Rarely Worn

It was quite the rainstorm we had last night, and for sure we must’ve received close to an inch considering how heavy it was coming down. We needed the rain, and it looks like we have more to come tomorrow afternoon. It’ll be unfortunate if it’s raining during my open house, but as we all know, the weather cannot yet be controlled.

With more of a free day, I managed to get most of my desk work completed, along with meeting with some buyers and sellers. One of my sellers stopped by to thank me for the kindly gift I gave her several days ago. I figured I’d get a call from her, but to make a point of stopping to say “Thanks a bunch”, was more than I was expecting, but of course, she and her husband are the nicest of people, so I guess that’s the way they show their appreciation. Now if our whole world was populated with such good people, think of how different our society would be.

Before leaving she said she’d just recently drove past a little house with a big yard, and thought to herself, “Wouldn’t that be a great place to turn into a cottage where I could have my flowers and putz all I wanted in its yard?” As she was describing it, I couldn’t help seeing such a setting in my mind, and then answered, “I’ll have to keep my eye out for something of that nature.” Yes, it seems all the more are looking for their quiet little spots where they can commune with nature.

After she left, I went back to work on my files, and while at them, I began remembering those many wonderful days on the big farm when I was a tyke. That particular homesite had many outbuildings, giant trees, and a very large dooryard. There was no better place to be found for a child to go exploring buildings, trees, gardens, animal pens, and fields. I do remember my mother scolding me many-a-time for always wanting to be outdoors, and usually an ensuing tug-of-war at mealtimes.

Isn’t it amazing how times have changed where you rarely see children outdoors, and when they are, they’ve usually got their smartphones in hand. I couldn’t imagine wanting to multi-task while out enjoying the beauties of Mother Nature. I do hope the positive side of this pandemic, will be for people to start backing away from all that senseless time-wasting technology.

I had to call one of my clients today, and when asking her what she’s been doing to fill her hours, she said she’s been spending more time with her quilting. I commended her on her abilities, and know fully-well, that’s also a dying art. You can believe I’ve seen some of the most beautiful vintage quilts which must’ve taken entire winters to create with all the precision and near-perfect geometric patterns, along with placing of those tiny squares of fabric in just the right spots to create balances of color.

Most people don’t know that in the old days, women would go to rummage sales or a St. Vincent de Paul thrift store to pick up used clothing that was still in good shape, just to dis-assemble and cut into quilt squares. If you’ve ever seen an old wool quilt, the materials its creator used, were likely old coats, suits, skirts, and slacks. Back then, they didn’t have all our man-made materials, so wool or cotton were the choices to be had.

One of my clients speaks of re-purposing solid wood which I believe is great, but I’m hoping all the more will start re-making/purposing woven materials created from natural fabrics, because in the old days, that’s usually what struggling families would do. Say an old aunt didn’t like her rarely worn winter coat, so what she’d likely do, is gift it to a struggling daughter or niece who’d gladly take it, rip it apart seam by seam, create a pattern that would work for one of her children, and then busy herself in creating a new winter coat for either a daughter or son. Yes, those things happened quite often, and in the end, everyone was happy. I’d say nearly all of us have become overly-spoiled.

Speaking of willful waste of materials. Have you ever noticed the dumpsters near Affordables, Salvation Army, and Goodwill? Well, you can bet there’s a whole lot more clothing going to the landfill than you’d ever imagine, and to think how many people in those many poor countries around the world who’d feel blessed to have such clothing. I’m wondering now why all the churches aren’t having clothing drives for the poor any longer, and if there still are a few, they must not get the word out to everyone.

I had a very long chat with a woman today whom I’ve known for some years, and being one that’s of the “stand your ground” persuasion. The subject came up regarding the more drug dealings going on in neighborhoods which in the past, never had such problems. Every time I hear of such happenings, I internally fume, because as I told her, “If there’s one household dealing in a neighborhood, then there’s an infection that’s begun, which ends up destroying the entire “body” of a given neighborhood, which is why it must be stopped, and quickly.” Sounds like we’re needing surgeries, doesn’t it?

I’ve been selling real estate long enough to where I can vouch that a given district can quickly develop a reputation for drug dealing, and you can bet, the word gets disseminated out via the “cloud”, and then homes start devaluing, and all because people didn’t take an active step in getting it stopped. It’s no wonder why all the many with money, are looking for country settings where they can insulate themselves against such devil-making over their backyard fences. Unfortunately for those that’ve been out looking these past several years, the prices have continued on a rise, along with availabilities. It makes me very sad/angry when knowing how many big farmers willing scraped off darned good building sites, just so to have a few more acres of tillable land, and now the rest of those wanting country living, are having to go without.

Tonight’s one-liner is: It’s more agreeable to have the power to give than to receive.

Joe Chodur

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