Agonize over the Thought

Our last “hump day” day of the month came and went without any great happenings, and once it got above freezing, I went out and took care of a few errands before it grew busier, and one of them was my delivery of a small gift to a young woman which I had refrigerated at my office. She was definitely delighted to get it, and especially when knowing it contained all natural ingredients. She made me laugh when asking for the recipe, and of course I had to inform her that all good recipes that’ve been personally created and kitchen tested, are rarely ever shared. I knew she was going to like it because it was a repeat portion of a similar batch I delivered about a month ago. Having known the struggles she’s quietly endured, I was all the happier to give her another something she’d enjoy.

The next stop I made, was at a home one of my clients is bringing back to life. What he mentioned today, was his having to order four new replacement windows because the previous occupants hadn’t remembered to close the storm windows during the winter which caused the wooden sills to rot from continued exposure to the elements. There’s no question there are a very many people owning homes today who haven’t a clue regarding preventative maintenance, and when things get noticeably bad, they make “band-aid” repairs which in the end, normally make matters all the worse.

I’m still wrestling with delayed closings on several of my sale files which are making me even more crazy every time there’s just one more to deal with during our maniacal home buying season. It sounds like the slow-down of sales is going to be due to a lack of inventory because I’ve just recently heard from several Realtors mentioning their having buyers for homes but nothing available, and unfortunately, once a bottleneck shortage of homes has been created, it’s going to take a long while for it gets balanced out.

Perhaps this is the time some of our rental barons begin cleaning up a number of their better homes and placing them on the market where their over-all returns would be much greater than dealing with clean-ups, on-going repairs, and higher insurance rates. Oh, and we can’t forget about our soon to be raised assessments which will be increasing everyone’s real estate tax bills due to this year’s bloated sales. I’m of the belief that a few of those “barons” are like big farmers who refuse to sell even a few acres or more to those wanting to build country homes, while still buying more land. It’s funny I just happened to read a person’s obituary today who’d amassed a noticeably large portfolio of acres, but couldn’t manage to take them with him. I’m sure there’ll be some lucky beneficiaries wanting their portions handed over, and whenever seeing estates that large, I often wonder if they feel as though they’d just won the a “death lottery”. It’s always been interesting when finding how quickly they wastefully spent it.

Since I hadn’t spoken with a dear one for some weeks, I figured it time to give her a call this morning just to share some recent news. I was glad to hear all has been well with her during this protracted pandemic. Pretty much the bulk of our conversation revolved around the marked change of character in our general public to where there no longer seems to be any middle-of-the-road thinking. We both agreed the real culprits are our social medias which freely offer opportunities for the growing many to post the likes of trash which back in our days, wouldn’t even have been whispered behind closed doors and shuttered windows. On a daily basis, the cloud/cyber universe is growing ever-larger for all to view. What most don’t realize, are the numerous channels the “crazies” in our world are now able to tune into and find other like-minded radicals, and as we all know, the greater their numbers, the more empowered they consider themselves to be the ones who’re right and everyone else wrong. Sounds pretty scary, but woefully true.

Before hanging up, I promised to drop off a recent publication I recently received which I’m sure she’ll find interesting as it’s centered around the daily struggles of real people living during our frontier days. Having read a few pages of it, there’s no question she’ll enjoy it, and when I get it back from her, it’ll be one of my mid-winter “reads”.

We have a closing coming up the first of next week, and luckily after today, that’s all we have left to do, is our final walk-thru and then head over to the closing agency. I mentioned more than once how much I’ll miss working with them, while insisting they stay in touch. I reminded the husband again how certain I am he’d make a great Realtor because of his pleasant personality and numerous connections with friends and family living in North Iowa. I believe if he’d at least get his feet wet by working part-time, all the many doors would be opening. You can be sure I’ll continue to gently prod him.

Before the closing hour, I received a phone call from a woman who shared her real-life nightmares which started after contracting the China-virus. Oh my goodness! If she were to go on primetime television and share her story, it would make all those who “think” they’re invincible, and step back and do some real re-assessing regarding the ways in which they’re conducting themselves out in our general public. There were a number of frightening things she mentioned, but my “zinger” was when she said, “You can’t possibly know what it feels like when each time you struggle to take a breath, you agonize over the thought it may be your last.” When writing this just now, the shivers went rushing thru me. Thank Heaven she survived her three month ordeal and still willing to talk about it. Oh, and by the way, she had no underlying health conditions, and definitely not of a senior age which speaks for itself how dangerous this virus is.

The above photo is one I snapped before sunset this evening which I considered worthy enough to share.

Tonight’s one-liner is: To be witty is not enough, because one must possess sufficient whit to avoid having too much of it.

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