Their Fatal Flaw

I hurried to the office this morning to get myself prepared for an early showing over in Clear Lake as well as returning phone calls that came in after hours.  Before leaving, I rang up one of my dear ones to see how she’s been faring with the China-virus, and glad to hear all has been well with her.

We spoke about our market conditions because she likes to look at the new listings online, as well as following the activity on existing homes for sale.  We both agreed that our market has turned insane and I’m afraid we’re approaching the rim of an upward climb, and just over the top, there’s a steep crater-drop.  If it happens again, it will be the third time in my career that I’ll be suffering thru a market crash.  I also shared my concerns that if it’s a repeat of 2008, we’ll be taking a harder hit because of all the international market turmoil, civil unrest in many nations including our own, climate change, and a contraction in manufacturing.  These are just some of the “matches” which will be helping to start a raging forest fires of economic downturn.  As much as we don’t want it to happen, we can’t bury our heads in the sand and pretend it’s not going to happen.

I forgot to mention another comment made by the young gentleman who stopped by my office yesterday, and that being a hard statement of truth.  The thrust of what he was saying was there being no one on our City Council who has ever run a business, as well as those in City Administration which he believes is a very bad thing because they’ve never been in survival trenches.  Even our dear Robin Anderson who has many times said she’s been a businesswoman for a number of years, but for the life of me, I don’t ever remember her having her own business, and believe me, a non-profit like the Chamber of Commerce is not what I’d call a business, but more like a fraternity with yearly dues.  Isn’t it funny how people can so freely name themselves something they’re not.

The showing over in Clear Lake went well today, and knowing how crazy the market is over there, it’s going to be a crap-shoot in guessing how many offers are on it and how much it’ll end up selling for.  They like it, so we’ll see if they get it.

I just happened to notice another rickety house I’ve been in having gone under contract, and there’s no question that whomever purchases it, will be fighting its internal and external issues for many months and possibly years.  I’m terribly glad I didn’t have that listed because the more I looked, the more major jaw-dropping issues I saw.  I mentioned to a colleague my thoughts about trying to get that home back in sound condition, and saying it being a near-futile struggle like trying to put out a forest fire with a squirt gun.

I also happened to notice another having gone under contract which in my estimation is not only a scraper, but also one which has poisoned earth below because of all the many people who’ve lived in it over the years who’ve had mentalities tilting towards the dark side.  I would doubt even the greatest of exorcists could rid it of its layers of “demons”.  Oh well, I wish whomever bought it the best of luck, but afraid it’ll take far more than luck to get that site cleansed.  I’m now wondering if the buyers are like-minded and buying it because of a psychic attraction.  We must remember, like attracts like.

Speaking of psychic attractions, while working on getting the far end of my office cleaned this afternoon, I ran across a book I read a number of years ago which was centered around the history regarding the Palo Indians of the Southwest which were the forefathers of our present-day Pueblo Indians and their ancient settlement Mesa Verde.

I paged back thru it, and once again reminded how terribly interesting their thriving culture was long before the white men arrived on the scene, but then there came a climate change that began around the end of the 13th Century which caused much starvation and subsequent mass-exodus from the area and then to return nevermore.   Because they were so much at the mercy of seasonal rainfalls, and far to single-crop minded with their over-dependence on maize (corn), such blind mentalities just happened to be their fatal flaw.

Now fast-forward to these times where we have noticeable climate change, crops being ruined by 100+ mph. straight-line winds in Iowa, and a very much over-dependence on two cash crops being maize (corn) and soybeans.  When thinking about it, doesn’t it seem a bit too creepy-close to the crisis the Pueblo Indians had to deal with year-over-year until they couldn’t take no more?

As I’ve mentioned before, we Midwesterners should not be relying on only one or two cash crops because if these radical weather patterns continue, we may be seeing a whole lot more historic crop failures.  I think our State horticulturists had better start ringing their alarm bells before it’s too late.  Having lived in North Iowa all my life, I can definitely say there’ve been some noticeable changes in our weather, and the big one being our growing zone having been changed from Zone 4 to Zone 5.  Yes, without most realizing it, we’re now living in the Southern Iowa weather of years ago, and likely Southern Iowa now nearing Zone 6.  Yes, our weather these recent years has become more predictably un-predictable.

Another comical moment I had with yesterday’s visitor, was when he was questioning my thought patterns and quirkiness at times.  Teasingly I insisted, “You likely didn’t know that I’m a boutique sub-species of the human race, so you just gotta give me a little more slack sometimes.”  Oh how I wished I had my camera in hand to snap a photo of the look on his face.  Thank goodness I’ve known him long enough to where he knew I was only kidding.

Tonight’s one-liner is:  Not cohabitation, but rather consensus which constitutes marriage.

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