You’re Gonna get Eaten

Another beautiful day in North Iowa happened and it looks like they’ll going to continue on into next week which as I mentioned before, is going to be a blessing for our late gardens. While driving to work early this morning, there were at least ten deer grazing at the top of the embankments across the street from Elmwood Cemetery, which sent a bolt of hatred thru me when remembering what those nefarious creatures did to my little garden. I hope they all end up in someone’s spicy deer sausage and if they have more of a peppery and San Marzano tomato taste, it was them that were feeding on my veggies. In some sort of deer language, there should be signs erected near our gardens saying, “If you eat, you’re gonna get eaten.”

It was such a whirlwind day that I’d say there wasn’t a ten minute interval where I could just sit back and take a deep breath. Yes, we are still in the midst of these feeding frenzies of buyers which more sooner or later is going to come to a screeching halt.

I was glad to have had all my pressing duties completed before my 8:30 appointment arrived, and of course that took much longer than I’d expected to where I was almost late getting to a building I needed to have opened for another Realtor’s showing.

I don’t even want to think about all the hours I’ve spent with some buyers, because if I did, I’d say I’d run into high dollar negatives, and what deeply troubles me at times, is the fact most buyers not having the slightest clue regarding how much time I’ve freely given to them, and if the “market winds” aren’t blowing exactly in the directions they want, they jump ship and then out licking out of another Realtor’s bowl or even secretly looking at FSBO’s without giving it the slightest of second thoughts.

When thinking back over the years, I’d say we are definitely living in the “all about me” times where it’s to the Devil with anyone who’s not there to give them what they want “Now!”, and what I believe is the driving force, is the polarizing of our Country to where if you’re not of exact mindsets, you’re considered nothing but a free tool to be used for their selfish desires.

I always have to laugh to myself whenever another professional mentions how much time he or she freely spent with certain clients who’d jumped ship for another. My internal humor is knowing fully-well they’re thinking of maybe an hour or two of lost hourly income, when in comparison, it’s not unusual for a Realtor to have spent a total of 30 or 40 hours time with a customer and then find they’d been cast off. Now let’s back up, because oft times buyers think we do no preparations before and after showings. For me, the most internally angering part of such scenarios, is the fact that I really do work at doing a good job for my clients and customers, yet still being able to send all that negativity down while wishing such ship-jumpers everything they truly deserve.

One of my afternoon appointments was with an elderly couple who’re thinking about moving out of the home they’ve lived in for over 40 years. I spent some time looking everything over, and since I’ve known the husband for many years, I spoke freely about things they may want to think about doing, and others to be left for the buyers. They’re just in the thinking stage which will give me time to see what’s available in our market. I did tell them that it would likely sell quickly, but not sure if the right home would be on the market for them when it did. Just to protect themselves from being on the street, I suggested they put a “subject-to purchase” clause in their listing contract. It would be a hellish nightmare for everyone involved if they sold it and had no where to go.

I went out and placed my open house signs out at 12 S. Willowgreen Court for this coming Saturday’s open. It looks like the weather is going to be pleasant, so I’m hoping for a good turn-out because that under-priced unit has got to get sold. Please put the word out because for some reason, it seems to be under the radar.

Late this afternoon I received a price reduction on 902 – 1st St. SE which brings it now down to $63,500.00. Knowing that neighborhood as well as I do, the price of it is far less than the average sale prices in the Grandview Addition. It’s almost getting down into the buying universe of our investors and flippers. Oh if I were a first-time buyer, I’d be turning that home into a showplace, and since it’s not that large, it wouldn’t be a daunting project to where it would be turned around in less than six months of “off the grid” weekends. Of course that’s if we could find a young buyer or two out there who’re not checking their smartphones every five minutes.

Speaking of smartphones, I would love for all of you to pay closer attention to how many times people you randomly encounter over the course of a day, and start counting the number of times they’re looking at or playing with them. For some reason, I’ve become hyper-aware of these happenings to the point I automatically start counting in my mind how many times they’re doing it in my presence. If you do decide to start noticing and counting, you’ll have the same jaw-drops I’ve been having and then come to the realization of how we’ve all become so used to them to the point they’re simply ignored as being another appendage of bodies. It’s very scary when you think about it.

While visiting with an old friend today who’s getting more addicted to her “Smartie”, I reminded her that cellphone addiction is number one on the list of all addictions, and if you don’t believe me, do a little research. This troubling rise in smartphone addiction is why I only use my cellphone for calling and texting. I do have internet on it, but rarely if ever use it just to keep myself from being sucked into such nonsense.

Tonight’s one-liner is: Most of our faults are more pardonable than the means we use to conceal them.

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