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Another cool morning arrived and seeming all the chillier due to my having to be at the office earlier than normally, and the reason being I had errands to run before I was to meet with my first-of-the-morn appointment over at 115 S. Connecticut.

The showing went as well as I’d expected, and the comments the buyer made about it, were similar to my own personal feelings about that charming Folk Victorian home. I had a long conversation with him about how particular the previous owners were over the improvements they made during the many years they lived there. Since I’ve known the buyer for a very many years, we didn’t hesitate to cut to the chase with our questions and answers. Having not seen him in at least a decade, I couldn’t help saying how good the years have been to him. Before leaving he gave me even more encouragement by saying, “You’ll be hearing from me.”

When I got back to my office, I had another past client stop by to ask about any available building sites in the area, and the only one that came to mind, was the Raven acreage I have listed on which we now have two offers, and to think it’s been listed for just over a week, and the calls and showings continue.

While he was there, we spoke about how much more intense the general public has become to where their demands and expectations have grown to almost being ridiculous. He’s always been a gentle soul and normally one who’d be the first to turn the other cheek, but he was in full agreement because he’s also out in the trenches on a daily basis. I wasn’t surprised to hear him say, “Much of this craziness is coming from the social medias which most of our young have themselves plugged into every waking hour of their days.” I couldn’t have agreed more.

After he left, I took a quick trip over to see if the deer had been in my patch of tomatoes, and from what I could see, they weren’t even near it, so hopefully they’ll not be bothering them any longer. I will say that if we don’t get some rain any time soon, most will have to get their hoses out and start watering. Even the trees are beginning to show signs of stress by the way their leaves are drooping and curling.

My afternoon was nearly filled to the brim with appointments which had me running until nearly 4:00 pm. My first one was over at Clear Lake which unfortunately took longer than I expected and made me nearly late for my two showings here in Mason City. All the time I was there, my face mask was in place because I’m pretty sure there are more people asymptomatic per capita over there than here, and the craziest of it is, they don’t seem to be as concerned over it because of all the groups of people I was seeing milling about. Oh well, I guess they’re not going to let the China-virus affect their precious summer vacations.

My two showings this afternoon were condos and the first one was a definite “No”, but the second was creating some real interest as they were walking thru it. Of course almost everything I’ve been showing of late seems a bit pricy which is due to the shortage of available homes, along with the sellers knowing full-well that we are in a seller’s market. If you know of anyone who’s thinking about selling, please have them give me a call.

I’m sure all of you are getting random calls from people wanting to sell you something, and just this past week I’d say I’ve received almost double the average number. I can’t wait until our Government gets a law enacted against them. While showing that home early this morning, some guy from an investment firm tried to make his call sound like I’ve been in contact with them, and when his slick-talk started, more than once I told him I wasn’t at all interested. I did have to give him credit for trying to hang on, but the second time I said “I am NOT interested.”, I was cuttingly abrupt to where he figured he’d try someone else who was more receptive.

I don’t even want to think about the number of seniors who’re getting duped into falling for those those shysters which makes me all the more internally angry at them. One thing I will never understand, is why so many in these times work all the harder at taking advantage of our elderly in such fashions instead of going out and getting real jobs and working for the betterment of all. I’m beginning to wonder if it’s in their DNA.

Speaking of DNA, while on the phone with a colleague this afternoon, we somehow got on the subject of a particular person who’s well educated and has a high-paying job, but manages to create all the many problems for people in the general area of his home. Of course my caller thought he was telling me some deep secret about his family, until I finally said, “I’ve known several generations of that family, and as far as I’m concerned, they’re just another confirmation that oft times the apple doesn’t fall very far from its tree.” The elders of his tribe resembled in more ways than one, some of the characters in that old black and white serial “The Adams Family”. Yes, they were a little creepy and kooky, and altogether spooky, but always having to remind myself that God loves us all great and small; at least that was what I taught to believe.

The rest of my afternoon was spent lining up showing for this coming Thursday. Out of the list of thirteen homes I was given, only five of them are still on the market. With that said, I’m afraid the pricing bar is going to get raised again with all the new listings coming on. I’ve also noticed that there are some investors owning rental properties who’re now starting to dump them. Oh, if the walls of those structures could only talk.

Tonight’s one-liner is: Any man can make mistakes, but only an idiot persists in his errors.

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