Ready for a Cold One

These lingering hot days are growing rather annoying, and like everything else, their timing is a bit off because they started far too early. We’ve got a number of weeks ahead of us before the nights start cooling down to zones of comfort.

I’ve noticed all the fewer laborers out working, and likely because of the heat. I guess they should do as those in Mexico where they go to work very early, have a long siesta over the mid-day, and then back to work until sundown. I can only imagine what this heat has been like in our southern States.

Based on what I’ve been seeing this year, it’ll not surprise me if in the years to come, Iowa being a popular place to retire, and especially if our winters end up being like the one we just had. I read somewhere that this past winter was the warmest on average in our area since record keeping began. I know many don’t subscribe to the idea of global warming, while others dismiss climate change, but as far as I’m concerned, it’s all in the semantics of debate, and no matter what we want to call it, there are changes happening in nature that must be acknowledged and addressed.

One of the smoking guns that most forget about, is the thawing of the arctic permafrost, and if that happens, we’re going to be in a world of hurt due to the amount of methane gas being released which has been trapped for thousands of years. If you have time, do a little scientific reading about the thawing of the permafrost.

Just recently there was an article published which spoke about the faults in floor of the Arctic Ocean which are leaking methane gas which they believe is the contributing factor to the melting of the ice sheets. I know there’ve been attempts to exploit the massive methane reserves in the ocean, but thus far, they’ve been weak at best. I think our inventive scientists should focus more on finding a safe way to commercially extract it so we can finally get out of the crude oil business. With all the many weapons of mass destruction the countries of our world have stockpiled, don’t you think it’s time to focus on saving our planet instead of looking forward to creating nuclear winters?

I’m now thinking forward to the positive effects of this China-virus, which I’m hoping will be a “taking stock” of what’s the most important for ourselves, our families, and our communities. Just last week I was chastised by a woman who was on a rampage over the ills that men have willfully created for hundreds of years. I fully understand what happened back before women’s suffrage, but I couldn’t help interjecting that if all women had similar mindsets, then they would have the power to vote the male politicians out of office, and especially since there are more women than men living in our Country. I guess if you want to start a good and long-lasting movement, you have to have nearly everyone one board, but in these times, it appears as if our higher powers have taken a cleaver and chopped our Country into radical sections of the factions we now have beating their drums in the streets and on our social medias.

One of my dear clients stopped by today with some documents I needed, and sensing she wanted to visit about a few issues she has, I sat and listened. The bulk of her problems stem from too many people trying to tell her what to do, and now beginning to treat her like an adolescent. I soulfully said to her, “Promise me that you’ll never forget that you’re the one in the drivers seat.” After a few tears were shed, and some kind-hearted direction, she thanked me for listening along with giving her a little guidance. Being a little fearful that I won’t have time for her in the future, I assured her that my door will always be open and a willing ear to bend.

I dare not count the number of times I’ve seen lonely elderly people getting sucked into the dramas of either their families or friends, and nearly always because of the fear of being left alone. I think what got her so stirred up, was when one of her neighbors sassed her for inadvertently getting water on her car while she was out watering. My dear one said she was upset with her, but just took those cutting words and walked off. Kiddingly I said to her, “The next time she sasses you, just tell her to go blow her nose and get over it.” We both got a good laugh about it.

Another topic we touched on, was the way in which some of these so-called “financial advisors” think they know what’s best for their clients. I dare not tell how many times a “self-proclaimed” reputable financial advisor mis-led many-a-client into investing in questionable securities, and all for the almighty dollars in commission. If those people really work selflessly, how is it they can make so much money and oft times retire early? Just look at the monster houses and country settings they own. If you think they’re doing the best for you because they like you, think again. I’ve known a number of those who’ve wheedle their way into the lives of widows and widowers, and end up being sole owners of their estates after they pass. I can guarantee they wouldn’t be out helping some homeless old lady pushing a shopping cart down an alley. I know it sounds terrible, but it happens more than you think.

Before heading home, I placed a long-awaited sold sign on a property which now has a fully approved loan and awaiting its closing. Of the sales I’ve had so far this year, that home is one beauty to beheld. I kiddingly told the new owners that I’d be their part-time gardener as long as I could spend some free time in the yard of their new sanctuary. If ever there was a perfect matching up of buyers to a home, that one’s a glove-fit.

Can you see the robin in the above photo? She looks like she’s ready for a cold one.

Tonight’s one-liner is: Our own self-love draws a thick veil between us and our faults.

Joe Chodur

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