Crispy Zing

It was so much of a pleasant morning, I made sure to get my quiet Sunday solitary religious time completed earlier, just so I could head out all the sooner and get started on some yard and garden work. Thank goodness there was a northerly breeze which helped to keep the flies and mosquitos from bothering too much.

I was so much enjoying my free morning in a natural environment, that I didn’t realize I’d been out there for over three hours. When I came in and looked at myself in the mirror, I found that my face had turned pinkish-red from the sun. Thank goodness I had a long-sleeved work shirt on and long pants, because would’ve been looking all the more like a lobster. At least I got a great deal accomplished before I had to call it quits. I’d forgotten how being out in the sun, makes a person tuckered out all the sooner.

When I got back to my office, I’d found a few messages needing to be answered regarding availability of several of my listings. One of them just happened to be sold, and the other two still available. I did go ahead and set an appointment for one of them to be shown tomorrow morning. Hopefully that agent will have a good match-up with that home, because I’m on a burn to get more of my listings sold. It’s kinda crazy with this “feeding frenzy” the buyers are now having, to where I’m wondering if many of them are wanting to own something just so they can feel more secure. I’m not so sure I’d be looking for that type of security, because if they’re buying at the top of their income levels, and something happens with their jobs, there’d be some serious financial struggles going on.

A thought came to mind regarding a young man who recently purchased a home for a hefty price, and for too much as far as I’m concerned, because I personally know that the company he works for, does a great deal of transferring around of their employees, and if he things he’s going to be digging his heels in with his job, more sooner than later, management will give him his walking papers if he should refuse enough transfer offers. Certain companies have interesting policies where they prefer to move middle-management around from factory to factory. I think part of such corporate mindsets, are to keep freshening up their supervisors and assistant managers, just so they don’t grow complacent in their jobs.

I’m fully aware of such mentalities, because long ago and far away, I worked in a middle-management corporate setting. It was interesting to see how the longer supervisors and upper management were around, the more they’d have as their little “pets” who did no wrong, which undermined the respect other workers had for them. I was likely an anomaly, because in spite of having my favorite workers, I never showed it, due to my knowing fully-well, it would’ve opened the door for more un-necessary pettiness and dis-chord in my department.

After I had my appointment-setting taken care of, I went back to work on my project, and putzed around over there for another three hours, and for some reason, I really had to push myself, and likely because I’d done so much yard work this morning. At least I’m still making progress, which is all I can expect.

I did stop to check on my little tomato “jardin”, and happy to find they’re still growing nicely, but I’m already seeing deer tracks in the soil around them. Ugh! I guess I’ll be ordering some deer netting more sooner than later. Can’t they be the most annoying devils? I’ll be watching those specialty peppers closely, and counting the days before they push their heads up and out of the soil. I never thought I see the day when I’d be so excited over tomato and pepper plants.

If any of you are growing your own vegetable gardens, I must give you a reminder to make sure your soil is conducive to growing healthy and great tasting veggies. For a number of years, our family sold vegetables to private parties and smaller groceterias, and nearly always, our produce was preferred over others. There really wasn’t much of a secret about them being better than the average, other than our soil being naturally suited for growing stellar vegetables. There was just enough peat in our soil, to where the “hot crops” would produce tastes that were beyond the norm.

When my mother lived up on a acreage in the clay-hill country near Pilot Knob, she’d sometimes bring me veggies from her garden. I would take them just to keep her happy, but their taste just wasn’t there in comparison to what I was growing. Even the cucumbers she’d bring didn’t have that crispy zing. Year after year I’d get little deliveries, until the day came when she said, “I’m not doing a garden this year.” Luckily for her, I made heart-felt deliveries of my finest to her doorstep, which is why I always grew more than I ever would’ve been able to eat. Yes, it’s always good to continue paying back to those who’ve quietly done even more for us over the many years.

Realizing I was running low on food, I stopped out to Aldi’s before heading home. I grabbed a bunch of their smaller organic bananas, and since they had whole chickens on sale, I purchased one of them as well. Even though it was under a dollar a pound, they increase their weight by adding more water to those sealed packages. I wouldn’t be surprised if that chicken has a half pound or more water in it. Oh well, corporate always has to find ways to trick people into believing they’re getting bargains.

I read an article today about a woman who’s been growing veggies in our area, and glad to find she’s doing well. There’s no doubt Facebook has been a big help with getting the word out to the general public. I hope Furleigh’s over near Clear Lake is still producing.

Tonight’s one-liner is: I’m the easiest satisfied with the very best.

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