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Alas the work week has ended, and all the happier for it because it was very much an exercise in both patience and diligence. I mentioned to one of the professionals this morning that I was approaching the top rung of my anxiety ladder and wondering how far I would fall into the abyss if I went one step farther up and slipped.

I’ve come all the more into an understanding that this China-virus is having deep psychological effects on the general public to where they’re saying and doing things in these times which they wouldn’t have considered otherwise.

I’m sure many of you are familiar enough with me my by now that you can pretty much tell that I’m not one who’ll intentionally go out and do or say bad things to others, but also saying that I’ve sinned great sins with all the rest, but at least I continue to work at becoming a better person, because if we don’t better ourselves from within, there’s no way we can truly share such goodness with others.

Since this coronavirus has arrived, I’ve been given the middle finger in public by a senior citizen for no reason, absurdly accused of making advances, fired by a client for actually working at making his home more presentable so it would sell, over-charged by a contractor just because he believed me of the manor born, and randomly sassed by individuals after asking simple questions, and my list goes on.

Yes, the nerves of the general public are getting frayed, and it’s showing all the more as each month passes. You can bet I’m thankful for having returned to my contemplative form of spirituality on a near daily basis, because if I hadn’t, I would’ve likely fallen into a similar mindset.

I just so happened to run into a dear one at the groceteria this afternoon, and by the time we parted, I was all the happier I shared my thoughts regarding organized religion, the not reaching out in these times to humanity by many of our religious leaders, the raging tribalism, and above all, the sitting around and waiting for things to get back to normal. Well, let’s face it, there will be no getting back to the “normals” we once so freely took for granted as our constants. As we all know, there’s one fact we can count on, and that being a continuous change in our worlds which either get better, or grow worse. There are always those kernels of hope which we hold fast to, but when seeing that invisible “pendulum” of supposed balance swinging all the wider, that’s when it’s time to take stock of ourselves and the world around us.

What moved me in that conversation, was when the gentleman mentioned how he’d hung onto a pen for months until it was lost which I’d given him several years ago as a conciliation for so boldly saying to him at the time, “You’re getting fat.” Oh did I get a real belly-laugh when he mentioned that, but assured him I have an identical one to gift, and for him to stop by my office at his convenience to pick it up. I should have said to him today, “Well, at least that statement along with my pen as a reminder, caused you to slim yourself back down.” I guess it’s just OK to remove our filters at times, and especially when speaking the truth as a positive incentive.

My two closings went exceptionally well today considering how many hiccups we had right up until the day of closing. I did have a chance to visit with the buyer of one of them, and what precipitated a longer exchange, was the gentleman asking if I was related to a woman who had the same last name as mine because he dated her once many years ago. I looked at him and said, “The woman you’re asking about, just happens to be my sister.” Small world isn’t it?

One of my sellers is likely feeling footloose and fancy free now that she no longer has to fret about her home standing empty. Before she left my office with her proceeds check in hand, I jokingly said, “Now make sure you break that daily habit of driving out to check on the house you just sold because you may have the new owner believing you’re a stalker.” She got a good laugh out of it, and after she walked out, I was certain I’d be seeing her again because she’s grown fond of stopping by my office for a little advice and direction on questionable issues that’ve been happening in her life. She really is a dear one who deserves all the care and respect one can give.

Late this afternoon I changed my clothes and drove over to what I thought would be a mowing job, but when I got there, I could see it wasn’t even close to being tall enough, and without rain this long, what was once green is now starting to turn brown.

One of my dear old clients stopped by today who happens to be the one I keep saying I want to be like when I’m in my 90’s. Without knowing, he proceeded to tell me the area of our State where he was raised, is now suffering a terrible drought, which happens to be in the area of Carroll. He insisted that many of those farmers’ crops will be a total loss because they’ve only had a half inch of rain during our entire growing season. Now that’s very scary.

I did stop over to my little “jardin potager” and watered those healthy looking tomatoes and peppers. The tomatoes are setting fruit with a vengeance while the peppers are now beginning to flower. As much as I was afraid it would be too late to get peppers, I’d say there’ll be at least one or two pickings if they continue to do as well as they have been.
Now that I’m getting back into growing vegetables, I’ll be all the more prepared for next year’s “jardin potager”.

Tonight’s one-liner is: The wise are instructed by reason, average minds by experience, the stupid by necessity and the brute by instinct.

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