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After leaving home early this morning and seeing frost on the ground again, I was prepared for a chilly day, but when the wind started back up again, that’s when I felt to going to my bones. I found it quite interesting when seeing the wind speed following the sun for two days in a row to where it started up after sunrise and then settled back down at sunset. These weather patterns are definitely moving into uncharted territories.

If there were ever a very busy Friday for me, today was one of them, and unfortunately I wasn’t sure if a listing sale of mine was going to close until about 45 minutes before it was to happen which put me on a burn to get the lockbox off its front door, pick up my yard sign, and then grab the last set of keys from the owner before heading over to First Security Bank in Nora Springs. Believe it or not, I made it there exactly one minute beforehand. I’m sorry to say I was driving a little over the speed limit on the Avenue of the Saints just so I’d be there on time.

The closing went well which was all I was expecting, and since the buyers and agent went dashing off as fast as they could, I stayed behind to have a good chat with Randy Hassman who’s their Branch Manager/Loan Officer. I’ve not had that many transactions with him, but he’s always seemed to be a down to earth sort which is refreshing to find in these times. I’d say he’s very much similar to loan officers of years gone by where his customers know he’s got their best interest at heart. Perhaps in these times one would consider him a boutique lender who’s able to create tailor-made loans for his customers.

When I arrived back at my office, my next duty was to grab the abstract to the Raven Ave. property and head to Worth County Abstract Company in Northwood. It was a pleasant drive, and not being surprised to find how much corn the farmers already had out of their fields along with all the many grain trucks on that highway. Since I can’t remember, I’ve always been all the more careful when driving out in the country during planting and harvest season because too many people don’t realize that motorized machinery doesn’t travel the speed limit and when coming up behind them, you have to be ready to quickly slow yourself down.

I managed to get to the abstract office enough before their lunch hour which afforded me some extra time to visit with Amber who is my favorite abstractor. What I really like about her, is how filterless she is, which I find very refreshing. We had a good chat about the happenings in Worth County, our sky-high real estate taxes, along with a few other topics on which we share similar views. I got a good smile out of her when informing her I may have something in storage she’d certainly want to have, so if time permits this weekend, I’m going to go digging. If it’s what I believe she’s looking for, I’ll finally know the reason why I’ve been hanging onto it so long. It was beyond chance we happened to land on the subject of that item in the first place. Very creepy cool.

Instead of heading back to my office, I drove to the Raven Ave. acreage and placed sold riders on both of my “for sale” signs at that corner, and as chance would have it, the new buyers were parked at the shoulder and likely making note of things they’re planning on doing with it after we close. I’m sure everyone living in that square mile district is going to be singing their praises after they get their new home built on that site. I can’t wait to see the transformation. I think it was very good for them to finally get that building site purchased.

Instead of driving back to Northwood and then taking Hwy 65 to Mason City, I headed straight south on Raven Ave. just to get a better “feel” of Worth County’s Fall countryside. I dare say there are all the many more newer ranch homes on today’s farmsteads than the traditional 1800’s two-stories, and sadly seeing fewer of them as years go by. On some of those stretches, you’d think you’re driving somewhere in the Dakotas where you don’t see anything but fields and blacktops. Those blank canvases have always stoked feelings of sadness in me and to this day, I still don’t understand why.

When I arrived back at my office, I had to get some banking done, so off I headed to two Downtown banks where I have office accounts. When I pulled into the drive-up at Clear Lake Bank and Trust, I discovered my all-time favorite teller was at the window. She is such a sweetheart. Just to look at her makes me smile because she’s always got that bubbly Scotch-Irish look on her face. I couldn’t help telling her that she’s my teller of choice and absolutely must always be the one to wait on me. She got a good laugh out of that along with a few teasing comments.

What really gave me a good laugh, was when she said, “I’ve been thinking about you lately because so many people have been mentioning how beautiful the stone you gave me is, and you wouldn’t believe, one guy actually put it in his pocket and I finally had to tell him I needed it back.” Oh did I ever get a good laugh out of that! I couldn’t help saying, “What did he think it was, a doggie treat or a piece of candy?” Oh you should’ve seen her laugh.

I don’t know if you remember me telling you about that glacial polished rock I gave her which is about the size of duck egg which I found in a field a number of years ago, and kept it because of its coloring. Well, because their window faces north, she was always using something to keep the wind from blowing banking items out of their pass-thru. We talked about it at the time, and about ten minutes afterwards, I was handing her my polished stone. I can’t believe she’s still using it because that was at least two years ago.
Oh if I only could’ve been there to see her reaction when that guy put that stone in his pocket, and knowing her, she likely would’ve followed him all the way to his home to get it back.

Tonight’s one-liner is: We must respect the past, and mistrust the present, if we wish to provide for the safety of the future.

Joe Chodur

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