Biased Journalists

My day started earlier than normal again, and the reason for it, was the extra desk work needing to be done with some pressing real estate files of mine. As much as I wanted to have all of them wrapped up before the hour of 9:00 a.m., there were still things needing to get finished as soon as possible. Thank goodness I was able to get it all completed before heading home.

After today’s merry-go-round, I have to hold my tongue, just so to keep from describing in an acidic way, how much I dis-like dealing with multiple offers, and as chance would have it, I had four of them on my desk this morning, and all of them for 1704 S. Pennsylvania. I did my duty by following the normal protocol by asking those four agents representing their buyers, to go back to them and ask for highest and best.

It seems no matter what I say to some, my words don’t register because they’re going to do what they think is best, and when they don’t get what they want, it all turns into a blame game, which I find terribly annoying. When it comes to the internet and cell phones, one thing I’m thankful for about each, is one’s ability to communicate something to another in an email or text, and later being proof of what was relayed.

I did manage to contact the seller late this afternoon and present them all. He said he wanted to think it over, so I told him I’d call him in the morning. We’ll see what happens with those four offers come tomorrow morning. For sure, there’ll be one happy buyer, and the other three either mad, disappointed, or both.

As hot as it was outdoors, I was still busy with showings, which tells me buyers really don’t care what type of weather it is when being on a burn to buy something. I’ve pretty much stopped trying to figure it all out, because there’s really nothing a person can do other than go with the flow of it all.

Thank goodness I did have an hour free to get some bills paid and accounting done, so hopefully tomorrow morning, I can get the rest of it all wrapped up for the month. I can’t believe it’s already the 8th of June. Where do these days go?

I have a noontime appointment to list a home tomorrow, and hopefully it’ll be presentable enough for photos, because that type and price range of home is in short supply in our market. Just this week, I’ve noticed a few more listings coming on, but most of them are priced a little out of range for our first-time buyers.

While visiting with a client today, we had a soulful chat about those dark days of the farm and savings and loan crisis. Since there aren’t many out there wanting to talk about those days, the flash-backs all started coming to mind as we chatted about it. Many don’t realize how terrible it was for so many farmers and homeowners, and mostly because of the quiet, yet deep shame it created for both the owners and the bankers whom I to this day, blame for allowing people to become overly-leveraged.

There were too many bankers wanting to increase their loan portfolios just so they’d look good on their banks’ balance sheets, and most often, fat bonuses given at the end of the year, but if they truly wanted the best for their clients, they wouldn’t have placed them in harms way in the very beginning. There were many unfortunate stories told back in those years, and some were so bad, they’d make a person want to cry. I can remember my mother saying a very many times, how much she blamed those slick-talking bankers instead of those who’d been duped by their lenders into believing their unctuous words, “We’ve got you covered”. Yeah right!

As the years rolled on in my profession, I knew first-hand how too many buyers would go with a given bankers “price ranges” which they then insisted they could handle. Really? Back when I was pre-qualifying buyers myself, I’d get pretty blunt with them whenever they’d argue with me over what price homes they were able to afford. As I told my client today, I would oft times say, “Yes, you can afford this particular price of home, but remember you’ll be at the top of your debt to income ratio, so if you do buy this high, you and your family may find yourselves eating macaroni sandwiches for the next 30 years.” I would even say to the newly married couples who’d not started their families, “You’re likely going to have children, and believe you me, they don’t pay their own way.” Most of the time they’d listen and understand, but others wouldn’t, so they’d either move forward against my recommendations, or somehow end up buying from another agent.

Do I have any regrets about being a little harsh with them? No, because there are times when it’s imperative for people to listen to words they don’t want to hear. I’m sure most of them don’t even remember our little desk-side chats, but that’s Ok by me, because my personal “thanks”, is knowing I helped to keep them from taking a financial bullet and having their lives turned upside-down with foreclosures.

Since I’ve been terribly busy with real estate along with other necessary duties, I haven’t been watching the national news. I’m hoping all this rioting is starting to settle down, because the longer it continues, the more divided our Nation will become, and that’s not going to be a good thing for both sides of our political spectrum. My concern, is that the “evil powers” in the world will us these flare-ups to their own advantage. I’m still very angry with the meddling and hacking those evil countries do, just so to stir things up all the more in our United of States. You can blame that on the evil side of our internet.

Tonight’s one-liner is: There’s no such thing as public opinion, but rather the published opinions of biased journalists.

Joe Chodur

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