Never goes Unpunished

According to the the weather person, we were supposed to have rain before noon today, but alas it did finally show up around 5:00 pm which was a blessing because the air was really beginning to get heavy as the day wore on.

It was pretty much of an un-eventful day where there were no interesting stories being told by clients or customers. The hours passed quickly due to the number of little jobs I had along with errands to run.

I decided to have a public open house at 115 S. Connecticut this coming Saturday afternoon from 1:00 – 3:00 pm. There’s no doubt many buyers are thinking there’s something drastically wrong with that home because of how long it’s been on the market, when I reality, there’s nothing wrong with it, and one of the main reasons it’s been listed so long, is because there were tenants living in it for many months. It’s vacant now, so I’m on one heck of a burn to get it sold.

Yes, I’ve spoken many times about that home’s exceptional beauty, and how much more it would return to its original grandness if only there’d be a buyer in possession of enough foresight. There are two key features of that home which should never be underestimated, and the first being the double-circle floor plan it has which offers the comfort of not having to walk thru many rooms to get where you want to be. The second feature, are the numerous well-placed windows which allow for natural light to enter the home from all directions. From the upstairs windows on the creekside, the views are always breathtaking.

Later this afternoon I had a conversation with a very clean and conscientious tenant who in these times, is in an exception to the rule. I shared with him some of the horror stories I was recently told and personally witnessed which were so bad, it created a jaw-drop with him. His only comment was, “If that’s the way they were raised, their parents should be taken out and beaten, and if their parents did a good job of rearing them and they personally chose to turn into scumbags, then they should be taken out and beaten twice.” That old saying, “A good deed never goes unpunished.”, sure fits in these times.

I went on to say how I will absolutely never understand how anyone can purposely and willfully damage property belonging to others, and especially when knowing the owner did everything possible to make their living arrangements safe, sound and secure. Truth be told, I would say whenever seeing such evil acts being committed by others, my anger goes to my core to a point where I could easily allow it to turn into a deep hatred which as we all know, is not a good thing.

The reason I refused to watch much of that rioting, looting, and burning in the Twin Cities, is because that again was causing a deep anger to swell within. Thinking back when I was young and hearing about some of the nonsense the neighborhood boys and girls were doing, was “cotton candy” adolescent-minded compared to what they do now. The worst things I ever witnessed, was toilet papering trees, soaping windows, doing stupid things with animal dung, and “juice” from a skunk. We sure lived pretty sheltered lives back then didn’t we? Why can’t we go back to those kinder and gentler days?

I spent a little more time doing additional research on the acreage I’ll be listing on Thursday because there’ve been more sales that’ve taken place since I’d done my first estimation. The one that stands out, is the recent sale of an acreage outside of Joice where there was a recent suicide, and still having sold for close to or at asking price. You can bet if I were looking for an acreage project, I’d purchase it because of how many endless possibilities it offers. Of course it would probably take me three to five years to get it the way I wanted, but certainly a showplace when finished.

My dear old client called today and said her friend found some Japanese beetle traps for her, and since she placed them earlier today, she figured there were at least a 100 of them in each one of the four traps she set out. I do hope her apple tree survives the massive attack from all sides I was seeing yesterday. Nasty creatures. She even went on to say they were even stripping the leaves on her stand of horseradish.

It’s funny more people don’t grow horseradish like they did a number of years ago because if it’s dug at the appropriate time, and prepared properly, it’s a wonderful condiment for beef or pork. My mother always had some on hand, and whenever making “spicy” sandwiches, she’d mix it with real mayonnaise and spread it over the sandwich meat. My mouth is already starting to water when thinking about it.

Once in a while I would take my mother to Arby’s where they had her favorite roast beef sandwiches, and always insisting on having those packets of mayonnaise with horseradish spread on hers. Of course she’d always say they didn’t put enough “radish” in the mayo. Yes, home-grown and homemade is normally of 5 star quality.

I had to make a quick stop at Fareway before heading home to pick up a few things, and while there, I decided to purchase a frozen duck because I’ve been having a growing urge for roast duck of late. I’ll have to wait until it’s a little cooler outdoors because I don’t want my oven heating up my home all the more. Perhaps another reason, is that I recently read that the preferred meats of the Ughrs who’ve been all the more in the new recently, is lamb, goose, and duck. I’d say they have pretty good tastes because I personally like all three.

Tonight’s one-liner is: What nobler employment, or more valuable to the state, than that of the man who instructs the rising generation?

Joe Chodur

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