Mumsimus Mentalities

I couldn’t believe how warm it was outside so early this morning which meant it was above average all night. One would think being on the down-side of our month of September, the nights would be much cooler, but I’m not complaining.

When I arrived at my office this morning, I grabbed a sold sign and drove out to the home I closed on yesterday and placed it in their yard. Since we didn’t have final loan approval until several days before, I thought it best to wait until we had it closed. Of course both myself and the listing agent have to wait days for our commission checks to be mailed from that closing company in Cedar Rapids. I didn’t ask my buyer, but I think by the time it was all over, she was wishing she’d went with a local lender.

I had three appointments which nearly consumed my entire morning, and the first one being my meeting with a contractor to give me a bid on some work that needed to be done, and of course he wasn’t a minute early. While walking thru that house and garage, I was once again reminded how absolutely lazy our so-called “entitled ones” are when it comes to simply basic household chores most don’t bat an eye at keeping up. After all these years of seeing what I’ve seen, I’m of the belief such mentalities start from a young age, and usually fostered by overly-enabling parents. I’m just glad I didn’t have any sort of up upbringing like that, because I’m perfectly fine with pulling my own weight.

I share this little story from my past with a few, just to give an example of how our society has changed. Back when I was very young, we’d have family reunions at least once a year which usually took place at a designated site where there’d be enough room for everyone to enjoy themselves. One of those reunions happened to be at my grandparents’ farm which made for that particular gathering to be a big one.

Of course curious me always had to be at the elbow of someone telling a story, and the one which struck me the most, was listening to my grandmother telling in a near-whisper voice, an older lady sitting beside her about some person who had to go “On the County” which at the time, caused me to wonder what exactly “going on the county” meant because whatever it was, had to have been very bad and/or shameful.

When we arrived back home, one of the first questions I asked my mother was, “What does go on the County mean?” She looked down at me and asked in a concerned voice, “Where did you hear that?” I proceeded to tell her I heard my grandmother telling another lady about someone going on the County. With a sigh of relief she proceeded to tell me that “Going on the County” was when someone was so poor, they’d have to go to a County office to get money so they could feed themselves along with their families.
After getting a bit of an understanding, I then said, “It must be something people don’t like to talk about because grandma was whispering it to that lady.” Of course she felt I’d had enough of an information over-load by abruptly changing the subject.

Not long after that, I would hear that same line being used on occasion which always had a negative impact on the listeners which for some reason seemed worse that if someone had been caught doing something unmentionable. Yes, there was quite the stigma associated with “Going on the County” back then, which I believe caused most to do just about anything to never allow themselves to be in such situations.

Reeling forward to these times, we find far too many signing up for every form of assistance there is, just so they don’t have to work at something they don’t like, and unfortunately it’s become generational because I personally know a handful of families who’ve taken advantage of all the government freebies within their familial generations.

After visiting with an old colleague about it today, she believes our State and Federal Governments make it too easy to get plugged into the system, and then all the harder to get off because the benefits from working an entry-level job, doesn’t match those supplied by our government entitlement programs. Since our middle class is on its way out, who’s going to be left to pay for that bloated program?

Isn’t it funny how times have changed where getting government benefits back when I was young, was worse that hearing about someone being caught having sex in a ditch.  Of course when it comes to shame, it looks like there isn’t much of it left when seeing too many of those vulgar posts on our social medias.

I did manage to get the Raven acreage reduced down to $69,500 which should be enough of a reduction to get a bona fide buyer to step forward. As far as I’m concerned, that acreage is a diamond in the rough for the fact that someone with money and plans, will turn that five acre homesite into a real beauty that’ll command that country corner.  With all these California people buying property here, I’ll hope its buyer is one of them.

I’m hosting a public open house at 114 – 11th St. NE this Saturday afternoon, and with luck, I may be able to get someone who can see past what’s there, and envision what that rock-solid home would look like when finished. Those two blocks of Eleventh St. NE have beautiful well-maintained homes on it, and my listing just so happens to be sandwiched between two of them.

You’ve likely never heard the word mumsimus which is another little put down you could use whenever finding someone continuously holding fast to silly notions. I’m sure you’re finding all the more annoying mumsimus mentalities in these times. Right?

Tonight’s One-liner is: In most of mankind, gratitude is merely a secret hope for future favors.

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