Their Siege has Returned

It was another beautiful day in North Iowa, and in spite of a high cloud cover earlier, it didn’t affect it’s delight. While getting some documents signed today, I was once again reminded that our summer is on the downward slide towards Fall because only three months from now, it’ll be the 20th of October, and we all know that when November 1st arrives, we’d better have all our outside work done for the year.

There’s been a batting back and forth with an offer on my listing at 902 – 1st St. SE these past days, and my seller today, finally put a stop to this nonsense of trying to work with a buyer whom we believed in possession of a skewed idea of market value. With our inventories dropping and sale prices climbing, I’d say we’re headed for another step-up in prices which is going to cut all the more first-time buyers out of our market.

For a number of years I’ve heard horror stories about the millions of people across America who’re trapped into continuing to rent due to their area’s market prices, and it looks like we’re now heading in that direction because of what’s happened to our market this year. There are so very few entry-level homes in Mason City that would meet underwriting guidelines, so you’d either have to put at least 20% down and go with an in-house loan at one of our local lenders, or pay cash.

Unfortunately most first-time buyers don’t have that kind of money sitting around, and even if they did, most of them wouldn’t know where to begin with the updates. I looked at a house several days ago where a tenant had just moved out, and the owner pointing out how that tenant from the movie “Idiocracy”, painted a bedroom with what must’ve been a broom because of how much paint he slopped on the woodwork. The owner was not a happy camper, and I couldn’t possibly comment on the language being used when referencing that “big boy” tenant who left “scent” trails of his stupidity.

The owner went on to say he’d never cleaned as much fly “shite” off of as many windows in one house in years. Of course we all know what causes indoor flies and certainly not from having storm doors or screen-less windows wide open. He was likely one of those stinking-lazy tenants who piled his garbage bags in the basement until they were overly ripe with odor, maggots, and hatching flies. It kinda makes you wonder if there truly are subspecies of humans living in our midst.

I received a call today to go out and list an acreage later this week, and judging by the current demand we have for them in today’s market, it should sell relatively quickly because of its location and amount of land that goes with it. I was out there once already, and without a doubt, whomever buys it, will be someone who can strip the house to the studs, and start over. After doing some deep research, I’d say the value is there as long as I get it posted out in the cyber-universe in a way where I’ll only be showing it to those who have the money and ability to resurrect it. You can be sure I’ll be putting some miles on my vehicle by the time it closes.

With the end of the month around the corner, I’ll be working on getting several closings readied for their final days. I’m beginning to get a bit worried about not having the title work back from an examining attorney, so first thing tomorrow, I’ll be sending a message asking for a rush. I’m confident there won’t be any issues with it, but not having title work completed at least a week before closing, starts filling me with fears.

While out and about today, an old client was out putzing in her yard so I decided to stop for a quick chat. I could tell she wasn’t the happiest, so I asked what was going on. The only thing she said was, “Come follow me to my back yard.” Without saying anything I followed along until she stopped, raised her arm with a pointed finger and saying, “Just look at what those evil Japanese beetles have done to my apple tree!” The more I looked, the more I saw with eyes of horror. I’ve never in my life seen a tree’s leaves stripped to the point where that apple tree appeared to be on death’s doorstep. There had to be thousands of them on that one tree. She said she’d just placed a call to a person who sprays yards and told her he’d stop over and give it a good dousing. All I could say was, “It looks like their siege has returned in full force.” She also went on to tell how they’d stripped the leaves on her rose bushes, some of the leaves on her oak tree, and heaven knows what else. All I could do was to wish her the best in her battle with them.

While driving away, I couldn’t help being reminded of a conversation I had with a very intelligent man this morning regarding Mother Nature’s turning on us humans for the willful abuse she’s been enduring since our Industrial Revolution. When you think about it, just this past decade we’ve been seeing more brutal storms, extreme weather patterns where in some areas there are history-making floods, and others experiencing record droughts. Then we have the locusts in Africa, the China-virus, the riots, and all the many other “first of its kind” happenings. All I can say is, we’d better be ready for the next shoe to drop because I mentioned to my near-genius today all the other earth-altering scenarios such as the giant Yellowstone caldera blowing its lid, a massive solar flare, and even a drastic change with our jet stream. After naming a few more, I finally stopped and said, “Now you see how little control we humans have over Mother Nature when she decides to start releasing her furies.” I know it didn’t set very well with him, but very much possible realities which nearly everyone dismisses until it’s too late.

A number of years ago I read a book about Edgar Cayce who was one of our Country’s foremost psychics who was visited by some of the most named people in his time. What I found the most interesting, were his words regarding what takes place when the earth enters another 5,000 year cycle. If my memory serves me, I’d say we’re drawing near.

Tonight’s one-liner is: The last day does not bring extinction, but only a changed place.

Joe Chodur

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