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Alas we had a normal summer’s day with the blue skies and light breezes. I can already tell by the shadows our sun is now casting, its movement south is well on the way. Not hearing about it until this morning, I was mortified when reading how Marshalltown and its surrounding area was hit by a straight-line storm packing upwards of 100 mph wind. I’ve been mentioning all the more how troubling it is to have those nasty straight-liners happening so often, and wagering it all started about 7+- years ago, and the first one I encountered was one coming straight out of the West which was unheard of in past years. That was the year I remember seeing four beautiful pine trees having been “topped off” by that wind, and ever since, they’ve been happening nearly every year.

Our market seems to have slowed with the sudden lack of showings and calls on our homes still for sale. Just to confirm it, I placed a call to one of my colleagues, and sure enough, their office is similarly experiencing it. Perhaps our seasonal slow time was late coming and the dry spell being either a “normal” or shorter because once September hits, most buyers want to have themselves settled-in before our cold weather returns.

I have a late afternoon showing on the Raven Ave. acreage in Northwood late tomorrow afternoon, and when visiting with one of the buyers, she said they were more interested in fixing up the existing house than tearing it down and building anew. I was glad to hear that because I do believe that home is salvageable. I grow weary at times when listening to people going on about building their “dream homes” which I find laughable because a true “dream” new construction would likely cost twice as much because I would insist on using as many natural products as possible. If you have time, do a little research on “polluted homes” which contain all the many products that have chemical agents in them that are slowly releasing toxic gases within those super-insulated newly-built structures. I’d rather pay the extra heating and cooling bills, just so I could live in a home that breathes.

There were more phone calls to return, and one of them to a dear one whom I’ve not spoken with in weeks. We nearly always end up speaking about how society has changed to the point it’s infected the minds of close relatives and friends. We both agreed that even the slightest comments about something can set others on tailspins which usually end up turning into festering grudges.

Another item of discussion was how deep-seated jealousies can permanently destroy once close-knit families, and the infectious poisoning is usually started by one or two of them who’ve always been from the dark side. I couldn’t help mentioning how a particular one that’s been living under the pavement, managed to so deviously, pollute the minds of many to where realities have now been turned into fantasies. And to think someone living on the other side of a mountain would have something better to do. I shrugged it off years ago as being a DNA flaw with an overlapping love for causing good people to turn bad. Yes, there are some pretty nasty humans in our world who make themselves appear ever so benevolent, but when your back is turned, they’ll turn on you like venomous pit vipers. I’m just glad I was brought up differently along with never allowing such darknesses to enter in.

Since it was a slower day at the office, I continued on with getting the interior of it as clean as possible. As I’m getting closer to the back door, I know for sure there are items in my office that are going to go bye-bye via random gifting. In spite of some things being of noticeable beauty, there’s a point where too much of it turns into un-necessary clutter.

There are a number of large black and white photos that I’ve had stored since I moved our office from its previous location, which I’ve done nothing about getting new frames made for them and re-hung my current office. They’re all of our Historic Downtown, and when they were hanging at our old office, they were always catching someone’s questioning eye. One of them happens to be of a young man riding bareback on a horse, and for the strangest of reasons, whenever looking at it, I was reminded of my youth when riding my own horse bareback. Hopefully I can get them re-hung before long so I can take photos of each one of them and share with you all. There’s even one of our even older office location which was located at 409 N. Federal, and that photo is showing that it was Felt Bros. Meat Market at the time, but the creepiest of things, is that my current office is where they had their first meat market, and then likely moved into their newly-built building. Isn’t it quite a coincidence to know I’ve worked in two buildings occupied at one time by the Felt brothers who ran a butcher shop in our City?

While on the phone today with one of my dear friends who enjoys learning new words and sayings, I couldn’t help sharing with her the archaic definition of “commerce”. How it all got started, was my having written the word “commerce” some days ago, and a bell going off in my mind where I was certain it also had another meaning because some years ago I remember reading an old story where it was used in today’s nearly forgotten fashion. I’ll likely start using it because I’ve never liked some of the words used when trying to describe sexual relations, to where I’d usually saying something like, “They’ve been messing with each other.” Now whenever having to talk about it, I can simply say, “They’ve been having commerce for years.” Don’t you think that sounds much better?  I can say I’ve never been one who enjoys listening to such “dirty talk”, so at least “commerce” is up a few more of my rungs of being socially acceptable. I should have asked my friend, “I wonder if someone back then who loved sex was considered commercially-minded.” Too funny.

Tonight’s one-liner is: Though silence isn’t necessarily an admission, it’s also not a denial.

Joe Chodur

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