Lasting Stigmas

Another rainstorm went rumbling thru our area last night, and it looks like we’re going to have a few sunny days ahead. Yes, it’s always good to get the rain, but having to mow tall grass that had been cut not even a week before, is starting to get old. At least it’s helping all the gardeners in North Iowa with these frequent rains.

Most of my morning was filled with running errands and setting up appointments for later today and the weekend. I had far more than the normal Friday phone calls, but when remembering we’re in the midst of a full moon, it didn’t surprise me.

Someone asked me yesterday to check the history log on my surveillance camera at the back of my office, so I spent about a half hour this morning, going back and looking at the likely time intervals, but unfortunately, I didn’t find anything abnormal happening in the rear alley, other than those back-packing bicyclists who seem to enjoy flying down it during the wee hours of the morning. I’m going to have to dub them as our “Midnight Bible Study Groupies”. Now if you think that’s what they’re doing, you must still believe in the tooth fairy and Santa Claus, and no, the earth isn’t flat.

Since the drive-thru restaurants were long-lined, I ended up stopping at Casey’s and buying a slice of pizza for lunch. There’s no question Kwik Star is “yell bent” on driving our existing convenience stores out of business, but if they had to rely on my business, they’d go broke because I do not like dealing with their crowds of people mindlessly milling about within. Whatever company they buy their breads from, I’d say they’re too generous on the sugars they put in their sandwich and hotdog breads. If I wanted a sweet roll, I would’ve purchased one.

Having the luck of living in a household where my mother baked bread, I grew very much used to white, rye, and wheat bread that didn’t have any sugar added. Wouldn’t you think all the starch in flours would be enough carbs, instead of adding more?

Another thing I’ve been noticing, is all the salt they add to just about every size and form of snack foods. I used to like munching on popcorn and a few corn or potato chips, but that’s happening all the less now because they’ve become too salty. I guess if I were a cow, I’d just as well buy myself a salt lick.

While at the groceteria several days ago, I decided to buy a package of semolina flour which most use to make their own pastas. It’s been years since I’ve made any, and in these times of going back to making things from scratch, I’m going to try my hand at it. Believe it our not, I still have an ancient noodle cutter which I’ll be using if I should happen to find it. Yes, some still use a steady hand and sharp knife, but I’m not that talented, and if I did make an attempt, I’d likely end up with dog-legged noodles.

I received a very disturbing call today from a real estate agent who’d managed to break the front door key off in the lockset of my listing’s door. I did everything I could to contain my anger because I’d used that same key at least three times, and it gave me no problems. Since I had about 45 minutes free until my next appointment, I grabbed my “tool crib” and a key I’ve kept handy that usually opens all doors that use skeleton keys.

When I got there, I tried with several tools to get that broken key out, until I finally got it with my “last resort” tool. When I put my trusty key in the lock and turned it, the lock tripped and I got in. Yeah! Just as I was putting everything away, the person who has been looking after the home, drove up. I called him right-off to tell him what happened and asked if he’d go and see if he could get that key out. I’m sure he was glad I got it out myself instead of his possible failed attempts. He did have a new key in his possession, so I replaced the broken one with it. Since I also have a can of penetrating oil in my “crib”, I gave that lockset a good dose while locking and unlocking it, which helped it to work more smoothly.

When I got back to my office, I called that agent and said, “I got the broken key out, there’s a new key in the box, the lockset has been oiled to where it’s now turning freely, so if you break that new key off, you’ll be paying for it.” I know I may have sounded a bit harsh, but I do know that some people turn keys in locks like their tightening bolts.

My afternoon appointment took me to my second showing of 115 S. Connecticut where the buyers spent another hour getting a good look at everything. As I’ve grown to know them better, the more I believe they’d be a very good fit for that home. They’re all the more on a mission to buy something soon because they’re not liking the amount of what appears to be drug dealings which are taking place in their neighborhood. After mentioning how many quick stops at a particular house they’d see in one day, I don’t blame them a bit for wanting to move out of that district. As I’ve said many times, all it takes is one or two “dealers” in a neighborhood, to create lasting stigmas.

I finally received in the mail today, the trees and shrubs I’d ordered before this China-virus hit, so I’ll be on a burn to get them planted at such a late time, which will also entail my making sure they’re kept watered well into Fall. I’d sent them two different emails, and I figured if I would have to send one more, I’d be asking for my money back. I have no idea why they’d waited so long, but maybe they’d been sourced out to China.

I’m hoping you’re enjoying this beautiful evening, and if planning on doing a little howling, make sure you stay corona-free, and if you’re not, at least grab a corona-lite.

Tonight’s one-liner is: Never hold discussions with the monkey when the organ grinder is in the room.

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