Slightly Rounded Crown

I headed off to the Downtown before sunrise so I could get to my darkened space and fulfill my Sunday morning spiritual exercises before the City awakened.  If there’s one positive thing that’s come out of this pandemic, is my having returned to my contemplative form of prayer which for me, does far more good than what I was getting whenever attending brick and mortar church Services.  When a real vaccine has been created and distributed, and our area churches fully opening their doors, I”ll likely do my Sunday duties, but not in a sense that I “have to”.   Most don’t realize that faith either evolves in a positive fashion, or a negative because like all things, nothing’s a constant.

After my prayer session was over, I changed my clothes and headed out to do some more clean-up, and by the time three hours had passed, I was tuckered to the point I called it quits on that particular Sunday endeavor which I decided was more tiring because of how dirty I was getting.  For me, dirty work always seems more exhausting than if I were out weeding a garden or painting a house, which must be something on a subconscious level with me.

I learned very quickly when I was young how much I hated getting any kind of grease on my hands from farm machinery which was likely the reason I was banned to the barn and totally OK by me because I had absolutely no problem cleaning up after animals versus getting greased.  Motors and machines have never been much of an interest for me, which has afforded me more time to focus on nearly all living things in the plant and animal kingdoms.

After changing out of my filthy clothes and into another set, I took a little break to call a friend of mine.  She wasn’t in the best of moods due to having fallen into a funk, but I hope our conversation was uplifting enough to where she’ll have herself pulled out of it.  I’ve got some boxes of unwanted things I’m planning on dropping off, and hopefully she’ll be able to put them to good use or re-purpose. With her fine mind, I’m sure she’s already establishing a plan of action.

My next order of the day, was to stop over to my private garden and water those tomato and pepper plants which were crying for water as I pulled up.  It’s amazing how dry our soil is, and if we don’t get some good rains soon, everything will be scorched.  The San Marzano tomatoes are now beginning to ripen, but there’s one rogue tomato plant that shouldn’t have been in that seed packet, because the tomatoes it’s got ripening, are definitely not San Marzano. I’d say they’re a dead-ringer for the half dollar-sized salad tomatoes we’d see in a groceteria.  I’m not the happiest about it because I’d planned on saving the seeds from some of those San Marzanos, and if I do,  they’ll likely be taken from the vines the farthest away from it.  I guess we can’t fully depend on the seed houses for supplying correct seeds which is why I’d rather save my own for the following growing seasons.

When the watering and nurturing was done, I headed over to my little/big project and did some more paint stripping.  It’s perfect weather for it, but oh how I still hate removing paint.  To keep myself busy while the stripper was working, I took apart an old plate-glass mirror I found several weeks ago which had an intriguingly simple quarter-sawn oak frame on it.

I knew its mirror was old because of the thickness of its glass which when taking it apart, I measured it being over 1/4 inch in thickness.  Believe me, that small mirror was far heavier than it looked.  When I cleaned all the gunk off the front of it, I found all the many tiny air bubbles in the glass which made it all the more primitive.  When I turned it over for a dusting, I read its date of manufacture being April 30, 1920 which was a testament for the ability of many old mirrors to weather time without being broken.

The silver on it is in pretty good shape with the exception of a few small spots where it had come off, but for the most part, it would be very much functional once the paint and varnish is stripped off its frame and then put back together.  Once I have it looking good as new, I’ll have to find a conspicuous place to hang it because even though it’s simply designed, the top section of its frame has a slightly rounded crown on it which makes it all the more interesting.  It’ll be another “diminished elegance” piece when done.

When today’s last section of paint was removed, it was time for me to draw another line and call it quits for the day, so I dusted myself off, headed to the office to change back into my regular clothes and drove straight home.  While on my way, the age of that mirror came to mind which expanded my thoughts to where I was thinking about all the struggles my great-grandparents had when they created their homestead not so far from our City. It’s kinda creepy when thinking that there’ve been four generations of my bloodline who where born and raised in North Iowa.  I guess I can freely say I’m a multi-generational native which is possibly why I get frustrated with some of the foolishly thoughtless things I see our City and County governments doing.  Oh well, we’ll just have to continue hoping they’ll come to their senses more sooner than later.

When reading the news about what’s been happening these recent days in Belarus,  I’m beginning to wonder if possibly all the more citizens living under yokes of totalitarian regimes, will be rising up and insisting on having a say in the workings of their governments.  I can’t wait for the day to come when the Chinese rise up and put an end to their one-sided communist system.  Pure democracy is nothing more than a pipe dream, but at least most democratic nations do make honest attempts at listening to the demands and needs of their citizenry, which is the reason why we must never allow censorship to creep within.

Tonight’s one-liner is:  In everything, truth surpasses its imitation and copy.

Joe Chodur

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