The Lowered Angle

I most certainly didn’t like finding frost again this morning, and when seeing it nearly everywhere, I’d say it was colder last night than it was when waking up to it on Friday morning. Our overnight temps aren’t supposed to be any colder than 40 degrees tonight, so I went ahead and uncovered my plants, and unfortunately the tops of them got burned but the rest of them seemed fine thus far. When living in unprotected lowlands, the damage a light frost can do is far more devastating than in the uplands.

With it being Sunday morning, I went to my little quiet corner to do some deep contemplative prayer/reflection which was much needed because of the number of impure thoughts I’ve harbored for others this past week. Because we’re living in an exceptionally selfish and “all about me” world, it’s become the vogue to say and do what all the more are considering acceptable. Unfortunately it affects me to where I’m not always truly wishing the best for everyone which is not normally part of my character. Not to worry, after finishing my extra-long session of spiritual cleansing, I’m pretty much back up to where I was before it all started up again last Monday. I’m staying hopeful this coming week will not be handing me another plate of disappointments.

After finishing up with my Sunday religious duties, I changed my clothes and went to work on a project which should be finished in a week or two. I did manage to stay focused on one area to where in a four hour time frame, I was able to get an entire area the way I wanted it, which leaves me with only two others, and then I’ll be finished.

With today’s time moving so quickly, I managed to get to my office early enough to where I could get changed out of my work clothes and properly dressed for my 3:00 p.m. appointment with a seller to sign transfer docs. Once that property is closed, I’ll certainly miss her visits because we’ve been making comparisons on the dynamics of families containing more that three children. I mentioned how much I appreciated our conversations because they’ve helped when knowing others have gone thru similar trials.

I couldn’t help getting a few good laughs when we were speaking of the likes and dis-likes of certain foods. I was in disbelief the subject of sauerkraut managed to come up, and her mentioning how she always likes the smell of it but would never eat it which is the way she also feels about coffee to where she likes the smell of it cooking, but will never drink it. After visiting with her, I’d say all the many Americans are not eating enough fruits and vegetables. I’m beginning to think I’m an exception to the rule considering I eat far more fruits and veggies than most, and it’s not that I’m a health freak because I do like the taste of them.

Since I have an old patch of horseradish which I haven’t dug in more years than I care to admit, I’ve been reminding myself that I must get some dug before the hard frost arrives because I do like using it on certain meats, and especially when it’s mixed with mayonnaise. Roast beef with a side of ketchup along with a horseradish/mayonnaise mixture is to die for. Just now speaking of it, is causing my mouth to water.

By the time she left, I’d found we spent a good hour visiting, so I figured I’d call it quits for the day and head out to the groceteria to pick up a few things before heading home. Having been doing a good share of cleaning of late, I found myself running low on ammonia which has always been my “go to” for any surfaces with oily films on them which includes windows, so I grabbed a bottle while there. I believe washing windows this Fall is going to be a bit more difficult because of how much dirtier our atmosphere has been, and due to the fires in California and Siberia. I still swear our vehicles have been getting dusted with it which as we all know, ash creates oily films.

I’ll not forget the time an old chimney was opened up so to run a high efficiency furnace vent pipe up and out of it. That worker had no idea the mess he created when he opened the ash pit door. It was like a gray fog in that basement which took forever to settle, and subsequently everything had to be wiped down with a grease-cutting soap and water. Thank goodness that basement wasn’t finished or he would’ve been in big trouble. You gotta had it to some of our younger generation for not having much of a clue regarding chimney soot.

I remember a very many years ago the time I helped take out an old brick chimney which hadn’t been used in years. That ordeal was an all-day job where each sooty brick was taken out and handed down to another, one at a time. I think it took us days to get all that soot cleaned up, and the curious of things, is no matter how careful one is not to disturb the mortar and brick too much, it still manages to become airborne.

While driving home I noticed a herd of deer numbering about eight running near our graveyard which reminded me that once the leaves have fallen and our corn and beans are out, we’re going to be seeing even more of them. Their breeding season is near, so get ready for next year’s even greater population of suburban deer. I’m surprised our big car insurance companies aren’t lobbying our State to lengthen deer hunting season along with raising their bag limits. I know many would like our State to be more like it was before the settlers first arrived, but they have to remember deer and all the many more of our wild creatures, are making themselves quite comfortable in our State’s suburbias.

It sound like we’re going to have a beautiful week of weather, so try getting outdoors and enjoy because in about two months, we’ll be heading straight into another North Iowa winter. Even though our days are shorter, I do savor the lowered angle of our sun.

Tonight’s one-liner is: To execute great things, one should live as though one would never die.

Joe Chodur

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