Our First Tackles

Twas a bit on the nippy side again this morning with our humidity hovering around 95% along with a near gale-force wind out of the northwest. It sure doesn’t feel like the Octobers I once knew, but such is to be expected when global warming and climate change is thrown into the mix.

There was enough to keep me busy at office early-on until the hour of eight rolled around so I could call a seller and visit about some last hour changes that needed to be made on our closing coming up mid-morning over at an attorney’s office in Clear Lake.  We finally had everything agreed upon, so the numbers were good for everyone involved.

That windy drive over to Clear Lake had me holding my steering wheel fast with both hands due to the gusting wind. Since my vehicle stands taller, the wind affects it more than if it were low-slung. There sure weren’t many people on the road, and likely due to how nasty it was outdoors. There’s no doubt many were waiting for the afternoon to arrive in hopes it would warm up, which never happened.

My closing went relatively well considering how many unforeseen problems were handed me regarding that property, but in the end, we got those issues resolved. Since I wasn’t the agent who sold it, I did mention to the young man purchasing it, my willingness to go over and give him a few pointers on his restoration project. I do hope he does take me up on my offer as many think I’m just blowing unctuous smoke.

For sure I’ve done enough resurrecting of those old girls to give time and cost-saving tips, but the one thing I did stress, was to focus on one project at a time because it helps to keep from feeling overwhelmed and subsequently loosing interest. I don’t even want to remember those many head-strong new buyers tearing into nearly every room of their homes and then not finishing them.

There was one particular home I sold back when it was in its original form and then later sold to another party who ended up letting it go back to the bank. When it did get listed as a bank repo, I showed it to a buyer who’d called on it, and when I walked in, I was horrified to see what they’d done to it. They were evidently trying to turn it into an “open concept” layout, but had no clue regarding load-carrying walls. Yes, there were some dangerously weak supports attempting to keep those first and second floors from sinking into its basement. All it took was one walk-thru and we were out of there. To this day, I pity the buyer who ended up purchasing it.

Another bit of advice I gave that young gentleman, was to often look back at what he’d already completed, just so it would give him an incentive to keep working forward. There were enough times when I had to do exactly that when tackling daunting projects. It’s funny whenever looking at or thinking about something I’d done in the past, I find myself whispering, “I can’t believe I did that”

When visiting with a long-term client at her home yesterday, she suddenly asked me to come into her family room and look at something. When she pointed at it, the memories of stripping a multi-layered with paint, early 1900’s solid maple wall-hung medicine cabinet. The longer I looked at it, my recollections of stripping it came rushing back to where I could see myself outside my garage struggling with that cursed paint. I decided to restore it for her as a gift for all the business she and her husband had given me over the years, and after those tedious hours, I’d say it was an appropriate gift. To this day, she’s still appreciative of the “gifting” of my time and resources because it came out of a cottage they once owned a very many years ago.

Using that medicine cabinet as an example, I was pretty much prepared for the those hours of struggle because about ten years earlier, I’d stripped a similar one of the same genre except it having been made to hang in a corner. With that said, it’s always good to get past our first “tackles” because the following ones go more smoothly due to knowing what’s the best plan of attack. Make sense?

After this morning’s closing finished, I had to drive over to Osage and deliver a loan payoff check to Home Trust and Savings Bank. Yes, I was doing my full circle again, but today’s journey wasn’t as pleasant due to the strong wind I was bucking on my way back. The fields were looking all the more bare with North Iowa’s crop harvests coming to an end, and lucky for the farmers because it still looks like snow on Sunday.

It was noontime when I got back to the City, and since I was already on the south-side, I stopped at Wendy’s and picked up a small chili and drove back to the office for a quick lunch. Two Wasa rye crispbreads and a small chili from Wendy’s did the warming trick for me, so I was good to go for the remainder of my work day.

My early afternoon showing was at the now closed Patrick’s which is located at 1707 S. Federal. Unfortunately the buyer didn’t seem very interested, but while waiting for him to arrive, I could “see” in my mind what that bar/restaurant would look like re-skinned.  The big things it has going for it, is it’s high-visibility location and more than enough parking area. I’m beginning to wonder if all the many in society are loosing their ability to envision because after looking at its good bones and great location, the possibilities were endless.

Tonight’s one-liner is: He who has imagination without learning, has wings but no feet. But, my contrarian one-liner is as follows: He who has learning without imagination, has feet but no wings. Gotcha.

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