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Another fine day arrived, and the more willing to be up and out even earlier, because as we approach the Summer Solstice, the early morning skies are akin to what you’d see in one of our old masters’ landscape paintings. Several mornings ago, I’d say if I had such an ability to paint, I would’ve taken a photo of it, and then painted it on canvas. One thing I’ve never understood, is how brush artists can paint skies when they’re in a constant state of change, and not being anything like sketching trees, houses, or even people, as long as they stay still. I think what they must do, is a rough sketch, and then from memory, complete their works.

With it being Sunday, my first order of the day, was to perform my personal Sunday duty in my own little “sacred” place, and since it was exceptionally early, I was afforded all the more quiet minutes alone. Most of my thoughts and prayers went out to healing our divided society, and mostly, for those creating this discord, to stop this rioting, looting, and destroying, because in the end, it’ll be all the worse for everyone.

Just after I’d finished with my contemplative prayer and reflection session, I again realized how much more meaningful my singular spiritual experiences are, and likely be continuing on with them for all the more weeks to come, because just yesterday I read where most churches are only offering limited social-distancing seating.

After reading that our Governor had opened up most activities to full occupancy, I believe the second wave of the China-virus will be upon us all the sooner, and especially after hearing too many people are now resigning themselves to the hand of fate to where if they get it, they get it, because the mental stress created by distancing and disinfecting has created a form of battle fatigue for them. Irregardless what others are doing, I’ll still continue to be as proactive as I can when out in public, just so I can at least say I tried.

If this opening up while we still have so many newly reported cases, happens make matters doubly worse for our State’s residents, then I’d say our Governor is going to fall quickly out of favor with our electorate. As far as I’m concerned, it’s not all about making money, but rather the saving of lives.

Some of the virologists that’ve been following the mutations of the coronavirus, are now saying there are signs that some of those mutations are even more deadly due to added complications they’re creating in our bodies. If that’s the case, our entire world is going to be turned upside-down until there’s a vaccine discovered.

Just recently, I’ve been having thoughts that Mother Nature and “The Power that Be”, are allowing this pandemic to happen, and likely because the humans have used and abused Mother Earth for far too long to where our oceans are being polluted and over-fished, our forests are being cut down, and our natural potable water supplies are growing weak, and just in the name of making money and creating millions for a select.

I’m tickled to see more of our City’s residents planting their own gardens, just so they can say they’re doing their part in making themselves more self-sufficient, instead of relying on the corporate food chains. You can bet there’ll the many more do-it-yourself books and audios being published by those who’ve decided to get back to the basics.

I’ve always known Wisconsin has a population of young and earth-friendly residents, but never considering so many until I read an article about their many little start-ups they have, and especially in the Madison area. They have natural beef growers, natural lamb growers, natural pig growers, salad greens growers, root crop growers, natural chicken and egg producers, and just about everything else you can imagine, and believe it or not, they’re thriving. Yeah!

I’m of the belief that could happen here in North Iowa, as long as we can re-educate our consumers regarding the healthier results coming from their willingness to pay a little more. I’m convinced it would catch on, as long as the prices aren’t so much higher, and we had a large building which could be used year-round. I continue to “see” in my mind, a producer’s market being created in the old Marshall and Swift building. It has a tremendous amount of square footage, a huge delivery garage off the alley, plenty of parking, and high visibility. You may think me crazy, but I believe it would do exceptionally well, and mostly because of how easily there could be kiosks and markets stalls created where vendors would be able to sell fruits, vegetables, and baked goods. And don’t forget the little steam tables that would be offering take-away delights. I’d say we dump that albatross Music Man Square, and go for something earth-friendlier which would also help create all the many healthier diets for North Iowans.

After I finished up with my appointments around 3:30 PM, I changed my clothes and went back to getting more much-needed yard work done. I also tended to my specialty peppers and San Marzano tomatoes which were in need of weeding and nurturing.

While at Hy-Vee yesterday, I walked thru their garden section, and of course they’re also selling Bonnie Plant Farm plants which they never reduce their high prices on, but as chance would have it, there was a potted vintage tomato pot containing two instead of their normal one. That $4.00 price tag didn’t seem so high as long as I’d be getting two, so I purchased it, and as of today, they’re now split and growing separately in their private little corner. I made sure to use all the more natural compost when planting them, just so they’d get a good start, and after I finished up, I called it a darned good day.

Tonight’s one-liner is: Study, study, and study all the more history, because in history lies all the secrets of statecraft.

Joe Chodur

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