In Broad Daylight

Another lovely day arrived here in North Iowa with the smiling sun and gentle breezes. You can be sure I’m attempting to enjoy it as much as possible because not but six months from now, we’ll be only a week away from Christmas Eve. I sounds almost impossible, but that’s just how quickly we transition from Winter to Summer. With these weather patterns changing so drastically, I’ll not be surprised if we start having winters similar to those in southern Missouri and northern Arkansas. Already having 90 degree days in June, I’m now wondering if these temps are what they used to be like in those areas before global warming. Oh well, if it happens, we’ll just have to acclimate ourselves to it, just like we’ve been with all these other recent changes in our lives.

I did want to announce that I just received a price reduction on 15 Farmstead Square, and now being at the asking price of $217,500 which as far as I’m concerned, would’ve been sold right out of the gates had we not had the China-virus to contend with, along with it not being listed until so late in our Spring market. Oh well, whomever does end up buying it, is going to be thankful it was still on the market, because I’ve seen some real “lipsticked pigs” recently being sold for far more. One thing I appreciate about it, is the fact that it was a custom-build for the current owners, which means they didn’t cut corners to save money like the spec home builders do. On the drive-by, that home doesn’t appear as big as it is, and the reason for it, is the kitchen/dining area being ahead of the attached garage. I’m planning a public open house on it next Saturday, so if you know anyone looking, please tell them to stop by for a look.

I just wanted to mention again that I’ll be hosting another open house over at 12 S. Willowgreen Court this coming Saturday morning, and then 721 N. Delaware in the afternoon. It sound like there’s a possibility of rain on Saturday, and almost for sure on Sunday. Let’s hope I don’t get rained-out Saturday.

My morning was pretty much centered around working on files that are coming up for closing several weeks from now. For the strangest of reasons, I have more than the normal number of anxious sellers with their homes sold and waiting to close, but in spite of telling them everything looks good thus far, they’ve continued with their worrying. I’ve decided people are worrying all the more now because of the coronavirus and recent social unrest. Our reporters certainly don’t help matters with all the negative news-feeds they’re supplying on an hourly basis. I told one of my clients today that I’m going to be cutting back on the amount of news I watch, because it’s unsettling, and since there’s nothing I can personally do about it, all I can do is hope and pray for the best.

Most of my afternoon was taken up by visits from old clients/friends whom I’d not spoken with in months. My first visitor was a dear lady whom I’d immediately connected with because she has a great sense of humor, and a positive outlook on life. She enjoys telling some of her life stories, along with wanting me to share a few of mine. Of course it always embarrasses me when someone asks me to speak about my journey, but with her, it doesn’t bother me so much because she likes adding her clever little comments as I’m narrating. Too funny. She had a few documents with her which she wanted my opinion on, so I looked them over, and gave her my nickel’s worth of suggestions. She insisted I stop by to look at her new home, so I promised I’d show up on her doorstep before summer’s out, while insisting that when I do stop, we’ll be seated out on her back deck, just so I can enjoy her fabulous views.

My second visitor was a man whom I’ve done a great deal of real estate work for over the years, and the rare times he shows up, I instinctively know it’s going to be at least an hour or more. What I appreciate the most about him, is his great understanding of many things, which certainly comes from the fact that he’s a prolific reader, and also due to his curious mind. I doubt there’s a subject he’s unfamiliar with.

His biggest concern, as well as mine, is the fact that our Country is swinging too far to the left and right, and there now being nearly no political minds in the middle. When you think about it, that’s a scenario waiting for a disaster which would push our Country to the brink of a civil war.

Another topic we both agreed on, are the multi-billionaires who now have the resources to play king-makers and king-breakers. I’m still very much against big corporations with lobbyist who spend millions of dollars to sway our lawmakers into creating laws in the best interest of their greedy corporations. It’s no wonder why politicians are now considered one step above unctuous used car salespeople.

Our last big agreement, was regarding how most people in our society don’t step back far enough to look at the whole picture of a given situation’s cause and subsequent effect. It almost reminds me of the Roman mentality where they believed in living for today, because tomorrow they may die. Could that be why the Roman Empire fell?

Are the minds of many of our adults reverting back to being child-like? I sometimes can’t help wondering what is causing all of this, because while driving down a street today, I happened to notice a senior citizen giving another the “middle finger”. When I saw it, I was in near shock because I’ve never seen such a childish act being performed by someone of that age. Just as I said to my dear lady today, “People are now doing and saying things in broad daylight, which in my youth, wouldn’t have even been considered being done behind closed doors and shuttered windows. I felt like stopping and asking the one giving the finger, “Has your vocabulary dropped to that level?” Oh well, every day there’s always the opportunity for me to have another jaw-drop.

Tonight’s one-liner is: The truth is incontrovertible. Malice may attack it, ignorance may deride it, but in the end, there it is.

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