Someone’s Silver Spoon

So much for watching the weather forecasts because just this year I’ve been finding some pretty erroneous predictions for our day-to-day outlooks. I know for sure we were not to get any rain overnight, but in the night and into the morning it did, which caused a near jaw-drop when finding rain while driving to work this morning. When looking up at the skies, those upper clouds were moving at an accelerated clip.

When reading the early morning news, I happened upon an article about Fiji where thousands are people are being forced to move to higher ground due to the effects climate change is having on their islands. In recent years they were hit very hard by one of the largest cyclones in the souther hemisphere which was the frosting on the cake of their troubles. They’re also being affecting by rising seas and storm surges which have become far too regular to where they’ve had no alternate other than moving to safer elevations. It’s one more example of how the greedy choices of others are affecting an innocent island chain in the South Pacific.

My morning was spent working on closing files that are coming up the end of this week, along with running over to Clear Lake to deliver a belated abstract to an attorney’s office. I was in such a hurry to get back, I didn’t even bother to stop at my favorite coffee shop to grab a cup of their java to go.

When I returned, I found a message from a homeowner asking if I would give him a call back, so I did. He asked if I’d have time this week to look at his home because he’s thinking about moving closer to where one of his children live in the Cedar Rapids area. We agreed on a day and time, so it looks like I may have a new listing if he does decide to sell. After I hung up, I checked some of the recent sales of like homes, and I dare say he’s going to be shocked by the spike we’ve been experiencing in home prices.

One of my old clients stopped by late this morning to visit about the rental she’s having cleaned up and readied for her next tenant. I did mention that I’ll be showing it this weekend to an out-of-town prospect who’d submitted an application over the weekend. I have a feeling he’s going to like it which will be a good thing because it seems the more applications we get, the more disappointed other prospects become when finding they’d not been chosen. It’s interesting when one has clearly posted, “no pets” and find that on their rental applications they have listed a pet or two. I guess people just skim instead of reading the entirety of advertisements.

After having dropped my cell phone yesterday where I shouldn’t have, I’m afraid I’ll be purchasing a new one more sooner than later. I’m not sure how old it is, but certainly more than a year, and when I do go searching for one similar, they’ll have everything changed to a point of it being unrecognizable. The evolution of today’s cellphones have become far too tailored to the the hundreds of apps and social medias, and not for the tried and true basics of making phone calls and text messaging. Yes, they truly have become hand-held computers.

One of my friends emailed me a word which I’d not seen before, and at first glance it appeared to be German, but when reading its meaning, it’s become another Germanic word that’s now part of our dictionary. Weltschmerz in German would translate as “world pain” or “pain of the world”, but the English meaning is a feeling of melancholy and world-weariness. There’s no question that in these times, there’s likely a very many people suffering from bouts of weltschmerz, and when visiting this afternoon with a carpet cleaner, I’d say he’s showing many of its signs.

As many times I’ve used him over the years, I’d say today’s visit was a clear example of how our society is changing. We likely don’t notice such changes with those we interact with on a daily basis because we slowly grow accustomed to those changes to where we’ve unknowingly acclimated, but when having an encounter with someone you haven’t seen in several years, that’s when it’s glaringly noticeable.

Yes, this pandemic along with our general elections coming up are certainly having visible effects on the public, and if it doesn’t start getting better, I’m afraid everyone’s nerves will be frayed to breaking points, and that’s when things are going to get really ugly.

Just today when visiting with a buyer at a showing, I was shocked to find how cavalier he was about the bloated costs for repairs and improvements on that property to where I was compelled to challenge him because of the outlandish costs he was continually spewing. Normally I don’t become argumentative because all of us in sales have learned, the customer is always right, or so they say. While walking out I couldn’t help saying, “Well, when you’ve had the opportunity to eat an elephant, you’ll then know what it takes to eat one.” I’m not sure if he fully understood the meaning, but at least I did do a little of my kicking back. Creating a fight is easy, but finishing one is another.

What really gets me, is finding people of such mentalities paying way more than a property is worth, and only because they neither want to, or know how to make improvements themselves, and in the end, they end up buying rickety “lipsticked pigs”.
As I was driving back to my office, the only thought about that encounter was it being one big waste of my time. Unfortunately I’m afraid his thought processes were age and entitlement related. Wouldn’t you like to borrow someone’s silver spoon for only a day just to know what it feels like?

Tonight’s one-liner is: The greatest achievement of the human spirit, is to live up to one’s opportunities and make the most of one’s resources.

Joe Chodur

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