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It ended up being one more beautiful Fall day in spite of our overcast skies early this morning, and once again to my surprise, I was encountering more sprinkling of rain drops on my windshield as I was driving to work this morning. Since I normally drive past the new apartment complex on my way into our Downtown, I found they’re now pouring the last sections of sidewalk in that low area. There’s no question in my mind there’ll be wash-outs on that sharp grade, and when seeing how little black dirt they’re spreading over the top of all that crushed rock and clay, we’ll see if they’ll even be able to keep grass growing. It’ll be interesting to find what that complex looks like after several years have passed. In real life, it sure doesn’t have the same appearances of what the architects were plastering everywhere. Those sections of siding which are supposed appear as brickwork, reminds me of the cheap paneling people used to use when covering up bad plaster walls. Oh well, everyone’s gotta save a nickel to make a buck.

After getting all my emails and calls returned, I decided to take about three hours off and get some more cleaning done which is nearing the end of my almost two week on-and-off challenge. At least it’ll be done before next week’s cold weather arrives. As long as I live, I will never understand how people can comfortably live in homes when knowing they’ve not attempted even the slightest bit of housekeeping. I’m exceptionally glad my mother was a bit of a fanatic about kitchens and bathrooms to where it was just not acceptable to have any sort of sanitary neglect in those two rooms. One can’t help wondering if those un-clean adults were parented by similar mindsets.

Whenever we’d go visiting way back when, I would be mortified when seeing how other people’s homes were kept to where I sometimes would find every excuse to be outside instead of within. Yes, in those long ago days, people did more courtesy calling than they do now, which makes me wonder if all the more homes are appearing as pigsties.

It looks like I’ll be taking a fast trip over to Osage tomorrow morning to deliver an abstract to an attorney who has his office there. We’re likely not going to make closing date due to our abstract company being over three weeks out. Oh well, I’m moving as fast as I can, yet you can be sure I’ll be getting some pressing phone calls from both buyers and sellers.

Sometimes it’s best not to know things because after reading an article today on BBC regarding that 28 year old gentleman’s serious struggles with a re-infection of the China-virus, I’m growing even more concerned about this second wave that’s supposed to hit us this winter. Someone also mentioned reading where Wahun has another outbreak which has got the Chinese government scrambling to have every one of that city’s multi-million residents tested. While reading and hearing such things, I get this troubling brain “ping” which triggers all the darker thoughts about how many million people will have died from it before there’s a knock-out vaccine discovered. I’m afraid our sometimes vengeful Mother Nature has a hand in it, but yet still not blaming her for this rampant greed of a select few.

I’ve been noticing my nose running all the more these recent days, and most certainly due to all the soybean and corn dust in the air, and for some reason, it seems there’s more of it airborne this harvest season. I’m eternally thankful I finally out-grew my allergies to where I don’t suffer even a tenth of what I had to endure in my younger years. There were actually times I couldn’t get my yard mowed in one outing because of how badly my eyes would be watering from the dust my mower would stir up.

My afternoon hours took me out to a pre-listing appointment which lasted long enough to get the sellers up to speed on what things needed to be done before actually listing it. Thank goodness there was a great deal of note-taking which I very much appreciated because that’s always an indication that the sellers were paying attention to my suggestions as well as likely following thru with them. More than once I said,  “The better you make it appear, the more money you’ll get in the end.” I was very much captivated by the various species of old growth trees in their yard to where I couldn’t help mentioning how delightful they appeared. With a tree canopy like that, I’m sure their air conditioning unit wasn’t working very hard during summer months.

The owner of the Raven Ave. acreage mentioned yesterday that several big tree limbs came down in the grove from the winds last week. Personally knowing how many downed trees I’ve had to deal with these past five years, I’d say these straight-line winds we’re getting is going to make our City look like Cedar Rapids if they don’t stop. Whenever driving around our City and seeing some of those “big boys”, I can’t help wondering how much longer it’ll be before another straight-line fells them. One of my favorite Box Elders was laid to rest earlier this summer from that straight-line coming out of the north which had me nearly fit to be tied.

I still can’t believe the stories I’ve been hearing about the landscape of Cedar Rapids where nearly all of their big trees are either down, or on their way out due to the damage that derecho, which created inland hurricane-force winds. It’s tearing across southern Iowa with a vengeance, was history in the making. The corn prices should be higher when reading the farmers in that area are seeing 50% more crop losses than they’d expected before they started harvesting, but what concerns me all the more, is the fact that Southern Iowa has more hills which you’d think would slow such winds down, but didn’t. Can you imagine the damage we’d have here in the flatlands if we got a pounding similar to theirs? Perhaps new age and high-tech cave dwelling isn’t such a bad idea, because believe it or not, North Iowa does have a few scattered semi-earth homes.

Tonight’s one-liner is: The things we know best, are the things we haven’t been taught.

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