Waiting At that Station

It was a beautifully sun-filled morning, and you can be sure I was out getting my yard work done as early as I could before the temps grew unbearable. I managed to get nearly all of it finished before I had to head over to my 10:00 a.m. open house at 12 S. Willowgreen Court.

I arrived there a few minutes early so I could get the lights on and curtains opened. It was a little disappointing to find only three people having showed up during those two hours, but as I’ve always known, open houses are a crap shoot when trying to forecast the number of people who’ll be arriving. I was hoping there would’ve been more even though it’s the 4th of July, and especially when knowing the social gatherings aren’t what they used to be now that we’re still in the middle of a pandemic. Oh well, at least it was advertised and posted on all the internet websites, so hopefully there’ll be more activity on it these coming days.

After the open house was over, several of the neighbors were out, so I spent a little time visiting with them. They are the nicest people, and will certainly be good neighbors for whomever purchases that townhouse. They were out at the pool enjoying the cooling water, and while visiting, they mentioned how much they’ve also been putting the word out. I reminded them that neighbors oft times make the best salespeople for a given home. There’ve been numerous times over the years where a given neighbor was the deciding factor for a good sale.

Since I had a few minutes free, I stopped over to take another look at the damage an exiting tenant had done on a once spotless bungalow. I’ll never understand what compels some men to use brute force on walls and doors of homes not belonging to them, and especially when their landlords were not of the “slum” type. The most frightening thing, is knowing that men like that usually have girlfriends or wives, along with young children, and as I’ve said many times, the brains of children are like sponges, and to be living in a household where a parent exhibits uncontrollable physical rage, you can bet those scenes get registered, and likely considered just the way “normal” parents act. But of course, it then creates the morphic resonance for those children, and the generations to follow. Pretty scary isn’t it?

One of the ladies who arrived at my open house today, mentioned how much she doesn’t like being out at public gatherings due to how the crowd mentality has changed. I couldn’t have agreed with her more, because I also refuse to be around those who can’t control the words coming out of their mouths, along with their vulgar public exhibitions. I had to mention again how I feel all the more are now saying and doing things in broad daylight which back when I was young, wouldn’t have even been considered when behind closed doors and shuttered windows. Truthfully, the things people do and say today, wasn’t even fathomable in my day unless it was one of the rare “crazies”.

We then spoke about how careless workers and tradespeople are when working on projects. The charming little lady insisted when saying, “I tell everyone to do the job right the first time so it doesn’t have to be done again.” I smiled at her and said, “I wish I could clone you, and then have you sprinkled all over North Iowa because it was determined and demanding minds like yours that made our Country great.” She should be the poster child of making our Country strong once again.

When I returned to my office, I made a call to the seller of my “problem child” listing. We pretty much came to the conclusion that if that tenant doesn’t give free access to anyone wanting to see it, there’ll be formal eviction proceedings filed in court because this merry-go-round cannot continue. We’ll see what happens these coming days.

After returning the necessary phone calls, and then taking new photos of several listings, I changed into my work clothes and headed back to the yard work I wasn’t able to get finished this morning. I took my sweet time raking and mowing, because it was noticeably hot, and for sure I had my Panama hat on while out there. It took longer than expected, but at least I wasn’t drenched with perspiration when finished.

My last stop, was at my little garden just to do some watering and weeding of those San Marzano tomatoes and specialty peppers. The darling little peppers are now about four inches tall, and I made sure they were watered and weed-free. The main reason I planted them where I did, is that I don’t want any tomatoes or peppers crossing with them, just in case I find their produce exceptionally good, which I’ll then be saving their seeds for next year. I took a photo of one of those peppers with my cell phone and text it to a dear client of mine who’s very much into vegetable gardening. She’s having a heck of a time getting those very same peppers seeds to germinate I sent her. I normally give growers a little advice, but since she’s been at it for a very many years, I kept quiet because I’m finding all the more that little said, is little mended.

With the sun starting to drop in the west, and a cool breeze beginning, I’d say the fireworks show should be a good one, and hopefully there’ll be some standardized social distancing with the groups watching it. I’ve already been hearing the “bombs” going off which sound like cannons firing. I’ll never understand what kind of joy anyone gets out of having those noise makers. I understand the fireworks at night, but not the “bombs”.

While out taking photos, I was in the area of our old Milwaukee Despot, so I drove over and took the above photo. In my mind’s eye, I carried myself back to when there were travelers waiting at that station, because I’ve always loved traveling via passenger train.

Tonight’s one-liner is: Idleness is only refuge for weak minds.

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