glad to see your efforts have been rewarded.

It was one of those quirky days where I was being bombarded with the problems of others before the time I arrived at my office, and wouldn’t you know, they were all looking for immediate results. The impatience our general public is quite remarkable in these times, but at least I did get all of their needs and wants fulfilled before calling it quits for the day.

After my most immediate of duties were accomplished, I set to work at getting all of my office accounting done which I managed to complete in less than an hour which was bordering on record time, and mostly due to my not having to go digging for errors or omissions. Yes, it truly does help when being overly-careful whenever making entries or writing checks, and what’s really helped, is my refusing to write checks unless absolutely necessary once the last five business days of a month arrives because making exceptions for outstanding checks, creates more wasted time. You can bet once the first of a month arrives, I’m back at my bill paying and journal entries.

Speaking of bills, after today, I’ll no longer be paying my yearly Chamber of Commerce dues because I sent a much belated check to them with a letter informing them that I want no more mailings or contact from them. I also went on to say how little if any they’ve done to promote Holtz Realty over the many decades we belonged to their circle.
I also mentioned how in these tumultuous times, for small businesses, it’s best we all step back and take a look at what’s working for us, and what’s not, and unfortunately our Chamber of Commerce has not been working for Holtz Realty. I most certainly have no ill feelings towards them, and for sure will continue to wishing them well in the future.

I’m still attempting to get two offers put together, but unfortunately I have my doubts either of them will get ratified, and mostly due to the buyers and sellers being too far apart in price. One of them happens to be on 115 S. Connecticut which is likely still patiently waiting for “her” perfect fit. I shall remain steadfast in my belief she’s one of the best examples of Folk Victorian architecture in our City’s “Crescent of Culture”. I absolutely love its second floor balcony facing the street with views of the footbridge.

Since I hadn’t spoken with a dear friend for several weeks, I decided to give her a call to make sure all was well. We had another good conversation which had to be cut short due to a call coming in from someone I was trying to get in touch with this morning. What I do appreciate the most about her, is her matter-of-fact opinions regarding happenings in the world around us. We did both agree that our society had better get back to the art of compromise which seems to have taken to the ditch these recent years. I couldn’t help telling her that my entire career as a Realtor has been near-continually being trapped in the middle ground between buyers and sellers to where I’d almost always have to encourage my thoughts with them, that a little giving and taking, is all it takes to get a deal done.

I’m working very hard on using my new mantra in public which is, “It’s not about you, and not about me, but rather about we.” When you really think about it, how can we get thru life’s trials and tribulations if we don’t have others to help us? A very many years ago, there was a religious program that aired at a late hour, and what I always liked about that minister, was his often going back to the art of loving thy neighbor. I can’t recall how many times he said it, but I still remember him saying, “A friend in need, is a friend indeed.” Now how many times have we “thought” we had such friends until the day arrived when we were in need? Yes, it’s happened to all of us, and sometimes it’s pained even me to the point of feeling as though I’d been permanently scared after being attacked by an adult litter of feral cats.

One of my appointments today was to show a prospective tenant a home which one of my clients has for rent. Since they’d already filled out an online application and did my deep review, it came as no surprise they were taken by it which prompted me to ask, “Do you want to sleep on it before letting me know for sure?” They’d already made up their minds while asking when they could move in. We set a start date for the middle of the month and then followed me back to my office to pay their security/damage deposit. After they left, I called the owners to tell them it was rented, and making them even happier when I said, “I really don’t think you’re going to have a problem with them.”

I worked for about an hour on getting all the numbers and bills together on a closing coming up this Friday. I proofed them one last time before emailing my package to the closing attorney’s office. I always have to internally laugh when finding their numbers being pennies or a few dollars more or less, and usually due to the way their calculators compute daily tax proration. Some day I’ll likely be a little impish by asking, “How can you be so certain your numbers are right, and mine are always wrong?” It’s sort of like that Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers song, “Let’s call the whole thing off.” Even in my ancient age, I still kindly remember those two on the silver screen. Just now thinking about their movies, I’ll have to do a good search, and get some wholesome viewings.

Tonight’s one-liner is: This is the curse of our times, as even the strangest of aberrations, offer no cures for boredom.

Joe Chodur

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