Annoying Eyesores

Oh my goodness! The wind we had today was enough to send nearly everyone running back indoors, and wouldn’t you know, I had plans already in place to get some things done in my garden area, so in spite of the wind, I trudged forward with getting it done.

With it being Sunday morning once again, my first duty was to get my spiritual session started before even thinking about today’s plans, so off I went to my darkened corner. My workout was longer due to my having to expel some not so kind thoughts about someone who’d recently handed me something which didn’t belong to me. Without going into detail, I can say in these times, senior citizens can be just as naughty as grade school children while out on their playgrounds. After sending my true forgiveness for such an act out into the universe, I began wondering if more people in their golden years are of the belief they’re going to live forever. What I’m now fearing, is the trend of older people attempting to dress and act like those twenty-somethings, and since it’s all about being youthful, it’s highly likely affecting the way in which they interact with others.

While on the phone with a dear one who’s a retiree, I couldn’t help asking, “When recalling your youthful days, do you ever remember anyone who’d be considered a grandparent acting like an errant school child?” She laughingly said, “Not that I can remember, but there were some who’d be a little on eccentric side, but never going on the attack of someone.” Thank goodness she confirmed what I also remember from my formative years, which was a confirmation that our generational norms of behavior with our elderly are now out the window.

Of course we have those in power who think it’s just OK to publicly go on the attack of others for the silliest of reasons while all the many millions are watching it on our social medias and left believing it’s just fine because if someone in power can say and do such things, then it must be the new norm.

Speaking about this now, takes me back to my childhood years where it was a strict rule to never act up in public as we knew what would be waiting for us when we arrived home. Over those years I’d heard more than once from a few of my elders saying, “It’s bad enough to think such things, but when it comes out of your mouth, that’s when you’ve crossed the line.” Of course I’ve heard from the mouths of a few who’d be using excuses for saying such things by later insisting, “You know me. I speak before I think.” Is that forgivable? In my book at least once, and maybe twice, but the continued offering of such weak excuses, creates a “shame on me” for allowing it.

There’s an old buffoon who whenever in my company, would come up with the most idiotic accusations about certain people, and especially those in his family, just to get a rise out of whomever would be listening. I found his needling barely palatable to where one day I asked, “Why is it you come up with such outlandish allegations about people who you know aren’t like that?” Of course he had to give me a dismissive smirk while saying, “You should know by now how much I enjoy stirring the pot real good before walking away.” Oh you can only imagine what my thoughts about him were from that day forward. My respect for people of such mindsets is usually on the last rung of my ladder of esteem.

After finishing up on my spiritual exercise, I headed out to get some fencing installed around some plantings being in need of winter protections against the deer because I’ve grown tired of seeing the bark and low-hanging branches having been stripped off and eaten by those devils. I thought a 100 ft. roll would’ve been enough, but I didn’t calculate correctly, so I’ll be purchasing more this week. Late this past Spring, I purchased two pink gooseberry bushes which were doing just fine, but once they got a good start, those vile creatures started eating their leaves. It makes me wonder how many will be losing trees and bushes they’d planted this year to those free-loading munchers over this coming winter. I’m sure the growers who sell them are happy about such losses because they know they’ll likely be coming back to purchase replacements.

After getting my fencing job finished, I headed indoors to get myself warmed up because by the time I put my tools away, my hands felt like icicles. As sunny as it was, there’s no question it would’ve been a pleasant day had the wind not been blowing so strongly out of the north. It definitely felt like an early Alberta clipper.

Before heading back to my little/big project, I decided to go with camera in hand, out to a public reserve in our County and have a good walk. I took a number of shots, and after reviewing all of them, I’d say there’ll be a handful I’ll be using for my nightly posts.
Tonight’s photo is one I took just before twilight arrived. Whenever seeing jets flying so far above, always makes me wonder who they are, where from, and where they’re going. You can be sure I’ll not be flying until there’s a vaccine available for this pandemic.

As much as I wanted to spend more time on my project this afternoon, I had to cut it short by about an hour, and simply because I was tuckered-out from working in that wind. If I have a few hours free during this coming work week, I’ll get back over there just get myself caught up.

We’re only three days away from the end of this general election, and certainly glad it’s coming to an end. It’ll be interesting to see what our political landscapes are going to look like after the dust has settled. I do hope everyone rids their fields and yards of all that signage more sooner than later, as nearly always, they become annoying eyesores.

Tonight’s one-liner is: If all of us could discern the events in our lives with more open minds, we’d frequently discover we didn’t really desire the things we failed to obtain.

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