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I managed to get to my office a little earlier this morning just so I could get my clothes changed and head out to finish up some yard work I started yesterday. I knew straight off it was going to be a hot and humid day because of how quickly I’d started sweating after being out there for less than an hour. I was glad to have it done for another week, and hopefully we’ll be getting some rain to help cool things off.

For sure there’ll be all the many out watering their gardens this coming week if we don’t get any rain to speak of. When driving past a home, I happened to notice about six big buckets with what looked like tomatoes growing in them, and for some reason, the owners must’ve thought they didn’t need to water them because they were definitely wilted. It seems all the more are jumping on the bandwagon of having potted vegetables and raised beds which is well and good, but there’s always the down-side of growing in such fashions because they must be more closely watched for moisture shortages.

I had an appointment to show a home mid-morning, which went quite well, so hopefully they’ll be calling back for another viewing. I was delighted to hear them say it was the best they’d seen for the money thus far. I couldn’t help mentioning how some sellers think that if they ask a high enough price, they may strike it lucky. I’m so much not into such mentality because the holding times can be brutal if they don’t sell for months on end.

My public open house was far more of a success than I’d expected because of the number of people looking. I’m not sure there was the “right fit” in attendance, but at least the ones who were there, are likely telling their friends and relatives about it.  Truth be told, it was long past the posted closing time when the last person left.

After hearing some of the stories today regarding the China-virus in North Iowa, I’m all the more convinced we have far more active cases now than what we’ve been told, which is causing me to become all the more pro-active about staying corona-free. I just happened to have an opportunity to visit with someone who came down with it a month ago, and pretty much all the regular symptoms arrived, but what concerned me, was when he spoke about his having anxieties one particular night because of a sensing he wasn’t getting enough oxygen. Being several weeks over it, he’s noticed how his lungs aren’t working as well as they had in the past because of how quickly he tires when doing easy exercise. I’m sure he’s afraid that his lungs have been permanently damaged which will be a bad thing because of how much he enjoys being active outdoors.

Yes, this virus is going to have a lasting impact on the way in which we live from here on out. I did mention to him that people had better work all the harder at being comfortable with themselves when alone, because humanity will be moving towards more solitary lifestyles. My encouragement is for people to start finding productive things to do when by themselves for hours, and I hope it’s not cooking and eating because I’ve been noticing some visible weight gains in people of late, and don’t think it’s just the adults because there are all the more children running around now that are bordering on obesity. While at my office this afternoon I noticed three young girls walking by who were likely in their early teens, and you can bet all three of them were grossly overweight.

While over at my private little garden, I had an opportunity to visit with the neighbor and insisted she come and look at my plantings. She seemed quite taken by the way in which they were growing to where she said, “You must really know your stuff when it comes to gardening.” All I could say was, “I came by it honestly.” Since those San Marzano tomatoes are getting so tall and now beginning to spread, she suggested I cut back some of the over-grown flowers planted on her property, just so they’d have more room. I thought that was a nice gesture, and before she left I said, “I’ll have to give you some of them after they ripen.

While walking up to the front door of my open house, I just happened to look over at the brick house next door, and very much shocked to see those nasty Japanese beetles had near-completely devoured the leaves on the vines that cover the entire side of that two story home. I do hope KIMT and the Globe Gazette is going to get the word out about those devils so that our general population can start working on getting rid of them because they are multiplying exponentially. I personally set out five traps several days ago, and just this morning I had to replace the “catch” bags on three of them that were already full. I’m sure my neighbors don’t even realize the big favor I’m doing them. I have some very healthy tomato and pepper plants growing in my garden, and I do not want to suddenly find them stripped of their leaves.

I have an afternoon appointment tomorrow to show my new acreage listing up in Northwood, and since I know the buyers abilities and financial wherewithal to purchase, I’m hoping they’ll like it enough to make an offer on it. There’s no question they’d be a perfect fit because I’ve seen their past “before and after” projects, and luckily they’re able to do just about all the work themselves. After being in that house twice, I’m convinced there are all the more possibilities for it, and not costing an arm and a leg. Wouldn’t it be great if we had all the more people living in North Iowa who were capable of learning and doing for themselves instead of being specialized in one particular non-essential trade or profession? I’m sure you’re now beginning to understand the down-side of living in this age of specialization.

Tonight’s one-liner is: Robbing life of friendship is like robbing our world of the sun, because a true friend is more to be esteemed than kinsfolk; while remembering our kinfolk know our weaknesses and use to exploit, while a true friend freely accepts.

Joe Chodur

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