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After hearing how much snow Southern Iowa and the Minneapolis area received several days ago, I guess I have no cause to be complaining about the possibility of snow for our area this coming Sunday. Yes, it seems as though Mother Nature has dismissed Fall as being one of her four seasons. I haven’t heard how much rain we received these past 24 hours, but I’d say it was more than measurable, and likely enough to where the Fire Marshall has now lifted the ban on burning in our County.

It was my Realtor-light day at office to where I mostly attended to active files, along with filing “deceased” offers which I’d written for a number of buyers over these past six months which for various reasons, didn’t come together.

I’m always happy to get them permanently filed away because whenever looking at them, my thoughts become dark due to my remembering all the wasted time and efforts on my part. Some were multiple offer situations where the buyers was aced-out, others being from buyers asking for beyond unreasonable expectations from sellers, and then several being buyers who just decided to cavalierly walk away during negotiations.

I’ve come to the conclusion that many of the contracts for recent sales that’ve taken place in our market, were written by far more aggressive agents who walked the walk and talked the talk and became nothing more than automatons fulfilling the near-maniacal demands of all too many buyers. Unfortunately, I do attempt to counsel buyers even in these times where rational thinking is now out the window.

Just today when speaking with a colleague, I mentioned how much our City’s commercial landscape has changed to where nearly every month there’s another shocker, and today’s was having seen the listing for sale of the Globe Gazette building here in our Downtown which is going to create one more big vacant commercial building. It’s too bad, yet likely their own fault for turning their once respected newspaper into a tabloid.

Just before we changed the subject on how many businesses have permanently closed these past 20 years, I couldn’t help interjecting, “Considering how much commerce has changed these past twenty, can you imagine what it’s going to be like ten years from now?” I know it many sound like I’m being a pessimist, when in fact, more of a realist.

I didn’t even bother mentioning an article I recently read about this pandemic which spoke about how some researchers are coming to believe this China-virus will end up being endemic in many parts of our world for years to come. Now that’s beyond concerning because if that’s the case, we will be seeing many more permanent changes.

If that virus does become an on-going fear, then we will be seeing the general public looking for ways to remain distanced from others, which will certainly create more apartment house vacancies due to their common hallways and entry doors. I wouldn’t be surprised if there’ll even be people who’re now living in homes that are sandwiched in long blocks of similar residences, looking to sell quickly so to get themselves physically away from their too close neighbors. Perhaps this is why our acreage sales have gone off the charts since this pandemic arrived, and likely due to those primitive areas of human brains which have unknowingly triggered them into “survival modes”.

Unfortunately there aren’t that many rural settings left in North Iowa which would mean getting big farmers to sell off ten acre parcels so our fortunate ones with suitcases full of cash can build their safe houses. Mark my words, there’ll be companies created and/or expanded which will cater to the self-sustainability of those wanting to live off the grid. I’m sure if you do a little extra research, you’ll be surprised how many more people are looking for just such types of living arrangements. Have you ever heard of van-lifers?

I had an early afternoon appointment to show a retired couple the last remaining 2 bedroom units over at Prairie Place on First, and even though I’d never met them, they were an absolute delight during the full hour I was with them. They asked all the right questions, and were satisfied with my answers. While leaving, they said they’d do some talking about it, along with having a good sleep on it which I’ve always found to be the best way to arrive at clear decisions. What I believe is going to sway them towards buying, is the fact that they personally know over half of the residents living there.

Another email went out late this afternoon to an attorney who was supposed to have a title opinion delivered to me via email yesterday, and still not to be found. I really wish people would stop making promises they can’t deliver because it’s creates long-lasting impressions which aren’t always the best. We’ll see what tomorrow brings.

One of today’s drop-ins was another young man looking for rental housing. All I could do was take his name and my assurance I’d let him know if something became available. I asked him why he was moving, and his reason being the desire to be closer to work due to the long drive he’s making from a town a good distance from our City. He’s now on a burn to be living in our midst before winter arrives because of long shifts he has to work which makes for an even longer day with his tedious commuting from that town.

My day ended up being much longer than I’d expected due to a late final walk-thru of a buyer on a property we have scheduled to close on the morrow. I wasn’t the selling agent, but had to be there to give entry. That listing’s been a problem child for too many months, and hopefully it will finally get closed tomorrow. With all things considered, it really was a good buy considering his plans for it. I’ll be cheering him on at curbside.

Tonight’s one-liner is: The reward for work well done is the opportunity to do more.

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