His Big Vizsla Smile

With this being a double-header open house day, I’d say pretty much most of my working hours were centered around them. I think it could have been a little more pleasant outdoors, if only the wind wasn’t blowing so hard. If any of you have potted plants outside, you’d better keep them watered, because this wind can dry them out very quickly.

My open house at 114 – 11th St. NE had only one couple visiting, but glad they did show up because I think they’re more than interested in it. They actually came back for a second look which was encouraging. Since they both seem to have the knowhow to make updates and cosmetic improvements, that home would certainly be a good fit for them.

I went on to assure them that every dollar they’d put into that home, they’d get two back as long as the improvements they’d make, were of a professional grade. I said that, because too many think they know how to do things, but in the end, their so-called “updates” end up looking worse that if they’d just left them alone. I’ve always said, “No updates are better than butcher-jobs.” Since I had time to visit with them, I’d say they’d be a good character fit for that neighborhood.

With only an hour between those open houses, I ran over to Fareway to grab a salad and head back to my office for a quick lunch. By the time I’d eaten and cleaned up, it was time to head over to 818 N. Pennsylvania.

As chance would have it, there was only one couple in attendance at that one as well, but unfortunately, they seemed to be there only to kill a little time on a Saturday afternoon. At least they were impressed with the home, which was an up-lift on my part. Thank goodness I brought something along to read, because I would’ve been bored out of my mind if I hadn’t.

After closing time, I picked up my signs, and delivered them back to my office, and then returned a few phone calls that had come in while I was out. One of them was a dear one I’d not spoken with in months, and the reason she called, was to talk about how concerned she’s been over this China-virus, and now the added worry over the civil unrest we’re having here in the United States, and just these recent days, turning into a big problem in Great Britain and France. I shared with her my greatest fear, and that being, if this unrest continues, our middle-of-the-road citizenry is going to start polarizing, and unfortunately develop right-wing sentiments. No matter what anyone wants to believe, level-headed people do not like continued unrest in their communities, and more sooner than later, their fear factors will kick in, and likely push them to demanding the passing of more rigid laws against rioting and looting.

With the afternoon already growing late, I went over to my little private garden where I weeded and watered my darling little San Marzano tomato plants. About half of them are doing well, while the remainder are struggling to survive. I’m not so sure if there could be something in the soil that’s affecting them, because I’ve religiously kept them weeded, watered, and fertilized. I’m really not that concerned about those being weaker, because if the healthy ones continue growing, I’ll have more than enough tomatoes when they start bearing in full force.

While I was out showing a home yesterday, I happened to notice a neighbor outside with his dog. After getting a good look at his Chestnut colored canine, I walked over and said, “Is he a Vizsla?” Well, that was the beginning of a long conversation about that handsome dog breed. I’ve only seen one in person before yesterday’s, but our little meeting was a full confirmation as to why those Hungarian dogs are becoming all the more popular in the United States. Most Lab owners would insist their dogs are the most loving, but let them cozy up to a Vizsla, and watch how their opinions are altered.

To me, they look something like a shorter and skinnier Labrador, but more peppy. His dog took and instant liking to me, and every time I prepared to end our conversation and walk away, he was right there at my feet with his big Vizsla smile on his face. I said to the owner, “Just look at him smiling at me.” He went on to say how much he’s always wanting to be cuddled. I mentioned that there are several professionals I’ve worked with who have them, and happy about their choice of dog breeds. One thing I did notice, was his dog not even once attempting to jump on me which I really dis-like. Most dogs can be cured of that while in their puppy stages, but for some reason, too many dog owners never bother to train them not to jump. There’s no question the Vizslas are very affectionate dogs, so if you don’t want a big Labrador, get a smaller Vizsla.

Since I had to drop something off at a home in one of our older districts today, I was shocked to see how so many more of those once grand homes looking all the more unkempt. If I were a buyer looking at a home in such districts in our City, I’d keep on driving. Who wants to look at junky cars, old sofas on porches, garbage bags, torn screens, broken windows, weeds-knee high, and everything else appearing offensive while doing a “drive-by”.

I have no idea what is going to happen with humanity if this laziness becomes even more generational. When parents don’t care about their surroundings, why should their children? I oft times asked myself, “What do they do with all those free hours?” I’m now pretty much convinced it’s playing with their smart phones, watching television, and eating. I personally know all three generations of a certain family, and each one of them are just as lazy and careless as the very first. When we don’t set good examples, this is what we unfortunately end up with. It’s a perfect example of the blind leading the blind.

Tonight’s one-liner is: Criticism may not be agreeable, but it’s necessary because it fulfills the same function as pain in the human body, where it calls attention to an unhealthy state of things.

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