Blessed Earth

For a Saturday morning, I was far more on a burn to get things done before I had to be at my open house over at 115 S. Connecticut. From the hour of eight until about fifteen minutes before one, my gear was stuck in over-drive, but at least I managed to get a noticeable amount accomplished during those hours.

There were a number of people out raking leaves which I thought a bit odd since the wind was blowing so hard and making double work for them. I couldn’t help smiling when seeing two different families raking their leaves into a pile, and then using snow scoops to shovel them into yard bags. I’d say I’ve seen at least four people doing such season which I’ve never seen before. It makes a person wonder where that got started.

I’m still not understanding why people don’t have mulch attachments for their lawnmowers so they can naturally feed their grass. I guess many haven’t a clue regarding the benefits of mulch and compost. When I start getting back into gardening more, I’ll be purchasing one of those large composting drums and put it to good use because that’s the very best for fertilizing and transplanting, so if you’re looking for all-natural and chemical-free, check out composting drums.

While working, I received several phone calls from people wanting to look at homes after my open house, which ended up creating a full day and being just fine by me. I’ve just these past five years been noticing how much more acid people become when they’re not productively working. When thinking about some men and women I’ve known for a number of years, I’ve found that those who’re living active meta-physical lives, have far better attitudes and outlooks versus those who sit at home watching television, and should they get bored by it, they’re actively meddling in the lives of others just so to be noticed. As I’ve said, “If they can’t get your attention in a good way, they’ll get it in a bad.” Oh how true I’ve found it to be this last decade.

My public open house over at 115 S. Connecticut was far more of a success than I was expecting to where there were people coming and going nearly the entire time I was there. When I did have a few moments alone, I took some new photos of its interior which I later posted on all our online platforms. Because that home has a great deal of natural light entering, it’s been a battle when trying to get realistic shots of its interior. I think today’s shots are more representative of what’s being offered.

Several of those interested, asked why it’s been on the market so long, and all I could say was, “This home is likely one of those rare ones having a say in who purchases it, and not meaning it in a bad way, as I’ve always “felt” a whole lot of love whenever showing it.” Now please don’t think me bat-shite crazy when saying this, and due to having been in enough homes to where they’re pretty much neutralized, while being those few that lean strongly to the “icky-wicky”, or warm and fuzzy side. Some have asked me why, but never able to give a direct reason other than something being there which I’m not able to see, touch, hear, or smell.

When speaking about this, I was in a home just recently which I’ve entered on many occasions over the years, and every single time I’ve walk thru its front door, a grounding-good feeling comes over me, and the creepy-cool thing about it, was my having heard similar thoughts about it from those who’ve resided there. There’s no doubt in my mind, it must’ve been built on some sort of “blessed earth” because of the positive effects it’s had on those who’ve lived there.

After my open house, I drove out and showed those two homes which were nothing to write home about, and since I’d shown them before, I was pretty much convinced my buyers wouldn’t like them. I can certainly say our MLS inventory has been very much picked over, but we’ll see what’ll be happening come 2021.

After those showings, I had another appointment at my office which lasted about a half hour. I was delighted that gentleman also shares similar opinions regarding all these people running around in public without masks, and continue going to restaurants and taverns as they throw caution to the wind. I just recently heard about another one of our taverns has closed down for about two weeks due to an outbreak within. With the resurgence of the China-virus in our State, along with its new and more deadly mutation now hitting Europe. More sooner than later it’ll be here, and I’m of the belief a good two-week shut-down will be paramount to keep it at bay. I’ve also heard our school district is now dealing with outbreaks.

I’m glad I went and voted several days ago because no matter how many precautions our polling stations are taking, I still didn’t want to be in much of a crowd. From the sounds of it, there won’t be that many people left to vote this coming Tuesday. Aren’t you gonna be glad when it’s all over? We’ll see.

Tonight’s one-liner is: If you create an act, you create a habit, and if you create a habit, your character is created, which in the end, illuminates your destiny.

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