Spitting Speakers

The wind was sure back at it again today, but at least the higher temps kept it from biting, which was a good thing because nearly my entire morning was spent outdoors and loving every minute of it.

Before heading out to get some good physical exercise, I made sure to make a stop at my quiet place and work at getting myself spiritually cleansed from this past week’s roller-coaster of happenings. I spent a little more time discerning the recent happenings in our political circles after our election numbers were called, and then came walking out of my spiritual sanctuary believing all will be well in the coming weeks.

I’m hoping we’ll see a revival of dignity, respect, compromise, and a much needed return to decorum because I’ve never been a fan of people bashing each other in public. I’ve always believed that if you’re going to have it out with someone, there should be few if any goading spectators on the sidelines because they always add to the fervor, and when it’s all over, there’s nearly always much to regret.

There’ve been times when I’ve gotten it with people who purposely “took me” to the point where my furies awakened, and a few of those times I’d go back and apologize for what I said. But, there’ve been even many more who I’d later go back to and announcing, “I apologize for my delivery, but not for my message.” which was usually weakly received. There’ve been even others I’ve chastised who should have been many years before, instead of my remaining silent while enduring their manipulative ways. Oh well, it’s always better late than never. Right?

I consider as we all grow older, we begin to understand that telling it like it is, is far better than holding it in because it does no good for the parties involved, and especially when those naughty monkeys in our lives are left believing they have the wool pulled over our eyes.

There were a good four hours spent this morning getting much needed chores accomplished which have been hanging fire for months, and thankfully they’re completed so I can now move forward with other less pressing items on my “to do” list before hard winter arrives. I’m eternally thankful our weather has been holding out because I’ve seen some pretty nasty November days in years past.

On Friday I received a call from a dear one to talk about our elections, and before hanging up, I asked how the avocado tree I sent was doing. To my delight it’s having bursts of growth which means it’ll likely be bearing next year, and to think I kept it growing in North Iowa for close to fifteen years. I can actually remember when I planted its seed in a small pot and never thinking it’s final pot was the biggest I could find in our area. I’m just happy all those years of my nurturing weren’t wasted.

Have all of you noticed our sunsets these past days? The sun and sky appear more pinkish-orange which is most likely due to all the smoke from the fires out on the West Coast as well as Siberia. Irregardless, I do enjoy seeing such sunsets appearing as miles high and wide oil canvas, and being painted in the caliber of our Great Masters of art.

My public open house at 115 S. Connecticut went well this afternoon, and between people arriving, I had myself perched on one of its window seats in the living room where I continued on with my reading of a book I’ve been trying to get thru. Please don’t think me “touched” when saying how that home has such a great grounding effect on me. For sure, if I were looking for a home, I would’ve had it purchased months ago.
I still can’t believe the previous owners decided to sell it because that’s where they raised their family. Oh well, there are always those transitions that create other doors to open.

About three minutes before the hour of closing, an old gent I’ve known for a very many years walked in without a mask which caused me to immediately bristle. I pointedly reminded him the hour, along with insisting I had an appointment at my office, and if I lingered too long, I’d be late for it. Of course he didn’t listen to a word I was saying, so I simply continued to walk around the home turning off lights. For a second time I said, “I do have to go.”, which finally registered to the point of him realizing I did.

Of course he was insistent on talking about the previous owners and how he once helped with that home’s restoration. I did interject that I was the one that sold it to them many years ago, as well as the husband being my childhood best friend. I may sound like I was being a little harsh with him, but I wasn’t liking the fact that even though I had my mask on, he continued to speak without a mask, along with him standing far too close. Wouldn’t you think a person would “get it” that they’re too close to you when seeing you back away from every step they take toward you? And lastly, he’s one of those spitting speakers. Yes, you know the type. Oh well, we have to love them all, or so they’ve said.

I did make it to my appointment on time, got their offer written and signed, and then emailed off to the listing agent who finally responded to my text over two hours later. We did have a nice little chat before they left regarding the rental housing market here in Mason City which still seems to be in great demand while making no sense to me when knowing how many more homes that’ve been sold in North Iowa this year.

I do hope you enjoy the above photo I took some days ago while out in the countryside.

Tonight’s one-liner is: Politics in literary works, are like guns being shot in the middle of concerts; they’re exceptionally vulgar, yet also happenings which are impossible to ignore.

Joe Chodur

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