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Yet another crispy-cool morning welcomed us, which I’m sure offered many of our morning walkers some very pleasant outings. Of course I had a very much early morning desk work to attend to since another first of the month landed on my lap which kept me indoors most of the forenoon.

One of the calls I had to return from yesterday, kept me on the phone longer than I wanted, but as many seasoned Realtors know, we are obliged to listen to all many problems of others which are totally unrelated to real estate, and today’s conversation was pretty much all about the state of our Nation. Whenever someone asks me such a broad question like, “How did our world get itself into such a state?”, I’m pretty much left to give my knee-jerk answer, “I have no idea.”

After listening to several conversations about the elderly in various families, I’d say the reason so many are getting squirrely and a bit eccentric, is because they have far too much free time on their hands, and we can thank this China-virus for severely limiting their much-needed social activities. There’s one particular ninety-something woman who hobbles by my office nearly every morning who has an “eat nails” look on her face.

One of the seniors I spoke with several days ago, mentioned something about not having even read a particular document he received about a year ago, and nearing the point where I was almost certain he completely forgot about the agreement until I brought it up. Now keep in mind, I’ve never had any thoughts about him having even the slightest trace of dementia, but what I believe the cause of such confusion, is it being another by-product of the growing stress created from our seniors all the more cooped up in their homes and apartments. It’s almost as if they’ve become disjointed from the workings of the outside world. Let’s hope there’s a knock-out vaccine coming in the very near future.

When sending a return email to a dear friend this morning, I couldn’t help saying how there’ve been times this year when I’ve wanted to move to a hidden mountain retreat just to get away from the growing craziness of our world, but unfortunately, I don’t believe such places now exists. With all the many hundreds of satellites circling our earth which are now all the more precise in taking very clear pictures from so far away, one’s almost left to believe Big Brother is already here. Please do watch if you haven’t, that 2006 movie called, “The Listening”. It’s too creepily close to the world in which we now live.

Just this afternoon a past client announced he’s now looking to find a small acreage where he and his family can enjoy more peaceful hours at home. Judging by the activity and offers we’ve been getting on that acreage up on Raven Ave., I’d say the numbers of people wanting to get out of Dodge are growing, and when seeing how much more they’ve been going for this year, I’d say the demands are greater than our inventories.

As I’ve said before, I think it’s great to find all the more of our young wanting to live in the country, but they absolutely MUST get themselves educated to where there’ll be no catastrophic surprises like a septic system going bad, a failed well pump, or even their riding lawn mowers or snowblowers suddenly going on the fritz. Just remember, most acreages have long driveways and very big yards. Another concern I have is the fact that many of those new acreage owners don’t introduce themselves to their “down the road” neighbors just so they can at least have someone living nearby they’d be able to go to if something radical happens. I’m pretty sure most of our long-term rural residents are open to having new neighbors as long as they’re not bat-shite crazy meth cookers.

I had to make a quick trip over to Hancock County today, and on my way over, I couldn’t believe how much traffic there was between Mason City and Garner, and far too many of them playing with their cell phones while driving. The swerving, the slowing down and speeding up, has always been my indication that they’re not paying attention to the road. Of course there was likely a farmer in his shimmering monster pick-up truck lazily driving down the highway about 15 miles under the speed limit while rubber-necking all the fields he was passing. You would think an early Sunday morning would be a more appropriate time for such than an early afternoon during the work week. Thank goodness he finally turned off on a County blacktop.

It didn’t take me long to get what I needed in Garner, so I purposely drove back to the City in a zig-zagging fashion on the back blacktops where there was less traffic and more to view. It was quite evident some corn fields are suffering because they’re now showing signs of firing. Some of those homesites were the most picturesque, while others looking like outdoor janitors in a drum were needed. Whenever hearing how the farmers are suffering so, I often wonder how they managed to afford to build their monster ranch homes and machine sheds containing all their shiny state-of-the-art equipment. Yes, even I have relatives who farm, and there being several I can take only about 5 minutes of their chronic belly-achings. Unbeknownst to them, their children are already salivating when thinking about the time when their parents are gone, and enjoying the suitcases full of cash they’ll be getting after their hundreds of acres are sold.

If you’d ever have time to take a survey, you’ll discover how few of our younger generation have the desire to quit their comfortable jobs and move back to our area so to continue on with the farming legacies of their great-grandparents, grandparents and parents. When I have time, I’m going to do a little digging to see how many century farms are still registered in the State of Iowa. I wouldn’t doubt there are only about half as many as there were 20 years ago. It’s a sad reality isn’t it?

Tonight’s one-liner is: It’s the peculiar quality of a fool to perceive the faults of others while entirely forgetting his own.

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