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It sure ended up being one heck of a beautiful day with the bright sun and warming temperatures which makes for one more day we didn’t have to run either our air conditioners or furnaces. While speaking of furnaces, please make sure you all get your furnace filters changed out before they’ll be running at full speed after our real cold has arrived. I’ve told many that the cleaner your furnace filters are, the more smoothly they’ll run, along with enjoying cleaner air in their homes.

The time I arrived at my office this morning will possibly go down as being the earliest I’ve been there all year, and the reason I wanted to get at office so early, was to have all of my monthly accounting done in one felled swoop, as well as paying all the bills that’ve been piling up this past week. I was a bit concerned there would be at least one error I’d have to go digging for, but lucky for me, they all balanced to the penny. I may have to start creating a habit of going in very early to do what I did this morning because there were absolutely no distracting noises coming from ringing phones, walk-ins, or loud vehicles driving down the street.

After getting my office accounting done, I proceeded to work on a very thick sale file which was set to close at 4:00 p.m. today. That particular listing has been my “problem child” from the time I listed it, and unfortunately I “knew” at the time what size of snake pit I was about to be crawling down into.

That particular tenant at will, did everything he could possibly do to keep it from selling, but a resolute determination on my part, was enough to get it finally under contract. Unfortunately he didn’t leave the home in very good condition which created even more of a burden on the owner who had to have a dumpster delivered and then start pitching. I usually forget the names of tenants after a while, but that particular person’s, will be burned into my memory. I have absolutely no time for those who consider themselves victims of society when knowing fully well, all of their problems were self-induced.

There’s another gent who now comes to mind and likely 70 years old by now, and suffering from physical issues which again were self-induced by his many years of abusing his body with all those nasty things people freely give entrance to their bodies. What really gets me, is how several of his siblings pamper him like an unfortunate child, and believe you me, he sucks it all in. I figure if someone freely and willingly picks their “poison”, then they should own up to it and suffer the consequences because nearly all of them know from the get-go, there’ll be a time when their day of reckoning arrives.

I decided to have another public open house over at 12 S. Willowgreen Court this coming Saturday afternoon, so I went out and placed signs this morning as an alert to all those drivers-by. There’s got to be some older person or professional out in our market who’ll see the real value it offers. I noticed today that the neighbor had a big ash tree removed which now gives my listing more front-yard sunshine. I like trees very much, but when they’re shading everything in sight, it’s time to start thinning them out. Just recently I drove past a home where the owner was working on raising the canopies of his trees along with getting rid of excess shrubbery. I actually had to do a rubber-neck because of how much it’s changed the overall look of his homesite. When planting trees and shrubs, we must always have the mindset of our yards appearing “park-like” to where each tree and shrub is able to make its own statement.

I received two offers on my Raven acreage today, and after presenting them to the seller, he rejected one, and then countered on the other. I have to give those buyers credit for hanging in there because they were the first to offer on it way back when I listed it, and since then, we’ve had at least five other offers which were either too low in price, or questionable regarding a given buyer’s ability to get financed. They’re coming pretty close to being together on price, so perhaps I may have another property sold this week. The buyers are planning on building a new home on that near-forested site which will look like it’s always been there if they clear out just the right number of trees. For sure they’ll be doing some serious burning of brush and limbs, but at least they’ll be able to pick and choose what goes and what stays.

Those nasty black walnut trees are starting to take over more of Mason City because I’ve been seeing all the many sprouting up, and especially in the yards of unkempt rental properties. They are very much a nuisance to where when big enough, will poison the soil with their roots for years. You certainly don’t want to have a garden planted anywhere near walnut trees because they will not do well at all. Those mangy squirrels sure like to freely plant their nuts everywhere they shouldn’t, and while showing a home last week, I noticed a squirrel burying one about a foot from that home’s foundation. There’ll be another sprouting next Spring if that little varmint forgot where he planted it. I’m still in disbelief how many I see running around in our downtown’s Historic District.

My 4:00 p.m. closing happened, and in spite of my fears of there being a last-minute intervening circumstance, it just so happened to have a very soft landing. Yeah! Fortunately the agents involved managed to keep their cools and get thru a few un-foreseen issues. When I picked up my sign, I looked up at that exceptionally well-built mid-century ranch and said, “If you didn’t have that naughty monkey tenant inside, you would’ve sold for much more.” That whole fiasco went down in my book as being a glaring example of the costly problems tenant-occupied homes can create after being listed for sale. I delivered the check to the seller and thanked her again for being a real trooper thru it all. There’s no question everyone involved will be sleeping all the better tonight.

Tonight’s one-liner is: To possess taste, one must have some soul.

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