Green Tomato Ketchup

In spite of it still being below 32 degrees nearly the entire day, the sunny skies seemed to make our day feel all the warmer. It’s interesting how the sun can brighter our spirits and lighten our loads even on cold days. Oh well, at least it appears we have better days in the offing. When looking at the calendar, I was surprised to see what day our full moon will be on, so be sure to get ready to go out a-howling Halloween night.

The recent spiking of the China-virus in our State has got me all the more concerned over continuing to stay out of harms way. Just today I learned one of our professionals came down with it, and not handling it well. These passing weeks have shown us how poorly we’ve contained the coronavirus which if our numbers continue to grow, I’d recommend a complete shut-down for a two week period because we have far too many elderly living in our midst who’re at much greater risk.

I don’t even want to think about how many people I’ve heard saying something like, “Well, if I get it I get it; and if I do, I’ll live thru it and move on.” What a terribly selfish way to look at something that affects all of humanity in different degrees. Such inconsiderate minds do not realize that if they do get it, they’ll be asymptomatic for a good week while likely passing it around to everyone they’ve come into close contact with. Now isn’t that the core of being selfishly thoughtless?

It was a bit of a whirlwind day with the number of long-lasting phone calls and extra research I was in need of getting completed for a client of mine, which always causes me being reminded of how little the general public knows about all the extra time we Realtors spend whenever doing research on market trends and home values. Yes, our market is still on fire, and not sure when it’s going to taper off, and if it doesn’t, we’ll have lines of buyers waiting to purchase just about anything that’s been “lipsticked” before it hits our market.

When nearing the end of the year, I’m going to spend some time researching what percent on average our home prices have spiked since this year’s beginning. It’ll be a delicate process because I’ll have to weed out those I’ll believe to have been “blinded” purchases, along with others which for whatever reason, sold under market value. Even after my careful selection of homes meeting standard criteria, there’ll certainly be enough to create a good average percentage which’ll be due to the bloated number of sales that’ve taken place in North Iowa. I’m already bracing myself for a shocker.

Just to get away from my office for a bit, I drove out to see how one of my hard working clients has been doing with his renovation of a home which hadn’t been touched in many years. He was in the basement when I arrived, and not moments after I stepped down, I was fully brought back up to speed on how people who appear to be clean in public, but after walking thru the entirety of their homes, you’ll find a completely different story. After showing and telling all the scary things he’d encountered, I was beginning to wish I’d not stopped because of how bad it smelled of ground-in dirt and filth. He didn’t seem all that bothered by it to where he actually dismissed it all as being one more example of generational ignorance. While driving away, I couldn’t help thinking how thankful I was for having parents who taught us hard lessons, and regularly being administered as such, just so to be remembered a lifetime.

One of my clients stopped by this afternoon to visit about a property, and afterwards, we had a good chat about how much our news services are near-completely concentrated on our general elections. Without a doubt, I’ve made up my mind as to who I’ll be voting for in every slot, so when I walk into that polling station, it’ll be a quick in and out, and after this circus is over with, there’ll be more fingers pointed at countries like Russia, China and Iran for the meddling they’ve done. I’m still convinced real democracy is under heavy fire in our world, and unfortunately we’re also getting broadsided. I’m beginning to wonder if we’ll ever see the return of normalcy in our United of States.

Before the real freeze arrived, I made sure to pick all of the green tomatoes off the two late Black Prince tomato plants I had growing in a protected area which I luckily did in the nick of time, because it just so happened to freeze hard that night.

Not knowing what to do with that near exact six pounds, I searched the internet for green tomato recipes, and the one that interested me the most, was a green tomato ketchup recipe. Many years ago, my mother used to make our own ketchup from her home-grown red tomatoes, so I figured I’d give it a try with my green. I found it on the website:, so if you want to try it yourself, have a good look.

As chance would have it, I had exactly the six pounds of green tomatoes it called for which was my queue to make it. The only thing I added to the recipe was about a tablespoon of my home-ground cayenne peppers which gave it just the right kick. I ended up with almost the exact number of pints, and after allowing what I had left to “rest” a bit in my refrigerator, it tasted far better than I was expecting.

You can be sure I’ll be using it as I would regular ketchup and possibly as a substitute for barbecue sauce. If I continue to be taken my its taste, I’ll be planting several more of the Black Prince and using them only for ketchup. I wasn’t wowed by the taste of the ripe ones, but after reading more about them, they also use them for making tomato sauce. When eating them raw, they didn’t have that “smoky” flavor they talked about, but when turned into ketchup, that’s when I got a taste of it. Yeah! One more useful gardening discovery. The above photo is but one of the four pints I canned.

Tonight’s one-liner is: There are certain persons for whom pure truth is a poison.

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