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For the fact that we’re fast on the downward slide to September, I’m beginning to wonder when this heat wave is ever going to end, and yet continuing to feel like those blistering weeks of July. My heart goes out to those people who’re in the crosshairs of the hurricane that’ll be coming ashore which will be devastating counties in both Louisiana and Texas. What’s the most scary about it, is the possibility of its storm surge reaching as far as 30 miles inland. I couldn’t imagine having to keep myself from getting swept away with such a massive wall of water. Most have no idea how deadly they can be and as the experts will say, the largest number of deaths during a hurricane are attributed to being caught in a storm surge. I’ll be bracing myself when looking at the news tomorrow morning as that’s the time Hurricane Laura will be making landfall. I can’t even fathom what it would be like to be outdoors while a 160 mph wind is blowing. I guess we have much to complain about, but when seeing recent weather happenings around the world, we could have it a whole heck of a lot worse, so let’s stop complaining. Ok?

I was at my office very early again this morning, and the reason being, I had to get over to Clear Lake to put a lockbox on the front door of my new listing located at 112 – 3rd Ave. North, and thankful I did because there’s an out of town agent wanting to show it tomorrow. It was a pleasant drive over and back during such an early hour and all the glad I did because I don’t like fighting that commuter traffic in the morns or afternoons.

When I got back to my office, I returned several calls that came in late yesterday, and one of them being from a gentleman whom I’d worked with a number of years ago. He’d moved out of State several years ago, but kept his home as a rental until he realized it just was working out with him being so far away and all, so he’s now got it fixed and cleaned up to the point where it’s ready to get listed.

I met one of his relatives out there this afternoon and gave it a good look-over, and considering what homes have been going for of late, that home should sell to either a first-time buyer or investor. The owner has made some major updates on it since he purchased it over 15 years ago, but unfortunately the prices of homes in that neighborhood have much lower price-points in these recent years. As I’ve said before, when there are too many rentals in a given district, it affects the social fibers that normally keeps them from wanting to move. For hours I could tell stories regarding how such over-buying of rentals in certain districts has affected their over-all values. I wish I could get that drilled into the heads of our City and County Assessors who seem to take blind eyes to realistic values of homes in such neighborhoods. But, when you’re not out in the trenches for years, you really don’t know how the war is going. Right?

As an example, a young woman just recently paid over-asking price on a rickety old one-story home that was fully lipsticked to where most naive young buyers would begin to salivate, but unless our market skyrockets, every dollar of improvements she puts into it, she’ll be losing every penny. I sure wouldn’t have paid such a price when knowing that home’s history, the busy street its on, and the over-all texture of its neighborhood. Yes, she’s got her little rickety castle to take care of from here on out.

When I see buyers making such squirrely choices, I think of some of those who’re out partying too much and end up falling for a barfly to a point where it ends up a one-nighter. Emotionally buying a home on the spur of a moment, later creates a very similar feeling when waking up the next morning from one of those all-night love/lust affairs, rolling over, and then seeing a now “stranger” in your bed, and suddenly saying to yourself, “OMG! What have I done?”. I think I’ve painted you a pretty good picture.

Most of my afternoon was spent working on files that are coming up to close next month. One of them in particular has been a struggle because of there being unreleased child support judgements from many years ago. We finally got the last release back from out West today, so we should be good to go for the closing next month.

I’ve always found it interesting how so many ex-wives and husbands seem to continue grinding axes for each other well past the time their children have grown, married, and started their own families. I get it if there was some serious abuses going on with each other or their children, but getting a divorce because it’s not working anymore, just seems the most logical thing to do, and after it’s over, they should amicably part their ways, bury their past issues, and then move on. My take on much of such nonsense, is either one or both of them are wanting to be considered victims for the rest of their lives.

I decided to have another public open house over at 114 – 11th St. NE this coming Saturday. When seeing how much that home just down the street sold for with its glaring issues, I’d say my listing at its current price is a steal of a deal. That was another home with all the unique sparkles which were eye-catching, but by the looks of that sale price, they must’ve blinded those buyers into buying. I’ve dealt with serious structural issues in the past, and to that home I would’ve said, “No thank you very much!”

When driving out of my back parking lot and then down to the corner this evening, I couldn’t help noticing a guy with two bags of garbage walking out of Market 124, crossing the street, and then down Commercial Alley and throwing those two bags into a dumpster belonging to the Delaware Building Association. Now please tell me, how can an adult business person come to believe he has the license to gratuitously dump his garbage into a dumpster being paid for by others? By his walk and determination, it appeared as though he’s been making those treks on a regular basis. If I should happen to be on foot when he’s dong that, you can be sure I’ll say something to him. Yes, the general public is growing all the more curiouser in these turbulent times.

Tonight’s one-liner is: Virtue is a habit of the mind, consistent with nature, moderation and reason.

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