Up to Their Ears

Before the sun came up and while on my way to the office this morning, I was driving past the new apartment house they’re building on what was once the lower parking lot of the mall, and as I was making that bend, something caught my eye so I looked toward the building, and wouldn’t you know it, there hunkered over a bit, was a man on a bicycle with something strapped on his back while looking at an item he’d picked up from the ground and investigating it with his cellphone light. The first thing I thought of, was one of the workers having inadvertently left lay some tool he was using the day before, and today’s backpacker found it.

The more I see what’s happening down on “the curve”, the more I believe it’s going to be a hotbed of accidents, thefts, and a high turn-over ratio. Someone mentioned something about giving it a year or two, and the whole character of that complex with be changing for the worse. It’s more than likely going to turn into a “one year only” spring-board for newbies to our area.

It normally stands to reason with new or upgraded apartments where the first three or four years being the golden years for the owners because they can “cherry-pick” stellar tenants from the lists of those wanting to move into something new and/or chic, but if the owners don’t keep them looking that way after the many ins and outs of tenants, they’ll be passed over for something better which is the reason why I remind landlords to keep their properties in above average condition for the reason being, tenants who’re the most desirable usually find something better. I’ll never forget the time I was helping a landlord rent a very nice home, and the only reason a 5 star prospect didn’t take it, was because its kitchen was carpeted. I’m sure his wife didn’t like the idea of trying to keep it clean as well as questioning how many spills and germs from others had soaked into it.

Getting back to that apartment complex, I can’t imagine what that parking lot is going to look like during the winter when we have blowing and drifting snow, and to think that garage door for its underground parking faces north. That would be the last direction I would put an overhead for underground parking. Can you imagine how much snow will be blowing in with that door being opened all the many times during the day and night?

I also recently noticed Bergland and Cram having done some additional painting on the exterior of their brick building across the street from the old Younkers. I have to give them credit in turning that once ugly building into a showplace. My hat goes off to their extended efforts. I hope they can find a long-term tenant for their 2nd Floor, but it’s all going to depend on what goes in that wretched mall. I’ve been holding off walking thru there because of all the nasty stories I’ve heard about the roof leaking, the dark hallways, and empty storefronts. As much as I would like to see that whole pipe dream become a financial success for our City, I’m afraid it’s going to be another repeat of what happened with its ownership years ago which continues to keep me wondering if it was built on cursed earth.

While showing that acreage this morning, I couldn’t help reminding the buyers of that “bad energy” acreage I’d shown them some months ago. That was another eye-opener when later finding out that a previous owner had some serious “spiritual” issues with it. The creepy-crazy thing about it was that I knew absolutely nothing about that place, but by the time I finished showing it, I felt as though I’d been physically and mentally drained. I distinctly remember when driving away, my looking up at the house and saying, “I don’t like you.”, and taking weeks later for me to understand why.

I made a quick stop over to my little garden this afternoon and once again I found those hated deer having been at those tomatoes all the more. I’m now quickly getting past the point of being mad, and moving in the direction of getting even. I’m soon going to set aside some time to do my deep investigating as to what must be done to keep them out. If I find the solution, I’ll be sure to share it with all of you.

I have an appointment tomorrow afternoon to look at, and possibly list an inexpensive home while remaining positive it’ll be in presentable condition, and if it isn’t, the pricing will be lowered accordingly because most of today’s buyers will not purchase something in need of extensive work.

I think with these recent over-night temps dropping and welcomed rains, are being a big help with the flea bite issues I’ve had this summer. I’ve also been all the more diligent in staying away from grassy areas where animals have been. Every time I see a squirrel or rabbit running around in the Downtown, the first thing I think of is how loaded-up they are with fleas. Have you ever watched a squirrel or rabbit long enough and counted how many times they scratch themselves? Well, they’re likely saturated up to their ears with fleas.

One of my dear clients mentioned how delightful his job of mowing his monster yard was today due of all the dragonflies that were following him around while on his tractor mower. I laughed and said, “Oh how I wish I were there because I’ve always loved seeing dragonflies since the time I was very young.” I went on to tell him that in certain cultures, dragonflies are harbingers of good luck. I’m sure mowing that grass was causing all the mosquitos to take flight which would’ve been their last if caught in the crosshairs of those dragonflies. I did tell him that while out mowing last Saturday morning, there was a granddaddy flying close to me. They really are beautiful insects.

Tonight’s one-liner is: Tyrants always have some slight shade of virtue; they support the laws before destroying them.

Joe Chodur

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