Ultracrepidarian Voices

Yet an even earlier day began with arriving at my office long before sunrise, and glad for it because I had additional desk work to attend to as well as getting some bills paid which recently arrived. In spite of it still being dark outdoors, I once again found it aid in focusing on the tasks before me. I’ve always been able to work faster and oft-times errorless whenever there’s no audio or visual disturbances in my space, which has been something that’s followed me since I can remember, and whenever any continued distractions would be taking place, I’d simply walk away from what I was doing until the area was again quiet.

After finishing, I placed a call to a dear one who I’ve not spoken with in many weeks and figured it time to give her a ring to see how she was doing. Our visits are always thought provoking, comical, and filterless which I greatly appreciate because it’s always a welcome relief from the unctuous chatter coming from competitive colleagues and cloaked jealousies of those insisting they’re wishing the best for me. So many times people who could care less about me, will so often say as their lead-in lines on phone calls, “Hey Joe, how are you?” My knee-jerk answer is nearly always, “I’m fine.”, and then a second or two of dead silence occurs until they realize I wasn’t going to ask the same question. It’s sadly funny when thinking about how often people will ask us such questions when we’re near 100% sure they could care less how we are. I assure you if I would ever ask during a phone conversation how someone is, it would be a valid question worthy of an honest answer.

If there’s yet one more positive thing that’s come out of this China-virus, is our no longer shaking the hands of every Tom, Dick and Harry that comes along. There are several business people who’ve pushed my buttons to the point of insisting I shake their hands and when asked why not, my answer is something like, “I don’t like you and you already know why, so why should I shake your hand?” The most recent ones have yet to reach their arms out to me with hands extended which has been one more relief. Please don’t think me terrible because I could’ve said, “I’m not shaking your hands because Heaven only knows where they’ve been.” Now that would’ve been downright wicked of me.

I’m still patiently waiting for that out of town mortgage company to get my buyer’s loan closed, and thank goodness the buyer is a very kind, gentle, and patient person which is a rarity in these times of, “I want it now!” On my way home, the contact person called me on my cell saying we’re set for tomorrow. We’ll see.

What I thought would be an hour’s duty this morning, ended up being over two hours which made me nearly late for my 11:00 a.m. appointment with a dear friend/client/customer. After having created a game plan, we had a nice visit about today’s political landscape, and since we’ve known each other for a great many years, we spoke about these single item platforms which have polluted the minds of millions to where they care only about one thing, yet forget about all the other nasties that’ve taken place on both sides of our political spectrum. I personally despise this crossing-over of what was the old standard of never mixing Church and State, and being one of our principles since our Country was created. It’s worked just fine since it was founded, so why mess with it now? Thank goodness I managed to have conversations with two like-minded people today which gave me comfort in knowing I’m not alone and certainly not bat-shite crazy like those I’ve been encountering, and unfortunately, their numbers are growing. If you looking for real facts, always cross-check and double-reference.

When watching a cute little clip today, I learned a new word which is ultracrepidarian. Now if you look up its meaning, you’re sure to start using it on all the many you find yourselves arguing with over things they have little if any knowledge, yet continuing their babble as though they’re the subject’s experts. Certainly you’re thinking of a few right now, so be prepared to begin kicking back at their mindless ultracrepidarian voices.

If only I had a dollar for all the minutes I had to listen to either buyers or sellers telling me all the rules and regulations of buying and selling homes, and then after they’d gone breathless, I’d end up correcting many of their misconceived notions which sometimes would follow with a few people getting loud, obnoxious, and then walking away.

I’ll never forget as long as I live the afternoon I challenged a “thug” seller when saying, “I can’t take any photos of the interior of your garage.” Of course that’s when the “old bull” started in on me to where I finally had to walk away. Now tell me truthfully, would any normal un-oppressed female feel warm and cozy while viewing an over-priced home that had a half dozen or more stuffed deer heads glaringly hanging on walls thru-out the house, and then walking into its garage and see near life-size girlie prints tacked on every blank wall? In spite of my sincere reasons for objecting to them, I was wrong and he was right. I know you could’ve said it was “Bud” talking, but “Bud” near-always brings out un-filtered truths in humans. What can I say?

It sounds like my agent Brandon Neve already has an offer on the home he just listed, and I hope they can get it put together which will be one more sale under his belt. When visiting with him, it sounded like the other agent’s buyer has all his financial ducks in a row and not working with another out-of-town mortgage company. Yeah!

I returned a phone call to a dear old client who was sharing her recent experiences with one of our City’s insurance companies. After listening to her near-horror story, my advice was to quickly find a different agent and insurance carrier. I was almost speechless when she told me how much her yearly premiums were. What a rip off!

Tonight’s one-liner is: To know how to hide one’s ability is great skill.

Joe Chodur

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