A Good Look Up

Another beautiful day unfolded in spite of it being a bit cooler than yesterday’s, but I did remind myself we’re already ten days into October. You have no idea how much I’m enjoying this beautiful weather, and I dare say we’ve had a good stretch of it and still looking good on into next week until Thursday begins another cooling trend.

I was at office early again this morning just to get some much needed desk work done which a closing agent was asking to have emailed to her as soon as possible. It could have waited until Monday, but I just wanted to make sure she’d have it waiting for her when she arrived at work. With all of these abstracting and title work bottlenecks of late, I certainly don’t want to have people thinking I’m part of any such slowdowns.

With those nasty chiggers on a burn these recent days, I made sure to change my clothes and drive out to a property to get the bulk of its windows washed before it warmed up enough to where those little devils would be back at it again. You can bet I was washing those exterior windows like a maniac just so I wouldn’t get nailed by them. Luckily I managed to get all of them cleaned before they started taking flight.

Being the natural light lover I am, I’m very much in disbelief how few people keep their windows washed at least once a year. I personally prefer twice, but that goes right back to my insistence on having clear-view windows. Most don’t even know it, but I personally have the front windows at my office washed every other week by a company I’ve been using for a number of years. Perhaps that’s why the potted plants in my front window continue to flourish.

Speaking of plants, I heard from the person whom I’d given my fourteen year old avocado to over a month ago, and only calling to say how well it’s doing in its new digs. Thank goodness I finally found someone who’d take it because I really didn’t want something bad to happen to it. That tree had been pruned back so many times to where I can only imagine how big it would’ve been if planted outdoors and given all the space and nourishment it needed to grow from its very beginnings. I’ll not be surprised if it has avocados on it next year. I don’t think I’ll be growing anymore avocados from seed as it was only my experiment to see if I could get one to grow, and I did.

I received an email this morning from one of my readers who found that there was something amiss with the workings of my website. I managed to get it fixed late this afternoon, and eternally thankful to the person who’d alerted me because it was an error in an upgrade which was somehow missed. With that said, I would greatly appreciate any of you calling or emailing me if you should find something not being right with my website because in these times, all the more people are doing their searches on the web which is the main reason I prefer all information supplied being correct.

While washing those windows, I was starting to connect the dots regarding the way in which many people barricade themselves indoors while at home. Just for kicks, drive up and down a number of residential streets over a weekend and begin counting how many people have their windows covered during the day. I’m sure it’ll surprise you because almost all of us have grown accustomed to it.

What I then began thinking about, was how much more detached people are from society in general and most likely due to this growing internet addiction which is also a pandemic of sorts. I’d been after a certain person for years to quit being plugged into the medias so much to where I finally gave up because the addiction is too deeply ingrained, so I just as well save my breath to cool the soup. The only concern I have for such people, are the long-term meta-physical effects they’ll be suffering as they grow older.

If there’s yet another ray of sunshine coming out of this pandemic when it’s finally over, is the returning of many to the basics which have so long ago been forgotten. I challenged a young woman several days ago when saying, “Ok, you work an eight hour job, you sleep eight hours, so what constructive/productive things are you doing the other eight?” I sure got a good sass back when she said, “Most people definitely aren’t like you.” After walking away I thought, “Hmm. I never in my entire life considered myself anything special or out of the ordinary, but I guess times really are changing and just maybe I am a dinosaur.”

My public open house over at 12 S. Willowgreen Court could’ve been better, but at least I did have two people show up. I’m about ready to start twirling the beads to get that sold, and perhaps even offer a bonus to all of my Realtor colleagues if they’d manage to bring a buyer to the table. With it now being priced so low, there’s absolutely no excise it’s still be on the market, yet I’m sure part of the reason, is this China-virus which doesn’t seem to want to go away. Please put the word out for me and my seller.

While driving past that new apartment complex south of the mall, I couldn’t help noticing the overly steep grade there’ll be once they have their sod laid. Unless I was looking at it from the wrong angle, there’s going to be one heck of a steep slope from that building’s foundation to the sidewalk. If it is as steep as it looks, there’ll soon be some wash-outs come next Spring when our rains arrive. It almost looks like they’ll be needing to build a retaining wall in that low area. It’ll be interesting to see how many of their tenants will be using those balconies on the highway side because all the drivers-by will be getting a good “look up” as they’re rounding that killer curve. I hope they keep themselves dressed appropriately because “rubber-necking” on that curve could be a disaster in the making. Do patent leather shoes really reflect up?

Tonight’s one-liner is: Everyone is born sincere and die deceivers.

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