On a Slow Boat

Oh what a beautiful morning it was with the most comfortable pre-dawn temps along with the serpentine ground fog slowly moving across our lowland landscapes. I’m eternally happy we’re having these warm days because there’s a great deal of catching up to do with our area’s vegetable growers. The extended drought we had, set many of our late summer crops back a number of weeks because when it got so dry, that’s all those plants were doing were creating shut-downs of growth just so to stay alive. I’m sure with the recent rains, they’re now playing catch up.

From the time I arrived at my office, I found myself immersed in a constant state of motion with phone calls, emails, faxing, scanning, and composition. Of course whenever there’s something time-critical, I’m on it even sooner. One of the duties I had was to fill in all the respective blanks on a hand-full of transfer docs, review them, and then scan and email them off to an out-of-town seller just so he could print them out, go before a notary and sign them, and then hand them off to a relative who’ll be driving back to our area and deliver them to me.

All the while I was doing that, I was responding to text messages from a customer regarding homes she wanted to see today along with looking them up in our MLS, printing the information sheets out, and then setting appointments for her to look at them.

The remainder of my morning was spent showing those properties which I figured would be a waste of time because my buyer already had in her mind the one she wants to buy, and likely only doing some comparative shopping before pulling the trigger. Of course I had my filters off again this morning when sharing my personal opinions regarding the one she is so desperately smitten by. I just as well had saved my breath to cool the soup because there was no wavering with her starry-eyed thoughts about it.

The biggest peeve I have with buyers recently, is their refusal to look at the bones of a given home, but instead being mesmerized by all the glitz some of our market-savvy sellers place in their homes to create illusions of “comfy-cozy”. I guess I’ve grown exceptionally jaded whenever it has to do with looking past the fantasies of a home and “seeing” the hard truths contained within which almost always appear diminished or even camouflaged with all that HDTV garbage. Oh well, I usually have my say, so if I sell one of them, I walk away from the closing table knowing they’ve been cautioned.

My early afternoon appointment was to meet with a contractor out at a clients home to measure for some windows she’s wanting to get replaced before placing it on the market.  Since she doesn’t live in our City, I felt obliged to take her place out at the house. While he was measuring, we talked about the quality of windows in these times, and he said the best thing to do, is investigate how tight they fit, along with looking to see how strong their weather seals are which made sense to me because I’m still reeling over my purchasing of some “mid-priced” windows at Menard’s which leak more air than the over 100 year old ones they replaced. What shocked me the most, was being told those windows would likely take seven to eight weeks to get here. Of course I had to interject, “I’m sure they must be coming on a slow boat from China.” But his reason being which sounded logical, is the fact that many of our manufacturers don’t have the help they need due to this China-virus scare. I’m sure he’s right because I’ve heard enough stories about people in North Iowa randomly calling their employers saying they weren’t going to work that day because they didn’t “feel” well. I understand if they’re truly sick, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s just reasons to stay home.

Another surprise regarding this slow supply chain we’re having, was finding the overhead garage door another seller had to order just so we can get a loan requirement filled, would take four to five weeks to get here. Of course I had to call the owner, as well as the selling Realtor to break the news and believe me, they were not happy campers. Once again, the excuse was the shortage of workers in America. What are all these able-bodied and healthy people doing in these times? Watching Youtube videos?

I had to meet with a seller to get her listing extended today who happens to be the most kind and gentle-hearted person I’ve crossed paths with in months. Since she’s been staying home more because of this coronavirus, I spent a little extra time visiting with her regarding our Country’s current events. We both agreed that we need to place in lock-down all our Senators and Representatives and not let them out until they’ve learned to work together for the good of our States and Nation. She’s likely the first I’ve crossed paths with in months who feels nearly the same way I do about this rampant tribalism which is continually being stoked by all the crap being posted on our social medias. Like I said, “Just because it’s online, doesn’t mean it’s true.” Those minutes spent there were a much-need uplift for yours truly, and hopefully for her as well.

Since I was out and about, I thought I’d stop and check up on my private garden since I’d not been there for several days. When I got out of my car and walked over to those tomato plants, I instantly saw red when seeing what those deer had been up to in my absence. My God in Heaven! They’re now getting past the deer netting and partially eating those green tomatoes along with tramping down their vines. I then walked over to my pepper plants and was even more enflamed when seeing they’d snapped them off with one bite and then spit out on the ground. After seeing such willful destruction, I’ve now placed them in my “most hated” bucket. I swear if our City and State doesn’t do something about those vile creatures, they’re truly living in dream worlds.

Tonight’s one-liner is: In the case of news, we should always wait for the sacrament of confirmation.

Joe Chodur

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