Natural Deaths

I had another early-bird morning with having arrived at my office about an hour earlier, and the reason for it, was to get some much-needed documents completed and sent out to attorneys and a closing office. With being as busy as I’ve recently been, I need as much uninterrupted time to work on files, and the early morning seems to work best.

I couldn’t believe the office phone was starting to ring at 7:30 this morning which was a surprise, and the first caller’s intensity was enough to get me kick-started with dealing with the GP. It’s funny how you can have some stranger calling and asking real estate questions about a property you have absolutely nothing to do with, and as much as I tried to steer him in the right direction, he continued to press me for answers. I finally managed to get him to stop talking long enough for me to give him several names and numbers he could call to help him with his problem.

I’m planning on having two open houses this coming Saturday, so I went out and placed signs on the properties, and those being, 114 – 11th St. NE, and 818 N. Pennsylvania. The 11th St. home will be open from 10:00 am to Noon, and N. Penn I’ll have open from 1:00 – 3:00 pm.

For whatever reason, those two value-priced homes are still hanging on the market, and what really bristled me, was getting a text from an agent who showed 818 N. Penn last week saying, “They liked the house, but NOT the neighborhood.” The first thing that came to mind was remembering that agent is a “newbie” in real estate, and never having grown up here.

It’s unfortunate how most of today’s buyers, don’t realize that there are a great many City employees living in that five block area, along with medical professionals, an attorney, and business owners. It’s just another example of how people judge books by covers, and should there be a few “hairy” homes to be found in those blocks, the district as a whole gets dismissed as being “unacceptable”.

Another thing people don’t realize, is the number of long-term residents that live there, of which I can personally vouch for, because I’ve sold at least two-thirds of those homes at least once in my career. There are many more than one that I’ve sold who still have those same people living in them way back when I was young and semi-good looking.

While up there today, I called one of our City’s prominent office holders and said, “Guess what? I’m parked right in front of the home I sold for you back when you and I were still wet behind our ears.” We got a good chuckle out of that, and glad I called because I’ve been wondering of late how all was with “the family”. I did find out there was a death earlier this Spring which I somehow missed. I’ll certainly have to send a belated sympathy card because I’ve known that darned good family for a very many years.

I now have two offers I’m working on with buyers, and hopefully they’ll both come together to the point where everyone involved will be happy. I’ve alway thought, that as long as buyers and sellers keep their emotions out of their negotiations, the more likely their deals will get done. Whenever the dramas get thick, that’s when I start digging my heels in an attempt to diffuse, because I know too well where such temperaments end up–a no sale. The sad part about it, is that those buyers or sellers who’d been emotionally charged at the time those transactions didn’t happen, would later come back to me saying, “I should’ve and could’ve.”

I’ve got some deep researching to do either later this evening or tomorrow morning regarding a supposed suicide that had taken place on a property that’s listed. I was alerted to that supposed fact today, and I think it best all prospective buyers are alerted to such a fact. As I’d been instructed by an advocate years ago, “If you are asked and know the answer, then you are bound to tell.”, which makes perfect sense.

Yes, in generations past, there’ve been a very many people who’ve died natural deaths at home, but when there’s either a suicide or murder on the property, that’s when, in all fairness, it must be shared.

As I’ve mentioned to all of you before, there’ve been some “beyond normal” happenings and feelings I’ve had when showing homes and acreages over the years, and just recently when showing a home, both the buyer and myself had some really creepy feelings and happenings taking place while inside that home, and sure enough, it was later discovered there’d been a suicide within.

As though I needed anymore of an information over-load, the buyer proceeded to tell me some horrific stories of happening within a house she once lived. To this day, I still think she must have a natural ability to “sense” such entities which sooner or later manifest themselves.

I had a very long appointment out of town this afternoon which was productive, but also very long and mentally taxing, but at least by the end of that extended session, everyone was in agreement, and now ready to move forward. I think I made a bit of an impression on them with my comments and suggestions which they’d somehow overlooked. It’s always best to step as far back and away from a problem, just so one can see the whole picture.

Tonight’s one-liner is: The price of greatness is nothing more than selfless responsibility.

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