Finicky Eaters

Oh how I didn’t like the looks of our first over-night frost of the season while driving to work this morning. Our City got much colder than I was expecting because there was even frost on the windshields of cars parked in the Downtown. Oh well, I’m afraid this is the first of many to come, so we might just as well get used to it and focus on enjoying our beautiful Fall days.

I’m certainly glad I covered up as many plants as I could because they would’ve been badly burned by that frost. I’ll be leaving them covered up with my collection of old cotton sheets I’ve saved for just such uses. Over the years, my old sheets have been put to many tasks like covering furniture when re-modeling or painting, wrapping something being carried in a vehicle so it wouldn’t get scratched, and even in the yard when you have a pile of leaves to be carried to a compost bin or burning pile, and my list goes on. Back when I was young and worked for a very elderly woman, she’d have me rake the leaves on an old sheet, pull up all four corners which created an over the shoulder sack, and then carry them to a burning pile she had readied. She was very old, but filled with vintage ingenuities. Have you ever heard of “candling” a jar?

I was forced to stick around at a house and wait for an Alliant Energy technician to turn the gas on, and for the most annoying reason, they always give a silly two hour time slot in which they’ll be arriving. When the “hefty” finally showed up, he moved like a tortoise and most definitely on the “thick” side. My first wicked thought was of him spending more time drinking coffee and dunking donuts than he was working, and of course he had to have a face full of man-hair. I just don’t get what this excessive facial hair is all about because there can’t be that many men who’re emulating the Duck Dynasty clan because I’ve always considered that show all “quacked” up.

With some time to spare, I paged thru a tried and true Jewish cookbook a dear friend of mine gifted me some weeks ago. What I found most interesting, was discovering some of them similar to a number of the “passed down” Germanic recipes my mother would use. The most fascinating one, was the sauerkraut soup recipe which called for similar ingredients my mother used, but also calling for garlic, a pound of tomato juice, a half cup of brown sugar, and six ginger snap cookies. Those cookies sounded like a real twist on any sort of soup recipe. The next time I make it, I’ll be adding garlic and tomato juice, while omitting the brown sugar and ginger snaps.

One thing I’ve not mentioned about that soup, is that it really does help to get your intestines back to working full-time. I’ve said enough times, that if you feel like you have a “clog”, make yourself some sauerkraut soup and your clog will get itself moved on thru. When I was at a gathering last year which First Citizen’s Bank was sponsoring, they had the most wonderful old-fashioned sauerkraut with caraway seed in it. I think I ate more sauerkraut than anything else they were serving. I couldn’t help laughing at one of our “star” Realtors who happened to be seated next to me because she was turning up her nose at what I was enjoying. I finally said to her, “Don’t you like kraut?” I was shocked when she said, “No I haven’t because I can’t even stand the smell of it.” I thought that was odd because she’s certainly filled with Germanic blood. There are certain foods I don’t particularly like the smell of, but their taste is much better than their smell. Just for the show show, I do think some enjoy playing the part of finicky eaters.

I did manage to get a sale put together today which I’ve been working on since last Sunday, and when after my buyers did their final initialing, I dare say they’re very happy about getting it purchased. All we can do now, is hope their inspections go well to where there’ll not be any big issues with it and then in need of re-negotiating the price.

When hearing about the sudden tragic death of the wife of a husband and wife team of home inspectors, I was once again reminded how the hand of fate can snuff a person out without notice. She lived with her husband on their family farm up in Worth County and from what it sounded like, she must’ve fallen and hit her head in the haymow shortly after the last bale was hoisted up and in. What a tragically unfortunate happening.

I’m still in a bit of shock that our President Trump along with our First Lady were tested positive with the China-virus, and from what I heard this last hour, he’s now in hospital. I hope he doesn’t have any serious complications and gets thru it. From here on out, you can be sure he’ll not be of the belief that it’s not as bad as it sounds, because I personally know some who’ve had some serious health issues created after contracting it. That virus is definitely something not to be taken lightly, and I wish our younger crowd would realize it and conduct themselves accordingly during this pandemic.

When looking at our skyscape tonight, I noticed some bands of clouds moving in which should be a big help in keeping our overnight temps higher than last. I know they talked about rain earlier, but I do hope it won’t arrive tomorrow afternoon while I’m at my public open house over at 115 S. Connecticut. Oh how I wish the buyers for it would arrive soon. It makes me crazy when thinking how many close calls we’ve had on getting it sold. Now that 415 – 1st St. SE is sold, there’s no longer another competing listings for it in our Crescent of Culture. I’ll be sure to take something with me to read while seated atop my favorite window bay in its living room.

I happened to walk thru a home today where there’d been tenants living for about three years, and when I stepped into the bathroom and looked at its bathtub, I was fully disgusted to see they’d likely not cleaned that tub/shower enclosure since moving in. The first thing I thought was, “They’d rubbed more on themselves than off.” Very scary!

Tonight’s one-liner is: We confess our little faults as a persuasion we have no big ones.

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