A Stitch in Time

It was quite the change in weather today with our cloudy skies and rain. I was filled with concern when a client mentioned we were supposed to be getting three to four inches along with wind today and tomorrow, but hopefully when looking at the radar, the worst of it may be going around us. We definitely don’t need that kind of rain because there are fields in our area that still have water standing in spots. When I was driving back from Worth County on Sunday, I could see patches of corn that were yellowed which is an indication of too much water.

When visiting about the weather this afternoon, it appears as if over these recent years, more of northeast Iowa and southern Minnesota has been getting pounded all the more than we do. It makes a person wonder just where these changing weather patterns are taking us. Of course the number of high 90 degree days we’ve already had, really makes a person believe that our growing zones are permanently changing. For generations, our growing zone here in North Iowa has been four, and then not so many years ago they changed it to a weak five, but after these recent years’ climate changes, I’d say we’re on a solid footing of five.

I’m sure you think that’s just fine, but remember, we have native trees, bushes and plants that are adapted to zone four, and naturally unable to handle these higher temperatures. Just yesterday, I was noticing how the Burr Oak trees were curling their leaves from the heat. I’m not so sure our native Sugar Maple and Hickory trees are liking it very much as well.

It looks like we finally have 1704 S. Pennsylvania under contract, and very glad for it because dealing with multiple offers, is definitely not my cup of tea. You can bet I didn’t like having to send messages to those agents representing their buyers that didn’t get it. After having dealt for the last two days with them, I can’t imagine selling real estate in metro areas where multiple offers are a common occurrence.

During my lunch break, I went over to my hidden garden area and checked on those tomatoes and peppers. To my delight, those specialty peppers are now starting to push out of the ground. I was delighted to find them coming up, and you can bet I’ll be keeping a close eye on them, along with nurturing them when the opportunities arise.

With a solid block of free time today, I buried myself in my over-due office accounting and final bill paying. Fortunately, there were no interrupting phone calls while methodically plugging away, and as chance would have it, they all balanced to the penny without even a second look. Considering how many months and years I’ve had to push the pencil, the time it took today, was likely a record.

While visiting with some sellers today about getting their home readied for sale, I stressed more than once, the need for it to be exceptionally clean and rid of any excess that would make their home appear disheveled or unkempt. Fortunately, they fully understood, so if and when it does hit the market, it should present itself in the best of light. Considering the price range it’ll be in, I have no doubt a first-time buyer will fall in love with it.

One of my customers returned a phone call I placed to her earlier, and after getting the information I needed, we had a good chat about this craziness that’s been taking place in our Country’s metro areas with all the rioting and looting. Since she’s been watching quite a bit of it on television, I was brought all the more up to speed on the degree of looting and destruction that’s been going on.

This whole business seems surrealistic to me, because I was not brought up that way to the point where it would never be considered “OK” to steal from someone, destroy their property, or inflict personal harm. I can still hear the stern words coming out of my parents and grandparents mouths, “To think such evil things is bad enough, but to say and do, is unforgivable.”

Since I went to a private school, there were many-a-time during my first years of selling real estate, where people would ask where I went to school, and just to be a little on the wickedly clever side, I would say, “I grew up in a monastic boarding school.” Because all this social unrest is so foreign to me, I’m beginning to wonder if after a fashion, I really did. It’s sort of like an aged house cat having for the first time, slipped out a side door and timidly exploring a strange new world. Yes, our society is changing, and thank goodness we aren’t living in or near a hot-spot metro area.

On a positive note, I was at a home today which had in bloom, one of those big historic rose bushes which seem to contain about ten million thorns. After smelling one of its blossoms, I was carried back to my youthful years where we would find more of those pricking beauties growing in yards and gardens. Every time I smell a rose from a florist, they really don’t have much of a scent, but “Wow”, what a wonderful aromatic sniff I got from that vintage rose today!

I’m still working on getting more of my closing files in order, so tomorrow morning will be my time to make sure they’re timely moving in the right direction. I already have three files that’ll be needing to be focused upon when I arrive at work, and hopefully I’ll have everything in place before the opening hour arrives. As much as I would like to vocalize one of my mental proverbs, I’m not so sure our general public would understand the meaning behind, “A stitch in time saves nine.”

Tonight’s one-liner is: Solitary trees, if they grow at all, grow the strongest.

Joe Chodur

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