Circling Life’s Drain

It seems almost like magic in how once September 1st arrived, it suddenly feeling all the more like Fall, and for sure it was a bit more than chilly outside early this morning. Likely in a month’s time, I’ll be dressing a little heavier to keep the chill off whenever outdoors.

Another one of my recent listings sold which is making me wonder if I’m pricing them right, taking better photos, or being more narrative because there’ve now been two in a row selling in less than a week’s time. Perhaps I’ll have to put the word out to potential sellers regarding my office’s fast turn-around time.

The one listing I have which is beginning to make me crazy and not having yet sold, is 12 S. Willowgreen Court. We’ve had numerous open houses on it along with steep price reductions, but still no offers. I decided to host another public open house on it this coming Saturday, and going to keep my fingers crossed with it getting under contract. You’d think that high-end kitchen it has would be enough to get someone to pull their trigger.

I’ll be out in the hinterland tomorrow morning with another acreage showing which I’m afraid is going to be another fly-over because of how the listing agent presented it to appear online so much bigger, and the thanks to a fish-eyed camera lens. Oh well, at least it’ll be another comparable they’ll be able to refer back to while trying to come up with a home that’ll fit both their needs.

The acreage I have up on Raven Ave. in Northwood is another one that should’ve been under contract due to how close we’ve been in the coming together on price. I’m thinking once we get a cold snap, there’ll be more buyers wanting to get something purchased before the elections along with the seller being more reasonably-minded.  I only wish the buyer who’s been offering on it the most will come up just a little bit more to where I’ll be able to convince the seller to agree. I believe that particular buyer is the one who’d be able to make that place look like a million because of not only his financial ability, but also his experience in building homes. We’ll see.

I read a troubling article yesterday about how the used fabric market is drying up due to the under-cutting of prices the Chinese manufacturers of new materials is affecting those companies who’ve done a great service to our world by re-purposing natural fabrics for generations. What shocked me the most, was reading that the carbon footprint created by the farm to factory processes of new fabrics, creates more global warming over a year’s time than the combination of our world’s air and sea traffic. Now that’s one “yell” of a lot of pollution.

It was a coincidence having read it because just this past week I was visiting with someone about how all the charities like Goodwill, Affordables, and Salvation Army are no longer keen on taking used clothes, and if you happen to drive past the dumpster at Affordbles, you’d see exactly what I’m talking about. As far as I’m concerned, too many of us have more clothes which we never should’ve considered buying along with noticing in these times how quickly new clothing wears out. Not six months ago I purchased a new belt which was fairly expense, and wouldn’t you know, it’s already beginning to crack in some areas, and that’s not the first one having done it. If anyone even thinks we’re getting quality products out of China, they’re in denial.

Back a number of years ago, my dear mother used to love going to rummage sales, and sometimes would deliver to me dress clothes which she believed I’d wear, yet most were handed back with a kind, “No thank you.” Whenever she found something I really liked I’d say, “Did you get this out of a box of croakers?” Of course “croakers” were in the old days considered clothing that came from the closet belonging to dead people, and likely so because most laborers wouldn’t be wearing dress clothes on a daily basis, so likely a suit or sport coat would’ve been rarely if ever worn. Yes, I’ve always liked using the word “croakers” whenever appropriate along with the fact being all of us are circling life’s drain either on the high end or low.

It was also mentioned in that article something about several manufacturers of clothing coming out and giving warranties on the durability of their products. I’m not so sure that would go over very will with our GP because of how quickly fashions change unless such guarantees were made for daily work clothes, and yes, even our work clothes don’t last as long as they used to.

My hours went flying by with all the little duties I had throughout the day, and happy for it because I especially don’t like having time heavy on my hands while at my office. Around mid-morning, one of my relatives called and asked if I would be interested in joining several others for lunch at a new Mexican restaurant that just recently opened in our mall’s plaza, and since I was free, I agreed to meet them.

Our lunch visit went far better than I’d expected, and mostly because we talked about a number of our blood relatives who’ve long since passed, and while sharing stories, it was once again confirmed how differently we recall past events, but I did find a few things out I didn’t know which centered around how much they truly enjoyed visiting our family during the time we lived on “the big farm”. With the four of us talking about it today, brought back some of the fondest of memories, and especially when they spoke about the encounters they had with our animals. Too funny.

In spite of having a wonderful visit with the three of them, before parting our ways and agreeing to make it possibly a once a month gathering, I’ll likely suggest another place to eat because I wasn’t the least bit impressed with their food, yet I’ll continue wishing the best for their recent start-up.

Tonight’s one-liner is: What I find ominous, is the ease in which people go from saying they don’t like something, to saying the government should forbid it and by the fact being, whenever you travel down such a road, don’t expect freedom to survive very long.

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