Back Doors to Heaven

These extra-early mornings are starting to become a standard for me, and when thinking about it, that’s just Ok by me because I’d rather get as much done before noon than dragging a heavier workload out into the afternoon. I was happy to already be barricaded in my office before the rains began. When looking at the weather this morning, that storm wasn’t supposed to arrive until much later. At least we got a good watering down to where the plants won’t be suffering so much. Thank goodness the wind finally changed directions and now coming out of the north with its cooling air.

Having not visited with a dear friend of mine in weeks, I decided to give her a quick call at an earlier hour just so another phone-in wouldn’t be interrupting our conversation. We had an exceptionally good visit and happy to find her well and good. We seem to always find a few subjects regarding our fair City to hash over, and yes, she and I share many beliefs regarding the direction it’s going along with the tall financial hurdles we may be facing in the near future. After hanging up, I began wondering just how many living in our community are remaining silent regarding their disappointments over the direction our city fathers are taking us. We’ll see how they react when people really start complaining about many of the so-called visionary decisions they’d made which ended up being nothing but smoke and mirrors carrying huge debts in need of servicing.

One of the things my dear friend mentioned, of which I also subscribe, is to make mental notes of happenings, but not allow them to consume us because in the whole scheme of it all, it’s absolutely not worth bothering our brains about. I’m glad we had a good long chat, because I ended up being the bad news messenger for several people today, and as in most cases, the messenger is usually the one getting blamed. It bothered me for about an hour, but shortly after I finally managed to get it all sent down. Always remember, issues belonging to others are not ours, and when they attempt to place guilt trips on us, the best thing we can do to is walk away from possibly even greater dramas.

A Realtor who was supposed to show my listing tomorrow morning at 114 – 11th St. NE sent me a text canceling it which now has me all the more on a burn to get it sold. I’ve had people calling me about doing a “rent to own” on it which would be an impossibility because it’s an estate, along with others just wanting to rent it outright which is also another big “NO”. Certainly there must be a great number of available rental units out there now since it seems every person who has a pulse and able to sign their names are purchasing homes. Yes, the feeding-frenzy is still alive and well.

When reading that the first confirmed case of re-infection in our Country being a man living in Colorado and this time around, his symptoms being much worse, I’m now growing all the more concerned the China-virus is going to be with us much longer than expected, and if that be the case, our society as a whole will have evolved in directions we would’ve never considered.

I just read today how all the big suppliers like Amazon, Walmart, Target and the like, are generating stellar profits since this pandemic arrived at our shores, but the frightening side of their successes, are all the many more brick and mortar stores that’ve had to close their doors along with even more who’re continuing to struggle. For the sake of our community, you can bet I’ll be purchasing as much as I can locally instead of feeding greedy corporate giants who never seem to have enough.

A dear friend of mine is moving in the direction of starting her own business, and you can be assured I’ll be giving her as much advise as well as encouragement. Isn’t that what it should be all about where one businessperson helps another? I’ll likely be reminding her while she’s working diligently at it, the fact that all things are hard in the beginning which is why most fail because they refuse to remain diligent. It’s never a good thing to throw in the rag after one’s first bump in the road, but rather to get thru it and then refer back to it a time or two as part of a learning curve. In spite of being a Realtor for decades, I’m still making mistakes but also growing all the more knowledgeable in my profession from them.

I received a call today from a gentleman today who was inquiring on the Raven acreage. He’s driven past it, and moving in the direction of getting pre-approved for financing. I reminded him that there’d be only certain types of loans available on something like that, just so he’d be up to speed on it all before he’d make an offer on it. I do hope he can get financed because he seemed to be such a nice young man who’s wanting to buy an acreage on the cheap and turn it into his own handsome homesite. I wish people like him the absolute best because they’re becoming all the more rare.

Several days ago a distant relative sent me an email asking if I’d be willing to proof a resume and its cover letter, and since I’ve always encouraged him to reach as high as possible, I sent him back a message to “bring it on”. About a half hour later I received it, printed it out, and then carefully read thru both documents and then went back and started making my notations and changes. After I’d finished, I re-read them several times and then picked up my phone and called him, and the main reason for my call was just to let him know that the changes I made were suggestions, and if he wanted to keep it the same, it wouldn’t hurt my feelings. He had no problem with it, so I scanned and emailed them back to him, and as I suspected, I received an very kind “thank you” for my input. Yes, it was a deja vu for me and the reason being my having read all the many of them while working at a financial institution back when I was young man.

Tonight’s one-liner is: Seeking financial advice in old age is foolish; for what can be more absurd than to increase our provisions for the road the nearer we approach to our journey’s end unless we consider legacies to the thankless, as our back doors to heaven.

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