The Day After

With having a near-free day from my job of real estate, I got myself up and out early just so I wouldn’t have to be out working in the sun anymore than I had to. While driving to the office, I wasn’t surprised to find the highways and streets nearly void of all traffic, but of course the early morning back-packers were on their way back from their all night “studies”. Oh, and I’ve discovered yet another means of “carry”, and that’s driving around on a bike with a paint can. Hmm… one can only imagine what’s in those cans instead of paint.

My first order of business, was to get my Sunday morning contemplative prayer session completed. It was a good experience and all the more meaningful because there was absolutely no outside noise entering my office building. When finished, I once again felt refreshed and spiritually renewed.

Not too many days ago, I read an on-line article about the so-called “dark side” of meditative prayer. The author was mentioning a number of side-effects people are having, but for me, I’ve experienced none of them. I’m beginning to wonder what type of meditation those people are doing, and likely the heavy side which encompasses long sessions in shorter periods of time. Like they say, “Too much of any good thing can be bad.”

I personally know someone who meditates one to two hours in the morning which I couldn’t do, and I’ve yet to ask if he’s experiencing some un-wanted side effects. I do know there’ve been times when I’ve spoken to him where he’s been exceptionally sensitive to certain words, thoughts, or subjects, which I work very hard at side-stepping. Another issue he has, is unknowingly chastising people over some of the silliest of actions, which is usually stuff that doesn’t bother me, which I nearly always dismiss as being words and actions typical for our times. I’ve learned many years ago that we cannot change the way people are, because the only real change, comes from within each and every one of us.

There been many in my past who’ve asked my opinion on things, and wouldn’t you know, at least half of them did just the opposite. One particular person who’d call me frequently and asking for my thoughts of which I’d share, I finally one day said, “Why do you even ask my opinion when you do just the opposite?” Those words weren’t very well received, but at least I made my point, and luckily the calls became noticeably fewer. Another one who’d continually lean on me nearly every time there’d be a bump in his road, I finally one day when listening to another long narrative, I “jokingly” interjected, “I’m beginning to think I’m your therapy dog, and if you don’t stop, I’m gonna start barking at you.” We got a good laugh out of it, but I think it did go to his core because those calls grew fewer and farther between. Yes, we all need someone to lean on from time to time, but when we start creating crutches, it’s time to step back and take stock.

While in conversation with a colleague today, we ended up on the subject of all the many people who just can’t stand being alone, and if they are, they have to have a TV on for hours, a radio blaring, or playing on the internet, instead of taking the time to enjoy their own quiet times alone. I insisted how much I enjoy my time alone because I don’t have to be plugged into conversation, or the noises others are making.

There’ve been times over the years when I’ve had house guests, and some of them were like magpies on live wires to where they just wouldn’t stop talking. The company was enjoyable at the time, but also very draining because I wasn’t used to such non-stop prattle. As I’ve said before, a person’s home is what they must consider their sanctuary away from the public, where they’re able to re-generate for another work day. Now please don’t think a re-generation is sitting in front of the boob tube after work, because that’s just a cop-out. What’s likely more fulfilling, is to busy oneself with personal projects that create a sense of accomplishment which could be creating, restoring, or even reading some of the many classics we have available. We all need those diversions to help keep us balanced.

The owner of 115 S. Connecticut called today and announced that his home is now tenant-free, cleaned up, and available to be shown at a moments notice. Finally! I’ve already scheduled a public open house on it this coming Saturday from 1:00 – 3:00 PM. I’m sorry to say, if that home had been vacant when our Spring market kicked in, it would’ve been sold months ago. That classic just so happens to be situated in the middle of our City’s Crescent of Culture, so please put the word out.

The bulk of my day was spent working outdoors until it was too hot, so I took a break from it, and went over and busied myself for about three hours on my other little/big project which I’ve had “mothballed” for a few months, but now that I have more free time on the weekends, I’ll be spending more of it over there.

These warm evenings have really kicked-in the growth of the hot crops. It’s amazing how fast the field corn is growing, and I swear there’s one field I drove past where the corn is over six feet tall. So much for the “knee high by the fourth” in our new age of farming. It makes a person wonder what all the row-crop farmers will be doing from now until harvest time. I’m suspecting they’re spending a great deal of time vacationing up north at a resort in their tricked-out motor homes. My how times have changed.

For being the day after the 4th, I’d say mine was a good one, and hopefully the setting off of fireworks has stopped for another year.

Tonight’s one-liner is: The more one works, the more willing one is to work.

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