An Easy Ending

It was another delightful morning in North Iowa, and hopefully we’ll have days like this well into September because we had a bit of a late start with Spring. The only thing I don’t want to see anymore this year, are those straight-line high winds we’ve been having. After hearing about all the wind-felled trees in our City, the devastation was much worse than I would’ve imagined. Someone mentioned there were around 15 trees downed at the Mason City Country Club, and about 30 others noticeably damaged. Now that’s a noteworthy number of injured trees.

I had a fistful of errands to run this morning, as well as some returning of emails that had come in over the weekend, as well as dealing with a possible crisis with a home that somehow suddenly developed a leak in the gas regulator at its meter. Thank goodness it was called in before a fire or explosion happened. It seems there’s never a dull moment here in North Iowa.

With checkbook in hand, I headed out to several distributors to pay some bills that had come in, and luckily I managed to catch the clerks working whom I normally deal with. I had a good laugh with one of them when talking about how an exiting tenant must’ve been using a five year old kitchen stove like it was an outdoor grill. Can you imagine having to replace all of the burner trays because of how black they were from not being cleaned? The inside of the oven definitely looked like it had been used as a grill where you just plop whatever’s for supper on the racks and let it start dripping and bubbling down to the bottom. After about four hours of work, the stove returned to looking like it was when new in 2015. I know I may sound sexist when saying that it’s bad enough to have a male living like a caveman, but to have a woman with child in the house, is pretty bad in my book. As I’ve said many times, I blame the perpetrators, but also their parents for not instilling in them the duties/obligations of keeping relatively clean homes.

I’m sure there’s been some quiet and behind the scenes studies on the over-all health of families who don’t keep their kitchens and bathrooms clean versus those who do, and I’ll wager a good sum that those findings would show alarming differences.

I was thinking about how the Japanese dodged the bullet on the China-virus, and in spite of following their three golden rules, I’ll bet another underlying reason for their being Corona-free, is how much more sanitary the Japanese people are as a whole. Everyone I’ve talked to over the years who’ve visited Japan, have mentioned how noticeably more clean they are with their homes, their business, and their environment. I think America should start following their example. Have you also noticed how many more exceptionally healthy octogenarians there are living in Japan in relationship to the rest of the world? I’m sure it’s not all genetic and diet related.

Being put behind last week with all the extra work I had, I was finally able to get at my monthly accounting this afternoon. When I sat down and looked at that pile, I couldn’t help thinking I was going to be at it for hours, but as chance would have it, I managed to sail right thru it all because everything fell right into place due it all balancing to the very penny. I must’ve have the accounting angel on my shoulder this past month because with all the activity there’s been, I was certain there’d be at least one file that would have me stumped. I guess it goes to show that paying attention to what we’re doing in the beginning, is the making for an easy ending.

I have an appointment to meet a seller at a home tomorrow afternoon who wants me to give some direction as to what else needs to be done before I have it listed. It’s located in one of our not-so-stellar neighborhoods, which creates more of an issue with what’s going to make it sell faster, rather than getting more money for it. Even though there’ve been some records sale prices in such districts, there’s still no guarantee it’ll sell quickly. The owner now knows it was a bad investment, and all the more ready to move on.

When visiting with a neighbor of the home I have listed at 114 – 11th St. NE today, I had to announce that the buyer whom I thought for sure would buy it, walked away because he felt he wasn’t getting it cheap enough. I went on to say that since I know that home as well as I do, and if I were the agent working with that buyer, it likely would’ve been under contract right now. Sometimes buyer’s agents think their job is to charge into battle against a seller and cleave off all the more dollars in asking price before they think the’ve made the right kill for their buyers, but unfortunately, when doing that, they don’t step back and look at price per square-footage, updated mechanicals, location, and over-all design and appeal. Buying a home just for an investment is the wrong way to think because that’s where we’re supposed to be able to get ourselves “grounded”.

Believe it or not, there are a very many big-ticket homes that’ve sold which I absolutely could not see myself living in because of the discordant “feel” they have, yet there’ve been others in need of some TLC which start screaming at me, “live here” as soon as I walk in the door. Yes, there are far too many who’re into the visuals which can be far more readily changed than location and floor plan.

On my way home I stopped at Fleet Farm to see what they had left in their garden department, and when finding it closed, I noticed the last of the trees and bushes were placed near their front door. When I was there last, I noticed two gooseberry bushes that were 50% off, but at the time, I couldn’t think of a place to plant them. Well, they were still there today, so I purchased them. Oh how my ancient memories of gooseberries came to mind while carrying them out. Their sharp thorns have never been my worry.

Tonight’s one-liner is: When they call you crazy, just remember great ideas don’t come from average minds.

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