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It was another semi-quiet day here in North Iowa, and to keep myself busied, I continued on with the deep cleaning of my office along with getting rid of all the publications and print-outs that seem to magically pile up. Of course all those nasty political and catalog mailings I get don’t help matters. I’ve worn out two shredders at my office since I moved to my new location over ten years ago which confirms how much unwanted paper my office accumulates on a monthly basis. The attempts our general public makes to go green is weak at best.

That publication the Globe Gazette sends out every month is a joke because there’s such a slack time on it, to where most of the “hot” listings are sold before that even goes to print, and of course to be a part of their online platform, I have to pay for that monthly rag. Oh well, there always has to be some sort of hook to increase charges.

I had three separate visits with past clients and customers today, which helped to lift my spirits. One of them called to say the surgery he had in Des Moines last month went better than expected and after being in physical therapy this past month, it sounds like he’ll be back to enjoying the pleasures of the great outdoors, and hopefully able to resume his love of deer hunting and helping to keep their growing numbers down.

Another visit I had was with a young gentleman whom I worked with a number of months during his search for a home, and since I showed him so many during that time, we got to know each other better. After today’s conversation, it sounds like he’s hell-bent on getting out of our City and likely moving to a community where there isn’t so much drug abuse. Unless something very positive happens in our town, I’m pretty sure he’s going to be staying on course because he’s talked about selling more than once over this past year. It’ll be too bad if he does move because it’s people like him that give me hope for the future of our City.

My third conversation was with another client/customer whom I’ve done business with over these past 15 years, and the reason for his stopping, was to bring me up to speed with his current situation and that being another corporate job elimination which happened to be his. He’s not a happy camper, but I encouraged him to move forward with his life, and work at finding a better job in an area of expertise he’ll enjoy.

For being as young as he is, he sure has a good understanding of cause and effect, as well as what it takes to get a community like ours back on track. He’s only one of a very few who believes we absolutely MUST get higher paying jobs in our City because if we don’t, there’ll be far too many living from pay to pay and certainly not having enough money to shop our stores for non-essentials. Both he and I know what’ll happen to our remaining brick and mortar stores if this eroding of discretionary income continues with our citizenry.

I decided to have a public open house over at 902 – 1st St. SE this coming Saturday afternoon which is another diamond in the rough that should’ve been sold months ago, but as we all know, many of our young buyers could care less about quality of construction or location, and only look at the glossy fish-eyed photos of the many lipsticked pigs that are selling for far more than I believe they’re worth. Even though we’ve all had to learn some lessons the hard way, I’d rather not see it happening in such grand scales. If you know anyone looking for their first home in an entry-level price range, 902 – 1st St. SE is at the top of my value list, so please put the word out.

If I have time tomorrow, I’ll be back at my job of deep cleaning in the last remaining area of my office, and when it’s done, I’ll be able to say every square inch of woodwork, furniture, windows and floors have been cleaned. The nice thing about getting an area super-cleaned, is that all one has to do is casually work at keeping it that way. I’ll never understand how and why some allow their homes and offices get so bad that they don’t even want to clean them up, and likely because they’re too big to singularly tackle.

I’m in the process of getting a vintage stained-glass window framed which has been stored away at my office for far too long, and when I ran across it while cleaning, I decided it was time to move forward with it. Part of the reason I hadn’t acted on getting it framed, is that I couldn’t think of a place in my office where I could hang it, but while cleaning the transom window above my front door, I suddenly realized it would fit nicely between those two windows, so I went back and grabbed it, placed it up there, and then stood back to see how it looked. I didn’t have to think twice about it because it’ll be a perfect place to hang it for all to enjoy. I’m giving myself until Monday to get it framed and hung, and certainly curious about how my office visitors will react when seeing it for the first time. The person that gave me that piece will be shocked to see it cleaned up, framed, and hanging in a near-perfect spot. You can bet I’ll be thanking her all the more for gifting it.

My late showing at 4697 Raven Ave. in Northwood went well this evening, and certainly glad to be home after my marathon day. I believe they’d be a good fit for it, but there’s always that issue of getting it financed with a local lender because it’s being sold “As Is”. If today’s buyers don’t purchase it, I’m confident there’ll be others because acreages are hot commodities in today’s market, and it looks like they’ll continue to be well into the future because of all the more people wanting to be distanced from their nosey, noisy, and chronically irritating neighbors.

Tonight’s one-liner is: Don’t judge each day by the harvest you reap but rather by the seeds you plant.

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