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It was a very early day due to my having an appointment to show an acreage up in Worth County at 8:00 am. Being on the road at 7:15 gave me an opportunity to take my time getting there. One of the legs of my journey was on Interstate 35 North which was very busy for that time of day, and wouldn’t you know it, most of those drivers heading north were pulling boats, and of course they were coming from those counties to the south of us. I was surprised to see boats being pulled by vehicles with plates from both Cedar and Henry Counties, because those two are in the southeast quadrant of our State. The time and expense people create for themselves just to say they own a boat and a lake where they can plop it, is remarkable. Of course nearly all the boats being pulled were not your K-Mart specials, and one having a super-duper sized outboard motor on it.

I managed to arrive at that acreage early enough to get a good look around before the buyers arrived. After having a good look-round, I then with camera in hand, which I purposely took along, walked across the road into a field and up a small rise to get another look at the countryside from the very site I stood about 10 years ago. I was moved this morning just as much as I was back then, but also filled with a few bad memories from what had taken place a decade ago. I took a few photos, and one of them is what I’m sharing with you this evening. I would say tonight’s, is one of the better I’ve taken of North Iowa’s best countrysides.

After absorbing all the many gorgeous views, I walked back to the acreage I was to show across the road and waited until the buyers showed up. They finally got there a few minutes late, and mostly due to my making an erroneous assumption. I apologized profusely, and all was good. It didn’t surprise me they liked what they saw because they don’t need that much space or glitz. The only drawback is the distance they’ll be driving to and from work. We also talked about how close a monstrous wind-turbine is to that acreage, but as long as I alerted them to it, I’ve done my job, because I could definitely hear its blades cutting thru the air with its non-stop “whoosh”.

Of course story-telling me, had to share the unfortunate situation I had about ten years ago when I had a small acreage with a rickety old house, and dilapidated barn on it which was situated directly across the road from the acreage I was showing them. The long and short of the story, was there being another agent who had a full-price cash offer on that acreage only a few days after the owner of it died. As chance would have it, the old guy had co-executors handling his estate. I called one, and she said it was fine by her to sell it, but when visiting with the male, he insisted that it wasn’t going to be sold, because the 80 acres bordering that acreage also belonged to the decedent, and the flimsy reason he gave me, was that his dad’s farmland wouldn’t sell for as much if that grove, old house, and barn were sold off.

The rest of the story being, all the parcels of land that old guy owned were sold off, and the parcel containing that old homestead sold for the least amount per acre, and the reason why, is that the buyers ended up scraping everything off, and now all that’s left is a hilly field with lots of rock in it. The main reason that agent’s buyer wanted that site so bad and willing to pay for it, was for the view I’m sharing with you tonight. I’ll never forget telling the seller before he died, “People pay big bucks to build country homes on sites with such spectacular views.” Yes, that was a very poor and selfish judgement call on the part of that co-executor, and to think, there would’ve been a beautiful home built on that site which would’ve contributed to the growth of Worth County. I’m finding all the more people lacking in the ability to think forward in selfless fashions. In these turbulent times, I believe it best we start thinking about “we” instead of “me”.

My first open house being at 12 S. Willowgreen Court, didn’t have as many lookers as I was expecting, and likely because it was such a beautiful day. We’ve been getting a great deal of interest on it, but still no solid offers. Judging by what other townhouses have been selling for, I’d say that unit is more than value-priced. The owner wants it sold, so I’ll keep pushing to get it to the finish line.

My second open, was over at 721 N. Delaware, which had even fewer showings which disappointed me. Because there being extra room on the main floor, that home could easily have a fourth bedroom and a bath/laundry area added and still have a standard floor plan. Once again, there are too many buyers out there with no sense of vision. I should start hammering on buyers with a new mantra being something like, “Don’t think about what you see, but rather what could be!” I guess I must be a dying breed where I’d rather make my own updates and improvements instead of paying for some else’s.

After my open house, I went back to my office and changed into my work clothes, just so I could get at least a few hours of my own work done. With this ever-growing grass, it’s going to be a struggle for me as long as we keep getting heat and rain. Weeds just love moisture and heat, and believe you me, I’m seeing a very many scruffy looking houses around the perimeter of our Historic Downtown.

I couldn’t help taking second looks at several unctuous rental homes with junky cars, tents, trailers, and everything else you can image, along with all age groups scantily clad and milling around outside doing absolutely nothing. Oh how it races thru me when seeing adults walking down sidewalks with bare feet, and every time they take a step, you see the blackened bottoms of their feet. Ouch. Oh well, according to what I’d been instructed in church school, Gott loves us all great and small.

Tonight’s one-liner is: If you have ten thousand regulations, you destroy all respect for the law. Amen.

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