Plastique or Metallique

It was definitely a cold one today, and thankfully, that biting wind went down with the this evening’s sun. Every last “hot crop” was picked from my garden because we’re likely going to get a real freeze tonight, but on the positive side, our late gardeners did get an extra week or more of ripening time.

My small garden at home did relatively well in providing its standard amount of tomatoes and peppers I needed for winter use, but those vile deer ruined all but one of my specialty pepper plants along with eating every green San Marzano tomato they could reach in my private garden. I was able to get three hidden ones to ripen from which I removed their seeds and later drying, then stored away for next year’s planting.

Believe it or not, from the beginning, I had twelve exceptionally healthy specialty pepper plants which were my pride and joy, and when I went over to pick the ripe ones from the last remaining plant, there stood the remnants of those other eleven which were only woody stems attempting to send out new growth, and every time there was enough to bite off, they’d gobbled them. Talk about an absolute waste of time and energy! I sure hope our in-town bow hunters end up nailing those responsible. Now just imagine how many more soon to be pregnant females will be birthing even more next Spring. We’re not going to be referring to our dear Mason City, but rather our deer-filled City. I can only imagine what some of our new residents must be thinking when seeing how many there are and the amount of havoc they’re creating with our greenery.

Because I was in need of replenishing my stock of jar rings and especially their seals, I stopped out to Walmart, and to my surprise they were out. My next stop was Fleet Farm which was also out, and then to Fareway with a similar “No”. I also called Kramer Hardware and got the same answer. One of them said they’ve been having a hard time getting them and due to their being made in China. Fortunately I’d enough in storage to serve my current needs, but what are all the others going to do when they’ve assumed by thinking they’ll be able to purchase them while preparing their harvests for canning?

The inability to buy common lids and rings for canning jars is just one more example of how China has slowly taken over the manufacture of products they shouldn’t have, and we can blame our greedy “Corporate America” for allowing such vulnerabilities to be created. Not that I’m a conspiracy theorist, but one can’t help wondering if China’s purposely creating our bottlenecks just to create all the more un-due social unrest.

You can call me a spoiled rotten brat if you like, but I just do not like buying processed and/or packaged foods in plastic or metal because I swear I can taste the difference. I bless my mother for creating a “taste” standard which she honestly passed on to me. If you’re old enough and still have a sharped recall, take a moment and start remembering all the shelved foods which were always sold in glass jars, and now in either plastic or metal. When is the last time you purchased a quart of mayonnaise in a real glass jar? If you’d ask me to walk down an aisle in a groceteria, I could start counting all the once glass containers now being plastic. Like I said, I’m just not into plastique or metallique.

We had another sale closing today which came to yet one more welcome soft landing, and since it was a back-to-back, it made for all the less stress on the many parties involved. At the last hour, an unfortunate oversight on a seller’s part, may cause a delay on a closing I have scheduled for tomorrow morning. So much for trying to keep all bases covered while knowing I’d done everything I could, so we’ll see what happens on the morrow.

To my delight, this afternoon brought a double-header of sales to where two of my office listing were placed under contract, and one of them being my Raven Ave. acreage in Northwood which ended up getting purchased by one of the first buyers who’d looked at it. After receiving multiple offers from other Realtors’ buyers, and then an on-and-off negotiating period with today’s buyer over many weeks, we finally got it put together.
I’m happy for both the buyers and sellers because each one did their own giving and taking. I’d say in a two year’s time, that site will be transformed into one handsome five acre homesite with a brand new home built in its middle. I can’t wait to see what those wooded acres are going to look like once its canopy of old-growth trees they’re planning on keeping is raised and then removing the rest of its scrub brush and volunteer trees. Yes, that property has been a long struggle for me to find its near-perfect buyer.

I received a call from a dear one today regarding one of her cousin’s sudden passing. I just about dropped the phone when she went on to tell how quickly his China-virus symptoms turned deadly when her 48 year old cousin’s temperature spiked to 108 degrees which was the beginning of his rapid demise. She said before he got it, he was as healthy as a horse and having no underlying health issues. Now if that isn’t something to make a person all more careful in these times, I don’t know what is. My heavy heart goes out to his grieving family.

It seems every day while reading our international news, I find myself even more troubled over the growing numbers of outbreaks and deaths associated with the coronavirus which I’m sure in the end, is going to create great divisions accompanied by social unrest within societies already financially strained by their economic down-turns. I’ll likely never forget, along with everyone following suit in the remembering how much of this world-wide outbreak could’ve been contained if the Chinese government would’ve come clean about their outbreak in the very beginning. Irregardless of country, any government leader who makes decisions based only upon their own selfish interests, and subsequently at the expense of their general populous, then great changes are needed.

Tonight’s one-liner is: Justice is the truth in action.

Joe Chodur

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