Monarch Caterpillar

Another cool morning arrived and very thankful for it because I had an extensive amount of outdoor work to do, and before heading out to get a good day’s done, I went to the office and retreated to my quiet and darkened space where I remained until I had my contemplative spiritual exercise completed. I was there a little longer because I had a bit of a problem getting my mind slowed enough to where I wasn’t being bombarded by temporal thoughts.

After I finished, I changed my clothes and headed out into the world of menial work which I buried myself into for a good four hours. In spite of there being a cool wind, I still managed to break a sweat, and unfortunately, that wasn’t the only thing I broke, which happened to be the blade on my favorite short-bladed spade. Ugh! I’m not sure if I’ll be able to find one like it because that spade is certainly over 50 years old. Oh well, I’m sure I’ll run across one at an auction or yard sale, and especially in these times when nearly everyone wants to use tools that are either electrified or gas propelled.

Every time I see someone using a leaf blower to clear their sidewalks, makes me wonder how much more lazy people are going to get. Without realizing it, those who use those weed whackers to keep the grass trimmed around their trees, are doing more damage than good to them because over the long-term, it severely weakens their trunks along with allowing destructive insects to enter and feed upon their epidermal layers. I think many of the trees that came down during our recent straight-line windstorms, were likely those that had been “girdled” by those weed whackers. I can personally attest that I’ve never used one around a tree because I’ve known for a very many years what happens over time.

When I finally decided to call it quits, I stopped by an old gent’s place and purchased some freshly picked sweet corn. If I buy sweet corn that’s locally grown, I normally don’t get any that’s been grown near field corn, and especially if their sweet corn patch is parallel to a major highway because I’d rather not be eating corn that’s been polluted by car and truck exhaust. This gentleman’s patch is far and away from traffic as well as field corn. I was almost ready to tell him he needed to charge more per dozen, but I think he likes the interaction with people along with giving himself something to do. Oh if only more of our seniors would find productive things to do other than sitting at home all day and watching the boob tube, or just quietly waiting for God.

Another job I had, was to do some finishing up on a cleaning and repair project that was created by an exiting tenant. I seethe inside whenever having to clean up after someone to “thinks” they’re above domestic duties. You can be sure most men with such mindsets consider the women in their lives as nothing more than live-in maids with benefits. I’ve also come to the conclusion that women who seek out relationships with temper-tantrum bull males, likely come from broken homes where their fathers were abusive, and when reaching adulthood, they gravitate towards men with many of the same characteristics of their fathers. Have you ever noticed how many men and women end up having relationships with those they’ve either divorced or buried? Some say it’s because they’d rather put up with familiar mentalities than to journey into un-charted territories. Pretty scary isn’t it?

After finally finishing that extended cleaning project, I stood there for a minute and quietly said to the Universe, “If Divine retribution is still at work, I’d say the damage and filth those animals created, needs to be moved to the front and top of our Divine’s daily work list.” After all these years, I continue to believe that what goes around comes around, and almost always being doubled.

Before heading home I asked a dear friend of mine to help me install several panels of cattle fencing over at my little tomato and pepper garden because those San Marzano tomatoes are quiet the crawlers, and thank goodness we got them up today because those vile deer are back at it again, which prompted me to cover both those tomatoes and peppers with some deer netting another dear friend of mine gave me. I’m confident that’ll keep those devils away because those tomatoes are now setting a good number of small green tomatoes. As I mentioned, if they continue as they have been, there’ll be several bushels out of those 13 plants. For some reason, half of them are doing extremely well, while the other half is about two weeks behind.

I managed to get home early enough to where I was able to get that vintage sweet corn cooked, cut off the cob, and placed in freezer bags. I’m really not a big sweet corn eater, but I do like it when it’s mixed with other veggies such as stir-fries, casseroles, or even added to a thick homemade chili. I’ll likely make a corn casserole this winter which has rich ingredients along with jalapeno peppers, simply because it’s been a number of years since I’ve made it, but I’m sure I can find the recipe for it. That particular dish always went over well whenever we had late summer or early Fall potluck gatherings.

The above photo is one I took while out working this morning. I can’t possibly remember the last time I saw a live Monarch caterpillar. It wasn’t very far away from a milkweed plant which I left growing just for that reason. Most don’t know how endangered those butterflies are due to all the the weed spraying people are so insistent upon. Some day, I’ll have to create a small enclosed patch of milkweed just so I can say I’m doing my part in keeping our Monarch numbers growing.

I’m sure I’ll be having some aches and pains tomorrow morning, but at least I’ll be able to say I came by them honestly.

Tonight’s one-liner is: No one was ever great without some portion of divine inspiration.

Joe Chodur

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